Vol. 4 Chapter 61: Report

Of course, things didn’t go that smoothly. After entering the city, we and the rest of the mercenaries went to the guardhouse to explain the situation, and in the end, the city lord made his appearance as well.

But because I felt that it would be a pain to explain over and over, taking the opportunity when everyone wasn’t looking, I pulled the city lord to a side, and took out my proof as a State Magician.

After that, things went pretty well. I told everyone I was an inspectorate sent by Princess Michelle, and when the mercenaries and the citizens proved that we were protecting them, everything was settled in the end.

Naturally, we managed to successfully eat our breakfast as well, and it was even a treat by the city lord himself.

“Lord Loy.”

While we were having breakfast, I asked him a question.

“Do you have a terminal that connects to the entire list of networks in the continent?”

“Of course. Are you perhaps going to…”

“I’m going to report the situation to the Princess. You saw it yourself as well. Those trespassers are using this sort of method to bring in their war potentials into the Ice Empire. We definitely can’t let this carry on. What do you say?”

“That’s of course!”

Lord Loy, his full name is Loy Wors. He inherited his position as Duke from his father, and his household had always been the managing Wors City. But he looks rather young. It seems he had just inherited the position not too long ago.

And when we were trying to prove our innocence earlier, the guards had already investigated the details in the mercenary guild. As expected, the information those people registered with were completely fake, including the merchant guild they registered with.

Though, the deposit they made was real. In the end, the money were distributed to the participating mercenaries, as compensation for their losses.

But we made a huge loss. Although we did obtain a couple of Shikigami talismans, we do not know how to use them.

Of course, we handed those broken onmyou talismans to the guards as proofs.

“This is a national-level crisis! Naturally, we can’t sit back and do nothing!”

The city lord said righteously.

Well, in this peaceful era, being the head of a hereditary household with no significant merits or achievements thus far, of course he would feel the incoming crisis.

“Then, I will have to rely on you.”

“Haha, it’s no problem at all.”


I don’t know whether I will be able to contact the princess, but as the terminals are not widely used as of yet, very quickly, I was able to locate the Ice Empire’s Imperial Family’s private list of networks.

As to finding Princess Michelle’s personal network… It’s too troublesome. I immediately selected the most complicated network, forcefully cracked the password, and connected through it.

After waiting for 2 seconds, the other side actually picked up.

“Who are you!? How do you know of this network!?”

The moment it connected, I heard the other party’s voice. And, this network was actually…

“Yo, your majesty. It’s been awhile, how are you guys?”


He stared at me through the screen for a long while. He slapped his face a couple of times, before responding.

“You… You’re Fir!”

“Yes, your majesty. It’s me, alright.”

“You’re actually still alive!!”

“… Your majesty, please watch your image, beside me, there’s still…”

“No, no! Please continue, I will be taking my leave!!”

Lord Loy’s face was drenched with sweat, as he rushed out of the communication room in huge strides.

Looks like that guy was rather frightened. He’s probably afraid that the Emperor might exterminate him to protect his own image in the future.

Well, though I know of the fact that the Emperor isn’t be that mindful at all.

“Alright, let’s get back on topic.”

“Get back on… You bastard, after you went missing, do you know how much trouble we’ve been through!? Aaah!?”

“Hah? I don’t know.”

“… Alright, you might not know, but I do! If you were still alive, at least leave us a message or something of that sort!”

“Eh? Did I not have Aliyah leave a message for you guys?”

“That sort of message… Alright, even if you did leave one, it’s the same as not leaving one at all. Fine, I don’t care any longer. I’m going to call Michelle over, you…”

“Wait a minute, I already told you I contacted you for an urgent business. You don’t have anyone near you right now, right? I have something that concerns the safety of your nation that I need to tell you.”

“The nation’s safety?”

Hearing these words, he finally calmed down, and his expression became stern.

“Speak, this is my private room, so there’s no one here.”


I immediately erected a soundproof magic barrier, and spoke.

“Question, is the Smuu household part of your private army?”

“… Yes, but how do you know of that? They…”

“Great, then the problem has been solved. Speaking of which, do you know of what they’re doing?”

“According to reports, they are currently dealing with the Eastern Continent’s trespassers…”

“That’s it. We encountered the trespassers in Wors City, and we exterminated 9 Shikigamis.”


Hearing this, the Emperor took a deep breath.

“Are you certain?”

“Looks like your majesty have a bit of understanding regarding Shikigamis, then that saves some trouble. According to the experience of my earlier battle, I believe the Shikigami’s war potential is hundred times stronger than a battle doll’s. So…”

“I know, that’s why the Smuu household is currently developing a weapon to counter it.”

“It’s useless. Unless you’re able to eliminate their Onmyouji, the number of Shikigamis will be endless.”

“What!? Do you know how to deal with this Onmyouji you speak of?”

“I guess… so.”

After all, someone like that appeared several times in the games I played. And there’s even three people here that came from the Eastern Continent. They should have some form of understanding about the Onmyouji as well.

“Then hurry and return to the imperial city! If they have already brought in the Shikigamis, then…”

“So… can I request that you dispatch an airship over?”

“Of course.”

The Emperor nodded, and laughed.

“Michelle will be there to fetch you, don’t worry.”


Suddenly, I felt a cold chill down my spine.

Your majesty, you’re trying to seek revenge, aren’t you!?

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  1. AnimeLover says:

    I had to skim through this Volume…Mc is so insensitive. Wtf the Majesty is right to seek revenge. The girls better beat you up!


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