Vol. 4 Chapter 40: Principles

This chapter is a bit short, because around the time the author wrote this, he was having his examinations. Hence, I will be posting up another chapter at noon later. (GMT +8)

“There’s no problem with the contract right?”

“What are you referring to?”

“Obviously, it’s your contract with the Smuu household.”

“Well, it’s work I’m interested in. In any case, before, those bastards completely treated me as an idiot from looking at how I was so diligent with my work, and dumped me all their design blueprints to me.”

“Is that so? I have a few of them here. After this issue is settled, we should assemble them together, and sell them for a good price.”

“That sounds good.”

Returning back to the surface, the two of us first found a place to change out our clothes which were stained with a weird smell, and then, we sat somewhere near the entrance to the black market while we waited for the other two to return.

Of course, to avoid suspicion, Dale was currently wearing a mouth mask. After all, in this city, there’s all types of people in different types of clothes. Wearing a mask could be basically considered as something common in this city.

We drank some tea as we waited for quite a while. Finally, the two of them walked out of the sewers, and they looked like they had a good harvest.

Gabriel had a couple more necklaces with unknown effects around his neck. Although I don’t know what they were, but from that shining and sparkling effects, they felt quite amazing.

As for Oyado… She had a few more dagger pouches attached to her body, and there were various types of daggers attached to the pouches. She basically looked like a dagger-throwing assassin.

“Yo, over here.”

When the two of them saw my figure, they were first startled for a moment, but Oyado immediately ran towards me in the next instant.

“Big brother, why are you out here so early?”

“Because we now have a breakthrough for our mission.”

I pointed to Dale who was beside me, and continued.

“Let talk in a different location.”

“Speaking of which, Fir, your disguise technique is really amazing. I didn’t even realize it was you earlier.”

“Isn’t the purpose of disguising to prevent people from recognizing you?”

“But I was able to identify you~”

Oyado said proudly.

“Is that so?”

I looked at Oyado weirdly.

“How did you realize it was me?”

“Because there’s always an unique and weird lazy feeling in big brother’s eyes. When compared to others, it’s a different sort of feeling~”

“Really? That’s also an unique trait of mine then.”

People usually can’t identify such a weird trait, right? Right?

“In any case…”

I looked around, the nearest title was already quite far away from us, which meant that there’s no other people near us.

The place we just entered was an old building that seemed to have been abandoned, so it shouldn’t pose any problems.

“In any case, Dale will be helping us tonight. He’s going to help us infiltrate Smuu household’s base.”

“Eh? You managed to find a helper so quickly?”

Oyado sighed in awe.

“Un, and you don’t have to worry. Dale is a very dependable person, so we will be counting on him tonight.”

“Is that so…”

“Un, after all, that building has decent defensive measures in place. Even if we enter the place by picking locks… any one of them being unlocked without the proper method will sound the alarm.”

Dale continued.

“In any case, I have to report there once every once in awhile. You guys just have to follow me in after I swipe my card. In usual cases, there won’t be any bodyguards inside, because they rely on the defense system they have in place. But, occasionally, there are some bored personnel moving about, so you have to be careful.”

“Report… What are you going to report?”

“Obviously the progress of my development? Creating a railgun in this world isn’t that simple of a matter, and I even have to install that system into a doll. Just by how to decrease the weight of the body have already caused me to research on it for a month. But, until now, I have yet to find a way to deal with it, so I’m just going to give an update on my progress.”

“I see. But you don’t really have to focus on just that. You can try pioneering a war chariot type, or a giant robot.”

“Un, when I get the chance in the future.”

“In any case, that’s the plan. Are there any questions?”

“What are we going to do if we do if their bodyguards retaliate?”

Gabriel asked.

“Kill them.”

The three of us said together.

“In any case, the alarm isn’t going to ring from that.”

“In any case, it’s not my problem.”

“Killing someone should feel pretty good, right~”

Gabriel’s expression turned unbelievably complicated in an instant. It felt like he was trying to say…

Just what the hell are these people…

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