Vol. 4 Chapter 2: Ice Empire

Although I’m not sure of the exact distance between the Ice Empire and the academy, but what I did know was, just when I was sighing in awe at how smooth the airship ride was, I realized we had already reached the imperial city of the Ice Empire – Blue Crystal City.

Looking out through the window, I could feel my heart beating faster.

From where we were, I couldn’t see the edge of the imperial city at all. This scenery which could only been seen in games was actually now right in front of me!

If it was the past me, I definitely wouldn’t be able contain myself, and would probably circle the entire city and comb every single place for treasures. But, this world is completely realistic. If I were to look for treasures, I would definitely be regarded as a thief.

After the airship circled around the palace once, it smoothly landed on an empty space behind the palace. The moment the airship door opened, what I saw was two rows of soldiers and maids in-charge of welcoming us, and right in front of us was a butler.

“Princess, you finally returned! After so long, you finally promised to return, this is such a rare occasion!”

The butler was called Moselius. He was LV 34 as a Swordsman, and LV 50 as a Butler. He belonged to the Kind alignment, and had a cautious personality.

“There were just special circumstances, that’s all.”

When Princess Michelle said that, she turned to look at me, and then continued.

“They are all my important friends, you must treat them as how you do to me! Otherwise, believe me, I will immediately fire you!”

“Yes! I understand, princess!”

Princess Michelle, your method of threatening people is really unique…

I measured the soldiers and maids at the side with a few glances. All of the soldiers were about LV 25, and as for the maids, other than a few who were LV 20 swordswomen, the rest were normal maids.


There wasn’t a single Magician at all!

And even without using my skills, I could feel the surrounding magic particles were in disarray, and I don’t really know the reason to it.

“Friends of our princess, although most of you are swordsmen, but there’s still a need for me to explain. The entire palace is completely covered with a magic restriction field. Unless one has special permission, otherwise, he will not be able to use magic. This is something I need to explain, otherwise, it wouldn’t be good if a misunderstanding occurs.”

“I see.”

While I was thinking about that, I tried to use my Ice Shield magic spell.

But, the magic formation flashed, and the Ice Shield immediately appeared on my hand!

Seeing this spectacle, the old butler was so shocked, he did not know how to respond. After a few seconds, a soldier finally reacted. He pulled out his weapon and pointed it at me.

Taking the hint, the rest of the soldiers took out their weapons as well, and pointed them at me.

At this moment, Princess Michelle reacted, and shouted at them.

“What are you guys doing!? Didn’t you guys hear what I just said!?”

“Hurry and put down your weapons! Listen to Princess Michelle’s command! Do not treat our guests with disrespect!”

The old butler followed up loudly.

Finally, the soldiers lowered the weapons.

But evidently, Princess Michelle was still angry.

“You bastards, what are your ears for!? All of you, slice off your own ears, now!”

Hearing these words, even I was shocked.

Those soldiers shivered at her words as well. Then, they looked at each other, while their shivering hands were reaching out to the dagger on their waists.

“Princess Michelle, there’s no need for that, is there? It was my mistake for summoning my Ice Shield. You don’t really have to punish them like that.”

I hurriedly intervened.

What’s with the bloody violence in the middle of the day!? Is this an on-site horror movie?

Even though I know that the authority of the royalties are absolute, but, it’s still too much to casually cut off someone’s ears.

“But… They pointed their weapons at you!”

Princess Michelle said with a frown.

“But they did it with your safety in mind, right? Just forgive them, alright?”

“Un… Fine. All of you, listen well! This time, because of State Magician Fir’s pleading, I shall forgive all of you! This will not happen again, is that clear!?”


Everyone yelled at the same time.

Although there weren’t any big changes to their facial expressions, but I could feel them sighing in relief in their hearts.

“Princess, this isn’t a good place to talk. Please return to the palace.”

“Un, Fir, let’s go! I shall let you witness the almighty strength of our Ice Empire!”


I already knew that though.

Earlier on the airship, I had already seen the entire view of the imperial city. It feels like it will take more than half a day to walk from one end of the city to the other. And the imperial palace itself was already a size larger than Gray Magical Academy.

Did you guys build this large palace for the sake of training your bodies regularly?

—————————– I’m a dividing line. You know this. —————————–

Probably because of the congregating of ice elemental particles in the Ice Empire, not just the imperial city, even the imperial palace’s walls were filled with shimmering white blue luster.

