Vol. 4 Chapter 64: We are the Reinforcements

The crystal clear ice arrows flew across the battlefield one after another, and accurately pierced into every single Shikigami. Though there wasn’t significant damage, the movements of the Shikigamis that were hit slowed down. Then they were struck down by either the soldiers or the battle dolls, turning into pieces of paper.

“Eh? A Magician finally arrived at the southern gate as well?”

A soldier looked over, and revealed a weird expression when he saw me.

“You… Why are you wearing a light armor?”

“Because a Magician is frail, so naturally, I have to wear thicker armor… Though I’m not exactly a legit Magician to begin with.”

Though I said that, in the end, I opened up my inventory and changed into my academy’s magician robe directly from there.

“These clothes… Are you a student of the Magic Academy?”

“Sorry. Your boss has yet to give me a new set of clothes, so I can only wear this to identify myself. But, I’m still one of your country’s State Magicians.”

With this said, I threw an Ice Fall into the distance. As I have already recognized all of the battle dolls and soldiers as my party members, even if randomly throw my spells everywhere, there’s no need to worry about collateral damage at all.

“This… This is the same spell used by the Princess! This is great! Our opponents appeared too suddenly, and we have yet to receive any reinforcements from our Magicians!”

“Is that so, but it’s understandable. Our opponents had already realized they was exposed, so acting immediately was the correct decision. But I did not actually expect them to arrive at the imperial city this quickly.”

The dispatchment of Magicians obviously wouldn’t make it in time. With the earlier incident at Wors City, some of the war potentials must have been dispatched there to investigate the details, right? As for the imperial city… Just what is that old man doing?

“Yes, Sir Magician. Those weird dolls suddenly popped out from the crowd. Before we could even react, we suffered an attack. The city gates were quickly taken over by them, and the only people capable of battling them are us, the city guards.”

“I see, so you’re telling me, all the city gates are in their hands?”

“Yes. I don’t know about the other gates, but currently, the southern gate is indeed being controlled by them.”

“I understand, Oyado!”

“What is it, big brother?”

Hearing my summons, Oyado’s figure immediately flashed right before me, scaring the soldier who was beside me.

“Don’t bother about those Shikigamis any longer. Head straight for the city gate, and find a way to kill their commander.”


After saying that, right in front of us, Oyado disappeared in a flash.

“So… So impressive! Was that your sister?”

“That’s right!”

“Then the person behind you is…”

Behind me? I turned back to look, and currently, Aliyah was grabbing two Shikigamis by her hands, and was looking at me with a scary expression. Then, with the squeeze of her hands, the two Shikigamis immediately turned into paper.

“A comrade of justice?”

“Hah? Is that so… In any case, I will be returning to battle!”

With that said, without turning back, he rushed back into the battlefield.

Alright, actually, Aliyah isn’t that scary, you know…


“What is it!”

The moment I heard her unhappy shout, I hurriedly turned to face her.

“Seems like you’re really formidable~ Since we can’t die anyway, why don’t we take this time to have a little chat~?”

Are you really going to simply chat with me? Why are you holding your sword against my neck?


“Though I know you wanted to save her, why did she become your little sister?”

“This… This really isn’t my fault. She decided to address me that way on her own. It definitely wasn’t a request of mine.”

“Eh~ Really?”

Her expression tells me she doesn’t believe me at all! Really, am I really that untrustworthy to you? I’m a man of good faith, you know!

“… Haah. I already told you not to form too many relations with this world. Why don’t you listen to my advice at all? I don’t know why we’re here in this world, but this world is really… Ah, whatever. I don’t know anymore.”

When she was saying all these, Aliyah’s eyes began to glisten. Did something happen to her recently?

“The inhabitants of this world… might be real as well… I did say that this world was similar to a game before, but… but, it might just be a problem of our perspective…”

“Hey hey, just what are you talking about? Just what happened in these few days while I was gone?”

“It’s nothing much! Don’t ask about a girl’s troubles, idiot!”

After saying that, she stabbed her two swords to the back, and the head of the Shikigami which was about to approach us was pierced by the swords. Its hand which was holding onto a weapon stopped in mid air, and slowly drooped down.

