Vol. 4 Chapter 27: Les Miserables

A strong light flashed before my eyes, and in the next second, I was transferred out of that glass box in the sky.

The reason why I was sent out was naturally because of my resurrection, but…

Why do I feel like I’m currently trapped in a box?

I knocked at the wall of the box that was blocking me. A wooden material… Is this the legendary casket?

I’m an Undead Holy Angel, not a vampire, so why am I in a casket!?

“Shield Bash!”

With a bang, the casket lid was entirely smashed into pieces. Although I only wanted to open it, but since it’s already in pieces, there’s nothing I could do about it. In any case, I completed my objective of getting out of the casket.

“Where is… this place?”

Looking at this extremely ruined cemetery, I was completely sure that this wasn’t the Ice Empire. If Ice Empire’s cemetery is this ruined, then I will immediately resign from my work as their State Magician. I mean, really, this cemetery is too shabby.

“Ah… zom… zombie… resurrected!”

Suddenly, I heard a scared voice coming from the side. When I turned to look, a little kid was currently hiding behind a tree. The child’s two hands were hugging the tree as the child peeked in my direction.

“Zombie? Where?”

I looked at the cemetery behind me, and but there wasn’t anything there at all.

“Are you talking about me?”

“Ah… yeah…”

“Are you joking!?”

I curled my lips, and then walked towards the little kid.

“How can a zombie be as handsome as me!?”


Looking at the child’s pair of teary eyes while the child stared at me, I sighed.

“Alright, I’m going to stop fooling around. I’m really not a zombie. Why are you here alone? Where are you parents?”


The child looked at me, and then turned to look at the cemetery.

“I’m here to visit my parents’ graves.”


After hearing these words, a certain bitter feeling welled up inside me.

“Sorry, I startled you.”

“No, no, you didn’t~ I… I was only going to present some flowers to them. Because, other than that, I can’t do anything else.”


I once again took a closer look at her, and realized she was actually a loli.

Human 7 Years Old LV 1 No Class
[Kind] [Naive] [Pitiful] [Young Girl]

This is actually the shortest list of titles I have ever seen since I came over to this world. But just from looking at these few lines of words, I felt an indescribable bitterness in my heart.

She has orange hair, and was wearing a regular set of patched-up clothes. This was also why I wasn’t able to discern her gender at first glance.

She actually lost her parents at such a young age? That’s really pitiful. Just what happened here? Why did the parents of such a young child die?

But this was evidently not the time to ask her.

“Are you done with the visit?”

“N… no.”

“Then I will accompany you.”

After saying that, I took out some food and bottles of sweet wine from my ring. I stored them in my ring for long travel purposes.

“Visiting them with only flowers is a little dull, right?~ Oyado-chan~”

“Un? How did you know my name?”

“Because I’m a Magician~”

————————— Protagonist and the loli paying their respects ————————–

“Umm… Thank you very much. If Papa and Mama were to know, they would definitely be really happy.”

Walking on the road back to Oyado’s village, she, who was solemn since earlier, suddenly said this.

I smiled.

“It’s nothing, it’s something that should be done. But why did you visit your parents yourself? That’s very dangerous, you know.”

“Because… Umm… Everyone else had to protect the village from bandit attacks, so…”


So there’s actually such a class in this world.

But since there are rogues, then bandits shouldn’t be anything strange.

“Un. Umm… It’s actually a bandit troupe that had been collecting protection fees from our village. Our village had always been paying the fees on time, but… that time, when my Papa and Mama went to bring the money over, they were robbed by some other bunch of people along the way, then… then, the bandit troupe now wants to loot our village…”

“Then we shouldn’t be taking our time walking back!”


“Earlier, I already began to hear the sound of a fight coming from that direction.”

I pointed to the right.

“That place is…!”

“Then hold on tight!”

I carried and placed Oyado on my shoulder.

“Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Elf of the Wind!”

Immediately after, I felt like I was flying, as I sprinted towards the direction of the village.

