Vol. 4 Chapter 53: The Three From the Eastern Continent

“Bai Yueguang!”

“Hei Luoli!”

“Tai Shixi!”

“And we are…”

“Team Rocket, blasting off at the speed of light?”

Looking at how this was about to play out, I couldn’t help but to drop a tsukkomi.

“Eh? You actually know of the name of our party? Looks like we’re already quite famous, huh?”

The girl with black hair and red eyes, who was wearing a black laced one-piece dress, did a pose as she asked her companions.

“Hah? You guys are really called Team Rocket!? Why aren’t you guys called the Lakers?”

“You’re actually tsukkomi’ing that!? At least drop a tsukkomi about the poses we came up with through our hard work!”

The guy called Bai Yueguang said, while maintaining his pose.

Haah, seeing that you guys are working this hard, I will compliment you guys then.

“Do you guys have holes in your brains? Where’s your sense of shame? Did your Chuunibyou act up?”

Look, in times like this, I’m still kind enough to help these chuunis mend their ways. I’m really too kind.

“You bastard…”

Bai Yueguang immediately charged straight towards me, and grabbed me by the collar.

“You, who are wearing the standard uniform of the FFF squad, have no right to lecture me! Looking at those long string of titles filled with question marks, you definitely have thought that having those titles would make you look amazing, so you decided to grind for all those titles, right!?”

“Hah? This is an equipment befitting of my class, alright? And I don’t even know how these titles of mine came about myself. And what’s the point of grinding for titles, huh?”

“How the hell would I know! You damn chuuni!”

“You’re the chuuni here!”

“No, no. You two, stop fighting. Actually, both of you are chuuni’s. I know that.”

“You’re chuuni!” x2

The two of us dropped a tsukkomi on Dale, who interrupted us, at the same time.

“… You guys… Unless… Do the three of you know each other?”

The girl, who was wearing an ancient Chinese light armor, asked. Among the three of them, she was the one who looked the most serious.

“No, no. I don’t know someone like him.” x3

We replied seemingly at the same time.

“Ha… Is that so…”

Seeing her expression, I don’t think she believes us at all…

“Speaking of which, where did you get that windbreaker of yours? Windbreakers of this sort don’t exist in this world, right?”

The one who was most modernly dressed here, was this guy called Bai Yueguang. Wearing a black windbreaker, black tight jeans, and even a belt… Are you trying to be Kirito? And you even have black long hair… Really, do you really think you’re Kirito?

“Obviously, they don’t exist, but I drew a picture of it and handed it to someone who could make it. Then, naturally, that person made it for me.”

This bastard said proudly.

“Alright, alright, then, can you let go of me?”

“Ah, it’s pretty tiring to keep this up as well.”

After saying that, he finally let go of my collar.

“In any case, you guys are… a small team, right?”

Actually, I had wanted to call it a level grinding party, but when I realized that there were only three of us who were otherworlders here, it’s best to refrain from saying weird things.

Though I had already said too much earlier!

“Un, you can put it that way. We came from the Eastern Continent, because we committed a small crime.”

“You kidnapped two beautiful girls?”

I looked at the two girls beside him.

“… Well, something like that.”


I looked at him with a surprised expression, and in the next instant, I stared at him with worshipping eyes.

“I didn’t think that you were so amazing!”

“That’s of course!”


Suddenly, in the distant skies, a red star flashed! And accompanying it was a deafening explosion!

“What is that…”

“You guys, stop your idle chatter! That’s an SOS signal!”

Odin, who were at the side, walked over and said.

“You guys, hurry up and head over to support them! Currently, the only ones able to help them are you guys!”

When he said that, I finally realized Sai and Domitius were still recuperating at the side, and as for Odin… his HP was down to a quarter. And since he used two ultimate moves earlier, he must be extremely tired.

Speaking of which, compared to us otherworlders, the inhabitants of this world have very weak recovery abilities. Even though we can only recover quickly by the constant use of potions, the difference in recovery speed is still very significant.

“Well, are you guys registered mercenaries?”

I looked towards Bai Yueguang and the two girls.

“You can say that. Although we had only registered in the previous city, after realizing there were pretty interesting missions…”

“Then that’s good. Take part in our mission then. It’s A-rank, and you can make a good sum of money out of it.”

“Then what are we waiting for!? Let’s go!”

After saying that, that guy immediately sprinted off to the direction of the SOS signal!

“Wait for me~”

Hei Luoli immediately chased after him.

“These two are running about again.”

The girl called Tai Shixi shook her head, before following after them.

I looked towards Oyado and Dale.

“Are you guys fully recovered?”

“Of course~”

Dale laughed.

Well, that’s natural. This guy has tons of potions with him, with such a long rest, he should have recovered a while ago.

“Don’t worry, big brother, I’m totally unharmed, so I don’t have any problems~”

The one who was most energetic was Oyado. Not only does she not have a single stain of blood on her, there wasn’t even a hint of erraticness in her breathing.

So frightening. Just how overpowered was the memories implanted into her?

“Then let’s go! The mission isn’t over yet~”


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31 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 53: The Three From the Eastern Continent

  1. flame says:

    “The one who was most modernly dressed here, was this guy called Bai Yueguang. Wearing a black windbreaker, black tight jeans, and even a belt… Are you trying to be Kirito? And you even have black long hair… Really, do you really think you’re Kirito?”

    I was thinking this.. what’s next.. can they duel wield ?!


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