Vol. 4 Chapter 3: QTE and Counter

Once the door to the chamber was closed, Princess Michelle immediately started to complain.

“Hmph! What’s with all that acting! I hate it so much! Let’s go! I will bring you guys out to play!”

“Play? Where?”

“Obviously, in the imperial city!”

“Princess, you must not do that. Currently, the royal knights are changing their shifts, please wait for an hour…”

“Who are you to manage my affairs!”

Princess Michelle turned and stared at the butler.


The butler did not know what to say, and looked towards us.

I sighed, and walked over.

“Princess Michelle, stop fooling around. Isn’t the butler doing this for your sake? Although I’m not sure of the situation in the Ice Empire, but since the butler said that it’s for your safety to best not move about too much, then there’s definitely a reason for that, right?”

After saying that, I glanced at the butler.

“That’s right, that’s right! Princess, you just have to wait for a short while.”

The butler immediately followed up.

Hmph… Fir and the rest will be able to protect my safety. And Dual’s beside me. You should know of her capabilities. If you do not trust Fir, then why don’t you have a duel with him?”

“Hey hey! Weren’t we told that we’re not able to use magic in the palace!?”

“Weren’t you able to use it in the morning?”

“Although that’s true… but, I’m not able to recover the mana I lost.”

In the morning, although I was able to use magic, but the mana consumed was not able to recover slowly like before. Even until now, there was still that small empty space in my MP bar.

“Alright, then I will make a compromise. If Magician Fir is able to block an ultimate technique of mine, I will let you go without worries, is that fine?”


Hey hey, I haven’t even consented to this yet. Princess Michelle, why did you answer so quickly?

I looked towards Aliyah, and saw her rolling her eyes at me.

‘Go, Princess’s Knight.’

‘What knight? I’m a magician.’

I then looked towards Irlin, but she’s actually looking at me with eyes of anticipation.

Oh my god, are you guys kidding me?

You want me to take on a LV 34 Swordsman’s ultimate attack, are you guys trying to kill me? Usually, this kind of situation is a prelude to receiving a flowery death, you know?

Ice Castle?

Obviously, it won’t be able to block the ultimate attack. With that little defense power, it will likely be taken as a joke, right?

Ice Court?

Although it looks pretty strong, but I don’t think it will be able to block the attack either.

Ice Imperial Palace?

Though I’m able to cast two of them simultaneously, but the defense…

“I must say, why do I, a Magician, have to take on an attack from you, who is a Swordsman?”

“How did you know I’m a Swordsman?”

After saying that, he took out a knight sword.

“I kept my sword in my storage ring, you know.”

“It’s instinct. You just have to know that I’m aware that you’re a Swordsman. Mind your own business.”

“Interesting, since that’s the case, then I’m not going to give any chances!”

In an instant, the surrounding temperature evidently decreased. With a swing of the butler’s sword, a shadowy blue wave came rushing towards me!

Hey! At least give me some time to prepare my defenses!

“Empiric – Ice Imperial Palace!”

I quickly jumped backwards, and a giant ice wall rose from the ground immediately after. The collision between an ice attack and an ice wall was basically like a car crash. But, before I could even summon the next Ice Palace, I heard a terrible sound coming from the front.

“Arcane – Tear, Crushing Stars!”

“Secret – Absolute Probability! Target Set – Resistance Counter!”

Using another Ice Imperial Palace will definitely not make it in time. I hurriedly used a skill I just learnt. Although I don’t know how high the probability could be raised, but, the description stated ‘Greatly increase the probability of the event happening’.

Alright, then I can only take a gamble. After all, he told me to take on his attack, and not to dodge it. Otherwise, who would be so stupid to take on someone’s ultimate attack?


The entire ice wall was sliced into pieces, and a frost sword came flying towards me, bringing along the crumbs of ice it swept away earlier!

The moment it touched my body, my HP bar immediately dropped by a half, but… at this instant, a control screen appeared right in front of me, and on it, there was a button labelled ‘Counter’!

What the hell, you even have QTE implemented? Are you kidding me?
(t/n: QTE: Quick Time Event)

After pressing on it quickly, another screen popped out at the side! It really was QTE!

Fine! I will press on them, alright? This sort of thing isn’t that difficult to me, after all, I have fast reaction speed in the first place!

I pressed on the buttons continuously in successive combos, and suddenly, a series of weird images came flashing into my mind… Swing my sword?

Subconsciously, I pulled out my tachi, and following the motions shown in the images in my mind, I swung it while aiming at the butler!

My body felt like it was not under my control, and a series of sword techniques were executed smoothly like a flowing river.

“Arcane – Tear, Crushing Stars!”

The exact same skill went flying towards to where it originally came from, and a blue light was emitted fiercely from the butler’s body as he blocked the attack. However, he was still continuously pushed back a couple of steps.

“How was that… possible…”

The butler looked at me was if I was a monster.

“You… actually remembered that skill with a single glance…?”

“That was only a magic spell of mine. Do not mind it.”

