Vol. 4 Chapter 58: Setting Off Once Again

“Uncle Gabriel, since you’re here, does that mean you’re done healing them?”

“Yeah, of course. They possess good passive recovery abilities in the first place, they’re warriors after all. By simply closing their wounds, and accelerating their rate of recovery, they will naturally recover quickly. Though I don’t know why, whenever I felt that you suffered an injury, you would always recover at an unbelievable rate, was I seeing things?”

“You’re obviously seeing things.”

“Eh? That’s quite a quick reply.”

“That’s of course. Since you gave me a yes-or-no question that made everything simpler and easier to understand, then why do I have to waste my time in thinking of an answer that’s neither reasonable or logical?”

“Are you trying to indirectly tell me you’re actually speaking nonsense?”

“Hey, I didn’t say that, did I? That’s simply a guess of yours, isn’t it? I simply gave you a reply, isn’t that right?”

“I guess so. Then I’m going to put aside how you guys made the corpse of the gryphon disappear. After all, even if I asked, I won’t be able to get an actual answer, right?”

“Just ask away, I might tell you, you know.”

“Then, how did you guys make the corpse disappear?”

“Not telling you.”


I satisfyingly looked at Gabriel’s helpless and dispirited expression. Nodding my head, I turned and started walking back to the carriages.

When we got back to the carriages, unexpectedly, they were all ready to move off. Although the items in one of the carriages were distributed to the other carriages in the front… in actual fact, the most important item in that carriage was already in my ring.

Though I don’t know why they had to transport these Eastern dolls so cautiously, it’s evidently related to the Smuu household and the Ice Empire.

I kind of feel that the Smuu household is rebelling… or it might not be the case either.

Well, though I’m not a conspiracy theorist, when I saw these Eastern dolls, which are being transported from the borders, I kind of feel that the actual situation might be different from how I’m imagining it.

Just who is the actual aggressor?

I don’t know, and I don’t wish to know. Whether I’m involved in this matter or not is not something I can determine on my own. Why do I say that? Obviously, there’s a reason for it.

I didn’t receive any quests.

That’s right, because I didn’t receive any new quests. The only related quest would be the quest to investigate the Smuu household. This means that I’m not a participant in what’s going to happen next. To be exact, I’m an existence that would not have any significant impact on the outcome.

I have yet to receive a new quest, or to be exact, I have not approached the key event of the entire scenario. I’m merely at the intersection between my earlier quest’s scenario and this situation.

But, if I were to continue like this, I will definitely encounter the main questline later on.

Of course, I’m an advocate of peace. If war can be prevented, then obviously, I will wish for it to be stopped. How should I put this? I don’t wish for a few students to be absent from school once the new school term starts, because of war.

School life will definitely be boring as hell.

But if that’s really the case, although it’s only a small part of it, I might actually be helping the aggressors to attack the Ice Empire.

As I expected, without sufficient information, it’s best not to act too wildly.

Though my actions might not have a big influence on the war, after all, there might be several more carriages like these elsewhere. But if possible, it would be good if I’m able to weaken their war potentials.

But the problem we’re facing now is…

Who are the actual people trying to harm the citizens of the Ice Empire?

To put it bluntly, currently, the information we possess do not have anything that could directly answer this question, and we can only rely on guesswork.

Looks like there’s a need to contact the Emperor of the Ice Empire and the Smuu household later. Compared to relying on guesswork, it’s a little better to directly ask the people in question.

The Smuu household did indeed conduct many immoral experiments, but…

In this world, even if it’s against human morals, it’s ‘understandable’ why they did them.

After all, they are not bound by absolute rules, and only bound by their morals as humans.

There are no complete regulations in regards to morals. With the difference in values, the views on morals will naturally be different.

To sum it up, everything in this world is in a ‘disorderly state’.

Though, I cannot accept the Smuu household’s human experiments. Even if they’re homunculus, they have their own rights to choose their way of life as well.
(t/n: human clones homunculus)

Of course, the reason why I have this way of thinking is because of the different set of values I possess. To the people of Smuu household, they might not have treated homunculus as humans in the first place.

So, as long as I think it’s the right thing to do, I will do it, and that’s it. After all, if I were to step into anything and everything, my life here will be over.

In any case.

After reaching the next city, there’s a need to investigate the merchant called Abudo. A guy with completely no intel I can retrieve from his titles alone, is really troublesome.

“Big brother~ I did a good job in completing my mission~”

Suddenly, a voice pulled me out of my train of thoughts. The only person who would call me that, is Oyado.

Currently, she was extremely excited, and she was holding the ring I gave her in her hands. Even if she did not explain anything, I understood her words. She’s basically telling me that she had already completed the mission I gave her earlier, which involves collecting those scrolls hidden in the dolls.

I took the ring off her hands, and the ring was immediately listed in my inventory, and all the items in the ring were revealed.

A total of 374 magic scrolls of various types were fully packed into the dimensional space in the ring.

Other than the time I was playing Elder Scrolls, I have never seen so many scrolls appeared in my inventory. It’s such a nostalgic feeling.

I tapped on the virtual screen, and with a single pull, I dumped all of the scrolls into my own dimensional ring. And then…

There’s Oyado, who has been staring at me the entire time.

Even if you’re the densest person in the world, you would probably still understand Oyado’s current feelings. If someone were to look at something you’re holding with such yearnful eyes… then, there’s only one possible conclusion.

That person wants the item you’re holding.

“Then, according to the agreement we made, I will give this ring to you, Oyado~ But, you must definitely take good care of it.”

“Thank you, big brother~”

She took… no, she snatched the ring off my hands, and then, immediately put it on.

Looking at her expression, she basically looked like a child who just found a piece of treasure. Her cute smile filled with boundless excitement cannot be described with just words.

But due to the size of the ring, it doesn’t seem to fit her fingers. She looked at the ring and pondered for a moment, before running off.

She’s really as cute as always… As expected of my little sister.

Though, we’re not blood-related, so I can’t use that fact to explain anything else.

“Although I feel really sorry, but right now, we have to pick up the pace. I believe everyone understands that it is for everyone’s safety. I believe there’s no one who would object, right?”


No one said anything, but everyone nodded their heads one after another.

“Then, let’s go.”

Great! He actually did not have a long speech of any sort. This is an omen of good fortune, right?

It should be, right?

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