Vol. 4 Chapter 63: Airborne Assault

“Umm… Don’t push yourself, alright? As a princess, I’m not allowed to participate in the battle, but you guys are not allowed to die, alright!?”

“Princess Michelle, you’re not encouraging us at all…”

“Whatever the case, don’t die! The troops from the surrounding cities will definitely rush here as fast as they can. Your objectives are to only open the city gates, and help the innocent citizens flee!”

The airship was about to approach the skies above the imperial city. We’re currently wearing the gliders Dale designed, and we were about to dive into the city.

Princess Michelle had wanted to participate in our operation, but because of everyone’s efforts, we managed to stop her and have her stay in the airship.

Irlin would also be staying in the airship with her as well. Though I don’t know why she had simply be watching us the entire time we arrived on the airship, and had not utter a single word. However, she looked as if she wanted to join us as well. But as to why she did not do it in the end, I have no idea either. Did a weird change occur to her personality after her memories were altered? Looks like if I want to find out, I have to confirm it myself in the future.

“It’s fine, don’t worry. I even crawled back up from hell, so what is there for you to be afraid of?”

I laughed, and then walked over to the hatch.

“We will meet again later. I have yet to finish my tour around the imperial city. Once this is settled, don’t forget to guide me around!”

“You don’t have to worry about that!”

The moment Princess Michelle said that, I immediately turned my back against the open hatch, and dropped myself off the airship.

At the same time, the rest jumped off one after another as well.

“Bai Yueguang, can you take care of the eastern gate?”

“No problem.”

While embracing Hei Luoli, Bai Yueguang nodded.

It seems Hei Luoli is really afraid of heights. Hence, Bai Yueguang had no choice but to hug her while they glided down. We did suggest that she could stay in the airship, but she stubbornly insisted that she wanted to participate in the operation with everyone else.

“Great. Uncle Gabriel, you can deal with the northern gate by yourself, right?”


Uncle Gabriel answered simply.

But, that’s understandable. With this guy’s level of strength, it shouldn’t be a problem for him to deal with those Shikigamis alone.


“I want to form a team with big brother!”

Before I could finish, Oyado rolled in the sky and glided past me, while shouting out loud at the same time.

“Aaah, I want to be grouped with Fir as well! Otherwise, this pervert might do something to me!”

Aliyah who was close to me immediately said.

“Hey hey, don’t slander me. What have I ever done?”

“It’s because I’m worried you might actually do something, that I have to come up with preventive measures!”

“That’s really rude. I won’t ever do those sorts of things you’re thinking of! You guys don’t even understand my character at all!”

“Hah? Your character? What’s that?”

“I’m not dumb, why do I have to tell you?”

I laughed slightly, and then adjusted my diving posture.

“Dale, take Lois and head to the western gate. We will be taking the southern gate.”

“Alright alright, I should be able to obtain research funds from this, right?”

“I guess…”

This guy is actually still thinking about money in times like this? Even though he had already taken that gryphon (‘s corpse) for himself.

“We can talk about that later. If we don’t carry out our tasks properly, we won’t be able to obtain anything either, right?”

“You’re right.”

After saying that, he glided towards Lois who was still struggling to maintain her balance. She continued to scream as Dale pulled her to the western gate.

“Alright, starting from now, we will be risking our lives.”

With this said, I copied down the titles Oyado possess, and sent it over to Aliyah.

She was startled for a moment. She then looked at Oyado, and then turned back to look at me.

“Then everyone, first, eliminate the enemies. We can talk about the rest later, alright?”

“That’s… of course! While we were on our way to fetch you, we have thought of many ways to punish you. So you had better clean your neck and wait patiently for them!”

“We can talk about that later. Later, alright~?”

After dealing with this situation, I will finish off Smuu household’s questline while I’m at it. At the very most, I will find a way to immediately flee back to the academy. Really, I’m under a lot of pressure by staying in someone else’s territory.

After saying that, I immediately dived downwards at full speed.

“If you dare to harm big brother, I will definitely not forgive any single one of you!”

Oyado shouted as she dived alongside me as well.

“You guys… Wait a minute…”

Of course, Aliyah wasn’t left out either.


“Alright, this height should be fine.”

I said this while estimating the height we’re at from the ground. Although it was only an estimate, but due to the thousands of weird quests and the level of physical details put into the many games I played, it’s possible for me to use my naked eyes to judge the distance between me and the ground.

“This height?”


As we were passing through the sky above what seemed to be a central square, I released myself from the glider before Aliyah could even ask why, and I immediately rushed towards the central square full of Shikigamis!

“Arcane – Extreme Speedstorm!”

I pointed the Blasphemer to the ground, and in the next instant, a green tornado started forming from the ground. While it caught us and prevented us from falling, at the same time, the large number of Shikigamis were sucked into tornado, and were then blown away.

And because party members would not suffer damage from friendly fire, we were floating at the top of the tornado without any harm done to us.

“That… That scared the hell out of me! At least explain what you’re going to do in advance!”

“I had no choice, it was also something I came up on a whim.”

I shrugged.

“It’s rare to get to bird’s eye view, and it was convenient to attack from that position. So, I decided to initiate an attack directly from there. After all, there’s so many enemies nearby, and it would be difficult to fight if we were to land while leaving them like that.”

“You bastard…”

“Hmph! You can’t stand alongside big brother if you don’t even have that little bit of courage, you know!”

Oyado pointed at Aliyah and said.

“You must get used to something like this!”

Hey hey, I know you’re speaking up for me, but you could have left out the thing about getting used to situations like this. I still prefer to grind, level up, and earn money normally, you know. It’s still best to refrain from doing these cool and crazy actions if possible.

“Alright, alright. Let’s prepare for battle. After all, our enemies… are huge in numbers.”

Back then, only 9 of them were enough to cause quite a bit of trouble for us. Right now, with a simple glance, there’s at least a dozen of different types of Shikigamis. There are many soldiers and battle dolls fighting against them, but the difference in strength is apparent.

And we understand this point really well.


Those Shikigamis, which were sent flying by tornado, actually turned back into pieces of paper after smashing into the walls. This point startled me quite a bit.

Although their strength did not change, they became more brittle? Is this because of the increase in numbers?

Very slowly, the tornado scattered, and we descended onto the square, surrounded by many Shikigamis.

“Alright, everyone. Our first objective is to open the city gate! Our second objective, is to exterminate the Shikigamis! Then, mission start!”

After declaring so, I pointed to the front.

“Arcane – Chaotic – 99 Ice Arrows!”

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  1. AnimeLover says:

    Dude when you erased her memories you erased her love for you. You killed her heart without asking!! Love changes people. Imagine a person who hasn’t been in love? What has she become without it?


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