I said while tapping on my HP Recovery Potion.

In any case, he was just a Swordsman. He shouldn’t be that knowledgeable about magic, right?

“… I see. Earlier, I had heard that your majesty had high praise of your magic abilities. Initially, I did not believe an elementary-grade Magician like you would have such capabilities. But, after this exchange today, just like what I heard, you’re really out of the ordinary.”

The butler nodded, and then kept his sword.

“Alright. Please, you must ensure our princess’s safety.”

“That’s of course… Wait, princess, don’t run while pulling me!”

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, Princess Michelle pulled us away and started running! Just where did she get all this strength from? To think she’s able to pull all three of us while running, it’s basically incredible.

“If we wait any longer, that old geezer will definitely change his mind! Hurry up!”

“Fine, fine…”

Helplessly, we could only follow after Princess Michelle and started running in the palace.

The surroundings soldiers looked at us with weird expressions. But, when they realized the person taking the lead was Princess Michelle, they did not say anything.

Probably because they had already gotten used to Princess Michelle’s weird antics.

Just like that, we ran straight out of the palace, and headed towards the imperial city streets.

——— A dividing line, now in God’s perspective ———-

Looking at the group of people disappearing from the palace’s walkway, the butler sighed, and snapped his fingers.

A black figure slowly appeared behind the butler, and whispered.

“I have to keep watch again?”

“That’s of course.”

“I feel that little twerp’s capability is strong enough. In this imperial city, only a few people will be able to best him. And earlier, you evidently struck preemptively. That was disadvantageous for a Magician.”

“I know. Because, I didn’t want the princess to leave at all. She’s only going to create trouble if she leaves.”

“With that guy called Fir beside her, she will most likely not cause any trouble.”

“Alright, stop being lazy. Just go.”

“Fine, fine. In any case, I was already bored from staying here for so long.”

After saying that, the black figure slowly disappeared.


The butler stopped the black figure.

“What is it?”

“Is there a magic spell that is able to copy someone else’s skill and use it?”


The black figure was silent for a moment, and then said.

“You’re talking about the skill that twerp used earlier?”


“… That’s why I feel that the twerp shouldn’t have any problems. Because, even I don’t know that such a skill exists. Do you think I really want to watch over those kids? What I’m more interested in, is that little twerp’s origin. He actually has such an interesting ability.”

“That guy is currently your subordinate. I believe you will have a chance to find out.”

””… His majesty really have good eyes. Hahahaha, interesting.”

After saying that, the black figure completely disappeared into thin air, as if there wasn’t anyone there in the first place.

While the butler sighed as he walked back into the chamber.

In a few seconds, the traces of battle on the walkway slowly reverted back to normal, as if nothing ever happened…

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39 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 3: QTE and Counter

    • Navi Nay says:

      This is how I interpreted it. For his reflection/counter/parry skill to work, he must
      1) Press the counter button when it appears
      2) Push a sequence of buttons in the right way (standard quicktime event stuff)

      When you finish the QTE correctly,

      3) Your body naturally moves to counter the attack, like watching a cut scene

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      • strangeirdo says:

        It’s not so much the action that confuses me, it’s more so how it looks for others.

        After all, no matter how fast he reacts, he still has to hit them, and not only would it look weird, it would also take time, you’d think the butler would hit him by then – unless he stopped time, but alyssa was there and you’d think she would message him….


      • Scarecrow says:

        It’s like watching ninjas fight using hand seals.


        Fir ice defense should have bought him some precious seconds, and there’s also his accelerated senses due to his stats. Not to mention he already jumped back and gain some distance.

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  1. Navi Nay says:

    Oh yeah, I think the “record” should be changed to “copy” or “mimic”

    “Is there a magic spell that is able to record someone else’s skill and use it?”
    “Is there a magic spell that is able to copy someone else’s skill and use it?”
    “Is there a magic spell that is able to mimic someone else’s skill and use it?”

    Just something I stopped to reread for a few seconds. Ty for the chapter ^ . ^


  2. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    So now, he can sometimes randomly learn skills from watching others :p

    And that answered my previous question. The barrier is supposed to stop magic and he’s an exception… but he doesn’t have the ability to naturally restore his magic in it…..


  3. synthous says:

    “Oooh, next chapter link is up and it even shows the chapter name!”
    -click the back button in resignation-
    -write this out-
    -wait a few moments before I go to read ‘I Shall Seal The Heavens’ on wuxia world-
    -sigh again as I’m posting this.-


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    ( ●w●)●w●)●w●)(●v●(●v●(●v● ) A crossing line, now in Meatbun’s perspective ( ●w●)●w●)●w●)(●v●(●v●(●v● )

    “Arcane – Grind, mincing Meat!”
    *grinding sounds*
    anyone want’s some minced meat? i’m making spaghetti later..


  5. Rukh says:

    Hahahaha! Quick time event! Reminds me of kingdom hearts and some other games. I’m loving these game mechanics and various game, movie, anime references. 😀


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