The moment I reached the entrance of the village, I saw a bunch of people in armor slashing their machetes at the villagers, who were defending themselves with farming tools. I placed Oyado at the side, and then, with a flash, I rushed towards one of the people in armor and captured him.

Un? You’re asking why did I capture him?

I’m LV 19, and he’s only LV 6. Why can’t I capture him?

Oh, right. After ‘World’ heard my answer, for the first time, she actually accepted my request and also decided not to drop my level. Although I’m unclear of the reason why, but it’s fine as long as it’s a good conclusion.

Of course, currently, what’s more important is this bandit that’s struggling in the air.

“Hello~ Are you a bandit?”

“Cough cough… release me… you bastard, if you do something like this, my boss will never forgive you.”

“Although it wasn’t the answer I was looking for, but I got the answer I need. Thank you.”

After saying that, I tapped on ‘Strengthen’ and threw the guy, and the bandits at the side were sent flying as well.

The entire place became silent in an instant.

“You… Who are you? Do you know who we are?”

After a long silence, among the bunch of armored people, a guy holding a spike, and it was even a enchanted spike, spoke up.

Don’t ask me why I knew that weapon was enchanted. People with eyes will obviously be able to see a piece of ice magic crystal that was inlaid at the top of the pike.


I looked towards him, and inspected his details.

Human Bandit LV 7
[Evil] [Sly] [Murderer] [Bandit] [Black Valley Bandit Troupe]

“You’re Mahal, a murderer.”

“I… hehehe. I told you guys my name was very famous. Look, even such a strong person knows of my reputation.”

He actually started to feel smug.

“If you understand that I’m strong, then scram. I hate murderers the most. If you were to leave with your men now, I won’t kill you. But, if you plan on doing anything else to this village in the future, I will make you guys disappear from the face of this earth~”


He evidently did not expect that I would actually provoke him so arrogantly. His grip on his weapon tightened, as if he was about to rush out.

“Although I don’t know who you are, but in this place, our boss is everything. If you dare to defy him, then you will die with your body scattered in pieces, do you know that!? Your body will be scattered into bloody pieces!”


Looking at him, I could only let out a sigh.

“I only wish to say this. A killer must have the resolve of being killed himself. I believe you have it, right?”

“You’re seeking death!”

After saying that, his pike emitted a fierce blue light, and with a swoosh, it came piercing over!

It then pierced my chest.


That was what was shown above my head.

After the update, a LV 19’s HP turned into 590 points. It looks pitifully small, and even my MP was only at 820 points. But all the MP costs were reduced quite a bit, hence I’m not really that depressed.

By my rough estimate, a LV 7’s attack power should be about 320, and as a LV 19, my base defense was at 280. Hence, even though there’s a gap of more than 10 levels between us, he could still harm me… when I’m totally naked.

In this time and age, even a piece of cloth armor will have at least 50 Defense, alright? Even more so, my set of clothes was made by Lanya, which was definitely an excellent piece of work. It’s a set of casual clothes designed based on my memories of clothes in my former world, which combined both defensive and fashion elements. Do you think such a thing would be a joke without any defensive capability?

By the way, my current HP recovery rate was 2% per second, and my MP recovery rate was 5% per second. In other words…

A second after he attacked me, my HP was instantly refilled.

The new system doesn’t look any much different, but it feels pretty good.

Under his shocked gaze, I grabbed onto his pike.

“Restrictor of the Frozen Earth.”

In an instant, along with the entire pike, his entire body turned into an ice sculpture.

Then, I took a step to a front, and my hidden blade pierced his abdomen. He immediately turned into pieces of ice, and scattered across the ground.

Hidden Blade Effect Activated – [Corpse Concealment]

“Who’s… next?”

I asked those bandits graciously.

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  1. exqalph03 says:

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      • Nguyen Gia Thai says:

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  4. Immortal Anon says:

    “Visiting them with only flowers is a little dull, right?~ Oyado-chan~”
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    The people who made this chapter possible deserve it easier~ Thay you!


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