Even though it was autumn and it was still many days away from winter, but the air was cold, and the temperature was probably in the single digits. (degrees celsius) When breathing out, it was possible to see white puffs floating in the air.

But inside the imperial palace, it was rather comfortable. It wasn’t too cold, nor was it too hot, the feeling was just perfect.

One thing to point out…

Was that the place was too big, and there wasn’t a single convenient movement tool. We only reached our destination after walking for a total of 20 minutes. The imperial palace’s center – Imperial Palace’s Chamber.

After entering through the door, what came into our sight was the Emperor of the Ice Empire, Hur Ice Afungus, who was sitting on the seat at the very top.

He looked different than the last time I saw him. Currently, he was exuding a much stronger aura of prestige and might. Don’t ask me how I was about to feel it. My attack warning was flashing so much, it was about to explode.

But, this feeling slowly disappeared, and I was finally able to sigh in relief.

There were a few people standing beside the emperor, three women and two men. Although I couldn’t see their titles clearly, but from how they were dressed, they were probably the princes and princesses of the Ice Empire.

Below the steps, the guy with an unknown level, and was wearing a set of heavy armor, was probably the commander of the Ice Empire’s military forces. And the officials standing at the sides, are probably figures like the prime minister and such.

Of course, the several officials were standing in two rows. Looks like Princess Michelle’s return was really something to be treated seriously.

Walking up to the center of the huge hall, all of us kneeled on a single knee and paid respects to the Emperor.

“Aaaaaah, I hate kneeling!’

Suddenly, I saw the message Aliyah sent.

‘There’s no such thing as democracy here, so endure it. Just recite ‘your loyal minister has arrived to pay respects to your majesty’ in your mind, and you won’t feel that terrible.’


Although I don’t know what expression Aliyah was making, but, seeing how her body fidgeted for a moment, she definitely almost broke into laughter.

“I’m back.”

Princess Michelle said that, and before the emperor said anything, he immediately stood up.

He had a somewhat helpless expression, and gave a bitter smile.

“All of you, rise.”

“Then I’m going to bring my friends out to play.”

Just when we stood up, Princess Michelle immediately said that, and then walked towards the door leading out of the chamber.

The people at the sides looked on as if it was a regular occurrence, and did not say a single word.

You guys are a little too casual about this…


Suddenly, the Emperor called my name.

“Your majesty, is there anything I can do for you?”

“When you’re free, report to the Magician Tower. I believe you will definitely find some several good things over there.”

“I understand.”

After saying that, I followed Princess Michelle out of the chamber.

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42 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 2: Ice Empire

  1. flame says:

    Good chapter :3 Kind of slow compare to what’s been happening but it’s nice to have rest time I guess… I just want to learn more about Irlin~


  2. synthous says:

    —————————– I’m a dividing line. You know this. —————————–

    That reminded me of someone I used to know. She really hates bad puns. This is my favourite chapter yet. Tension from cutting ears, Fir being HOLY CRAP. PLEASE DON’T TURN AGAINST ME. Then the the line. You know this.


  3. darkfishoftherevolution says:

    The dividing line is slowly gaining sentience. Soon dividing line-chan will grow and cover the whole story heed my words, I’be come from the future and she has conquered all light novels starting from this one… stop her… Before it’s too late!!


      • M.A.D says:

        Nope. John Conner was already conquered by the time we get there. This man is John Conner’s pet aquatic lifeform from his 7th grade.


    • RKain says:

      Fie! Thou shalt not defy the will of the Dividing Line. The Separating Linearity heralds the coming of a new age, an age of clear delineation, of well-defined changes in perspectives. A world where there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, with Dividing Lines separating each unique and distinct entity.

      None shall halt the coming of Delineation! The Future! Is! Now!


  4. bakaleaf says:

    Thanks for the chapter♫

    Is it me or the Princess is a yandere type please confirm -_-
    that was just soldier pointing there sword to fir and she already order them to cut there ear
    can’t imagine what well happen to the person who would make a scratch to him lol
    and if she discover MC won’t die I can’t help but imagine she well preserve MC body just for herself O.o


  5. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter…

    and did his magic activate in a zone which negates magic or is it a magic sensing barrier and the rules forbid someone from activating it?


  6. GonZ555 says:

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    —( ●w●)●w●)●w●)●w●)●w●)– I’m a Meatbun line. You know this. —( ●w●)●w●)●w●)●w●)●w●)—
    Meatbun Line says: “””Thank you for the Chapter!”””


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