Vol. 4 Chapter 54: Doll Massacre

After continuously using Charge with the three speed buffs activated, I finally caught up with the three-man party, and we rushed towards the site.


The moment we reached the site where the carriages were, Tai Shixi charged towards the frontlines and swung her halberd, sending the warriors surrounding Lois flying!

“Thank… Thank you.”

Lois looked disbelievingly at the person who appeared beside her, and thanked her softly.

“No problem.”

Tai Shixi leaned her halberd against her shoulder, and then, stared at the warriors who fell onto the ground.

“Little Yi hates people who bully the weak the most, especially those bastards who bullies girls.”

Hei Luoli, who was beside me, explained.

“I’m not weak!”

“Well~ Don’t mind it. You guys need help, right?”

She posed that question as she pointed to the open field in front of us.

What she said was true. As I looked towards that direction, the group which previously had about forty remaining mercenaries, were now left with only about a dozen, who were struggling to defend the merchant Abudo.

。Piles of corpses laid on the field, and looking at their equipment, there were both mercenaries and enemies among them.

There were a variety of enemies. Although they were all wearing blue armor, their weapons ranged from swords to bows.


The enemies were not humans.

Other than the doll Yoei in the center, who could be considered human, the rest were all things called ‘Strengthened Battle Dolls’.

Yoei’s entire figure was hidden under a black cloak, and he stood at the center of the troops of battle dolls.

But since I’m currently disguised as a mercenary, with a completely different face, he shouldn’t be able to recognize me.

But this current situation… Even though I did see the order forms for those battle dolls, but I didn’t expect that they would actually wear armor and have different types.

If the person controlling all of them was Yoei, then wouldn’t he be an one-man army?

“Oh, another group of newcomers has come. You really spent quite a fortune on this escort detail of yours. Is there really a need for you to do all this for the Emperor?”

Suddenly, Yoei spoke up.

“That’s not of my own judgment.”

Abudo bitterly smiled, and then took out a magic staff.

“Because this is work, and completing it is my mission. That’s all.”

“Is that so? But you’re running out of pawns, you know? While I, on the other hand, possess an unlimited number of them. You can’t beat me.”

“I have no other options as well. But currently, my only desire is to complete my work, that’s all.”

With a wave of his hand, numerous giant icebergs suddenly appeared in the sky, and were descending at an incredible speed!

Un? Isn’t he supposed to be a LV 7 Magician? Why is he able to use intermediate-grade magic? And he can even cast it simultaneously?

Just what the hell is going on with this guy?

“The three over there, you guys must be people from the Eastern Continent, right? Since you helped that young lady over there, then help us as well.”

While Abudo was saying that, the icebergs had already begun to smash onto the ground.

Although those battle dolls had begun to dodge them, the icebergs that fell onto the ground suddenly exploded, and the chilling air enveloped the battle dolls, turning all of them into blocks of ice!

What’s that spell? Why have I not seen it before?

Interesting. Looks like this guy called Abudo has several interesting secrets on him.

“Un, if the wages are reasonable.”

Bai Yueguang laughed, and then, he rushed towards the horde of enemies.

“Looks like, this will be really interesting.”

Yoei retreated behind his troops of dolls, and the surrounding dolls came charging towards us.

Although a part of the doll troops were frozen by the falling icebergs, their numbers were still multiple times larger than ours.

“Arcane – Windwalk – Berserktooth!”

In a flash, Bai Yueguang charged into the horde of dolls, and his figure continuously flashed from doll to doll at an amazing speed!

After passing by the 13th doll, he suddenly stopped, and sheathed his blade.


Breaking sounds came from the 13 dolls behind him at the same time, and the heads of those dolls fell off from their bodies.

He’s pretty incredible, huh!

On the other side, continuous explosions resounded across the field. I turned my head over, and the girl called Hei Luoli was standing at the peak of a tree. Her bow-drawing was so quick, I was not able to follow her hand movements at all.

Red arrows continuously landed on the countless dolls, causing them to explode at the moment of impact.

As for the last girl, there’s no need to say any further. With her halberd in her hand, like a spiraling dragon, she slashed about at the center of a group of battle dolls. It was basically like an re-enactment of the game Dynasty Warriors in real life.

Seeing the change in the flow of battle, those mercenaries who were looking from afar, were finally spurred to return to the battle as well.

“Looks like we have to make our move as well.”

Looking at Dale who just arrived, I laughed.

“After all, if we don’t make our move now, all the EXP will be gone.”

“You’re right.”

“Oyado, find a way to locate Yoei’s position. If we don’t kill him, these dolls will continue to appear, and there will be no end to this.”

I don’t know why, but evidently, from what I can see, those dolls are continuously walking out of the surrounding forests.

Just how many dolls did they prepare for this raid!?


Oyado flashed right in front of me and replied, before disappearing once again.

“Super Arcane – Punishing Tearing Cross!”
(t/n: Sanctioning Punishing)

A red cross appeared in my hand, and then after, I charged over towards the battlefield!

“Receive the punishment you deserve!”

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