Speaking of which, all of us have the attack warning system installed. So a surprise attack of this level wouldn’t be a problem at all, huh?

“In any case, I don’t completely accept your point of view, but I will say this again. Don’t explode everything you see. If one day, the cops were to arrest you, don’t blame me for not reminding you.”

“Hey! I haven’t done anything yet! And there’s no cops in this world…”

“Whatever the case, let’s hurry and settle this issue and return to the academy! Princess Michelle is our friend, her business is our business, right!?”

“That’s of course. I never said I wasn’t going to help, right? Alright, we talked for quite a long time. Let’s hurry up and deal with this problem. But, these Shikigamis don’t really attack us at all. Other than the Shikigami I just killed earlier, the rest aren’t approaching us at all. Are these actually all semi-automated?”

“It might be possible. This means that the person controlling them isn’t here, or he’s probably doing something else. Let’s hurry up and move.”

“Un, but there’s so many Shikigamis here. Looks like rushing to the city gate will be difficult.”

“It’s fine, grab onto my hand.”

“Eh? What are… What are you planning to do?”

“Really, do you despise me that much? Haah. Then, you had better stand firm. Ice Totem!

The Ice Totem which shot out from the ground immediately smashed us towards the direction of the city gate. The moment we were sent flying, Aliyah immediately grabbed onto me!

“Aaaaahh, you bastard, why do you always use these sorts of crude methods!”

“Because it’s convenient.”

I stretched out my hands and held onto Aliyah tightly. Then, I leaped down from the ice totem. At the same time, I threw an Ice Fall directly onto the bunch of Shikigamis on the city walls.

Then, with a flip, I landed onto the empty space cleared out by the Ice Fall. It was basically perfect!

“Bastard! Let me go!”

Other than getting punched in the face by Aliyah in the end, it was indeed perfect.

“Why did you hit me again!?”

“That’s for not telling me the method you’re going to use to get on top of the city walls! You bastard!”

“It’s a pain to explain.”

“It seems you still love to use those weird spells of yours, Fir.”

Then, the battle doll beside me suddenly spoke!

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m Yoei. In this vicinity, only this doll is equipped with a voice system, so I can only use this doll to speak with you. Speaking of which, I didn’t expect that you could actually make it back in time. I heard that you fell into the Abyss.”

“Ah… Hahaha, that’s right.”

So these dolls are actually being controlled by him? Speaking of which, not too long ago, I sliced his doll into several pieces. Hopefully, he doesn’t know it was my doing. Looks like I can’t use my bow in front of him, huh.

“Oh right, compared to these Shikigamis, your dolls are rather inferior, you know.”

“They are not formed by physical means, so compared to my dolls, there’s no need to mind about some key restrictions… Haah, in any case, I trust in your abilities. Hurry and deal with the situation here.”

“Ye… Yeah.”

Looks like he didn’t realized it was me. But later on, I will have to change Dale’s appearance as well, otherwise, something will definitely happen.

And currently, we had already arrived on the walls above the city gate. A bunch of Shikigamis were weirdly intertwined together, blocking the device used to open the city gate. And outside, Oyado and the surrounding soldiers were currently attacking those Shikigamis relentlessly.



“I recall that you love to destroy things, right?”

“… That’s right~”

Aliyah smiled, and then kept her dual swords into her ring.

“Let me show you my newest weapon, which was created with the resources provided by the Ice Empire! Hahaha!”

After saying that, two new weapons appeared in her hands.

Oh my god, they’re actually a pair of electric chainsaws!

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11 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 64: We are the Reinforcements

  1. flame says:

    For some reason I’m reminded of the prologue(I know going way back) of volume one where Fir(Phil) explains that they are normal “people” until you mention a certain phrase or what not then they turn in to NPC who can only say set lines…


  2. 歌愛ユキ(Luna L'ill) says:

    Maaan This guy always let ppl worry about him…
    Irlin, Michelle, Alyah…
    And what about Snow White? He died in front of her and yet He don’t seems to care about her. He just resurrected her and gave her a mean to live (following an interesting man -> himself)
    Seems the author introduce so much character that it’s hard for him to handle them all well.


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