Vol. 4 Chapter 9: Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon 1F – Boss Battle

Half an hour later, Aliyah and I were sitting on the white pathway, panting. Looking at the corpses of Oniya’s lined up along the pathway we passed, there’s a feeling of bitterness in my heart that I couldn’t describe.

“In the past, I wouldn’t even feel tired after staring at my computer screen for a good couple of weeks. But now, after just half an hour, I’m actually tired to this extent… I feel so ashamed of myself.”

“What’s there to be shameful about?”

Aliyah smiled bitterly and replied.

“Reality is this exhausting. Look at those simulation games. We only have to tap on a few buttons, and Intelligence, Charm, and Study points will all go up in an instant. But when we look at the time we’re actually studying in school, don’t we have to take 10 years to actually get a good standing in society?”

“Hahaha, you’re right. But we’re already much better off than the inhabitants of this world. They have to train bitterly to actually use magic, while we only have to tap on a button to learn them…”

“It’s necessary. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have any benefits at all when we’re transferred to this world. I think that if I don’t have this weird system in my body, I basically wouldn’t be able to live here for over a ye-… no, not live here, rather, I won’t even live past a month.”

“Hey hey, don’t be so pessimistic. After all, we come from a very ‘scientific’ world. Even if we’re not as strong as them in combat power, we could still make use of the benefit of our own knowledge, right?”

“That’s also true~”

Aliyah stood up and dusted her armor.

Although I wanted to drop a tsukkomi on how there’s completely no dust in this place at all, however, to prevent any unnecessary nonsense, I decided to keep silent.

“Alright, we killed a total of 18 Oniya’s. About 1,800,000 EXP. But I require 26,000,000 EXP to level up. This is so troublesome…”

“I’m better off, I just gained a level.”

Aliyah pointed at herself.

“I only need a little bit more to get to LV 18.”

“Let’s kill another two more?”

“No need. Their skin is too thick, and cutting them is really tiring. How many MP Recovery Potions do you have left? You were using your magic spells really enthusiastically earlier.”


I opened my inventory to take a look.

“I don’t even have 5 bottles left…”

“Hah? Are you kidding me? Not even 5 bottles left? Don’t you have any sense of awareness when you’re raiding dungeons in the past? At least save some for the rest of the dungeon!”

“I don’t have a choice, do I? Otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to reach this far at all. If I did not use my magic spell to remove their scales, you wouldn’t have dealt any damage with your slashes.”

“… Hah, alright. That was true.”

Although she said that, she still looked really irritated.

“Alright, but from now on, you shall not use any MP Potions until we reach a boss! Otherwise we basically wouldn’t be able to complete this dungeon… And we’re not sure whether this dungeon is an one-time event as well. If it’s really a one-time event, then it will definitely be a waste if we fail.”

“Fine, fine. Alright, let’s continue on. Our target is just right in front of us, isn’t it?”

We did not kill the 20 Oniya’s while walking on a straight path. Rather, we somehow walked through all the branch routes and killed that many.

But, what’s frightening was, even though we did manage to encounter other chests, but, there were only HP Potions of various types found in them! We did not encounter any other items at all!

Who the hell created this dungeon? Was it an Alchemist? Is he making a trade fair for his products?

If that’s really the case, then that will explain the weird hall-like structure in front of us. if it was placed in our world, it will definitely be a masterpiece among masterpieces!

Ice Crystal Chapel

A message box with these words suddenly popped up in my mind, and I was startled quite a bit.

“Ice Crystal Chapel? What a weird name, huh?”

In that instant, Aliyah said.

“Did a similar pop-up box appear in your mind? Looks like this isn’t a skill of mine. But why is there such a hint?”

“… It’s actually my skill.”


I looked at Aliyah weirdly, and she shrugged.

“In the past, I saw this skill on a book I stole from my school, so I learnt it. It’s called ‘Eye of the Pioneers’. It looks like a skill that will only work in a party, which allows us to see the names of unique places.”

“Then why wasn’t the name of this dungeon displayed?”

“This dungeon? It’s called Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon. Didn’t you see the message?”

“No, I did not.”

I recalled.

“Probably because when you first transferred here, we were too far apart?”

“I wonder…”

While talking, we had already walked to the door of the Ice Crystal Chapel. Aliyah immediately went over. First, she tried to push it, but the door did not budge. Then, she pulled out a long and thin dagger.

“Hey hey, what are you…”

“I’m prying it open, duh. My keys were destroyed before, so I can only use a dagger now. Don’t just stand there, hurry and look if there’s another entrance.”


Just when I was heading to the side of the Ice Crystal Chapel, suddenly, a very unpleasant ringing invaded my ears!

As if a ray of light flashing through my mind, a hundred possibilities as to what this sound could be went through my mind like a revolving lantern, and then, after cross-referencing them to our current location and this world’s degree of retardedness, I was finally led to a very possible conclusion.


“What are you doing? I’m trying to lock-pick here.”

“Umm… This place is about to collapse.”

“Oh, and here I thought… What!? It’s about to collapse!?”

The moment she said that, I could feel my entire body becoming lighter, and we had already begun to fall along with the entire Ice Crystal Chapel!

“Hey hey hey! You can fly, right!? Hurry and fly!”

“When I first came here, I realized I couldn’t fly in this place…”


“And, not just here, the entire dungeon is collapsing…”

I pointed to our backs, and the pathways we were walking on slowly crumbled into pieces, and fell along with us.

Regardless the corpses of those monsters or those unopened chests, all of them fell off the surface, and below us… I totally can’t even see the bottom at all!

“hey hey, is this a scenario which we will immediately resurrect and leave this place?”

“How do I know!?”

Aliyah pulled out her dual swords and stabbed them onto the wall of the chapel, using it to fix her position.

So we can actually do that as well, are you Kratos?

Ice Sword, Ice Sword, Ice Sword…

I summoned a series of Ice Swords, and learning from what Aliyah did, I stabbed them onto one of the falling ground.

But someone like me who has weak muscles obviously can’t simply grab onto the swords. Hence, by fixing the shape of a circle with several swords, I locked myself in that circle.

I’m really too quick-witted!

However, before I was done feeling happy about my achievement, a deafening roar came from above.

This sound…

Why does it sound like a dragon’s roar?

Oniyasi (Ice/Magic/Physical) LV 30
Low-level leader of the Freezing Point Abyssal Dungeon. In-charge of leading the low-level guardians. It has a very agile body.

Oh my god, earlier, we could depend on dodging the strong attacks, but this guy… can actually fly!

This isn’t fair! He can fly, so why can’t I!?

This guy was the evolved form of an Oniya. It’s biggest difference was the growth of the wings, and the rest of its body looked exactly the same.

But this guy can actually fly!

“Fir! It’s only a single boss! Use the skill you used earlier to pierce through it!”

Aliyah shouted loudly.

“It’s hard to aim at it while it’s flying! And in our current states, we basically can’t afford to take aim at it!”

“Then what are we going to do?”


I looked at the dragon in the air, and grinded my teeth.

“Fine. You can fly, right? Why don’t you give me a ride?”

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