Vol. 4 Chapter 11: Under the Seal

“I see, so it has been 665 years? It really has been a very long period of time.”

We’re currently in Snow White’s house. After listening to our story, she slowly sipped her cup of tea, and said that.

I say, you’re really too calm about this. It’s been 665 years, you know. If someone were to throw me into a place for 665 years, putting aside the possibility of being bored to death, the thought of simply needing 665 years to complete a game would make me feel that this quest was absolutely arduous!

“Why aren’t you drinking the tea? Unless you guys don’t like this type of tea? It has a very good effect of increasing your affinity to the ice element, you know.”


Looking at Aliyah beside me, she had a frustrated expression as she stared at her own cup of tea which, while it looked exactly like a block of ice, it was actually emitting out steam.

This girl is probably frustrated as to how an ice block is emitting out hot steam…

“No, it’s not that. We’re just more curious as to why there’s tea in this Ice Fissure.”

“Hahaha, isn’t this very normal? Although this place is within the Ice Fissure, but, many animals and plants grow by relying on the ice elemental particles, so naturally, there will be tea leaves as well. The Ice Sheep here are delicious by the way, and is worth mentioning.”

“Is that so… Hahaha.”

As expected, we can’t use our common sense to solve problems in this world.

“Then how do you produce fire here?”

“By using firewood, obviously.”

“But isn’t this ice…”

“There’s nothing illogical about burning an ice plant, is there?”


Unless these ice plants can actually burn into ice, and not flames? That’s basically a godly source of energy!

Alright, I think I best not try to explain these magical stuffs with physics. I think I should honestly go back home and read up more, otherwise, if these are truly common sense in this world, then it would really be shameful for not knowing them.

“Alright, let’s put this aside for now. Snow White, you…”

“Stop calling me Snow White! Who the hell came up with this nickname!?”

Snow White looked like she was about to flip the table, and she was not displaying any elf-like qualities at all.

Oh well, I had seen an elf assassin before as well. My image of elves in this world had long been destroyed.

And I was feeling weird about the name, Snow White as well.

The nickname, Snow Princess, was already weird enough. By adding a person called Snow White, I could basically feel this world’s evil intentions.

But looking at Snow White’s actual name, I somehow understood something.

Pryn Snow Mestyl Female 168 Years Old (+665)
LV 45 Ice Archer
[Kind] [Whatever Goes] [Impatient] [Ice Elf] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [3rd Princess of the Elves (Expired)] [Godly Archer] [Pursuer] [Sealed Snow White]

Alright, these people might have simply combined the two initials of her name… Just how lazy are they…
(兰·蒙斯特 – 白: White, 雪: Snow)

But I’m really concerned about that 168+665. I can understand that the latter was time she was sealed for, but for the former… Are elves able to live for hundreds of years in this world?

“My name is Pryn Snow Mestyl! Call me Pryn or Ms. Snow! Stop calling me Snow White!”

“Alright, alright.”

I said while giving a nod.

“Then, Ms. Snow, do you know of a way for us to leave this place?”


She sighed and then pointed downwards.

“Is there something… below us?”

I asked cautiously.

“I told you earlier that this place was within the Ice Fissure. Below us is actually the Ice Fissure’s core. We’re actually on a floating island made by the turbulence of the elemental particles caused by the Fissure. And if we want to leave this place, we have to undo the flight restriction magic that can be found beside the core.”

After saying that, she spread out the wings behind her.

She had two pair of wings. One pair looked like the wings of an insect, and was most likely the wings of an elf. While the other pair was wings made out of stacks of ice crystals.

Is that the legendary pair of wings of ice? Her ice elemental ability had already reached the point of being able to summon wings of ice?

“So pretty…”

Even Aliyah who was beside me was sighing in amazement.

“Thank you~ Even though you’re human, but as long as your fire elemental ability reaches a certain point, you will be able to have your own wings of fire as well.”


Aliyah’s eyes suddenly released a very weird sparkle.

Alright, you shouldn’t have evoked her desire. She’s definitely going to grind crazily for levels later.

Ms. Snow drank another sip of her tea and continued.

“Actually, in this world, there’s no magic able to restrict flight. But in this place, we don’t have our physical bodies. Currently, your physical bodies should be sealed in that Abyssal Mystic Ice like mine. Only our spirits have entered this place. The restriction magic below is forcefully oppressing our spirits, and thus our ability of flight. Even if we have our wings, it’s useless.”

“I see.”

So only our spirits are in this place? But I completely don’t feel anything off at all, and my body felt the same as when I was outside…

“Alright. Then do we have a way to head over to the seal below us?”

“Jump down.”


“Alright, don’t look at me with those eyes, I’m telling the truth. We’re currently in a spiritual state. Even if we fall all the way down, we won’t fall to death. Unless we suffer from attacks in this place, we basically won’t receive any harm at all. Eh? Why do both of you look so depressed?”

“Because… We actually fell all the way here…”

Then what was the point of struggling in the air for so long earlier… Tell us something like that sooner…

“But why did you not try removing that restriction magic equipment yourself?”

“Because I don’t know how to lock-pick.”

Aliyah and I looked at each other.

“So you’re tell me, that this very formidable magic restriction equipment is actually secured by a padlock!?”

“That’s right. It’s a magical padlock. No matter how I slashed at it, it wouldn’t break.”

“Alright, I understand the situation.”

Then, I looked at Aliyah.

“Are you confident in unlocking it?”

“As long as it’s a lock, I can pry it open~”

“Alright, then let’s depart.”

“One more thing!”

Ms. Snow suddenly yelled out.

“Do you guys remember how long it’s been since you entered?”

“Cough… I’m not entirely sure. Is there a problem?”

“Since you guys have entered, a part of the seal should be broken… Then the people outside will probably…”

————- The author almost fell asleep in school during the day ———–

3rd Person Perspective:

At the same time.

Beside the giant altar, an old man called Nightisyoung and the Emperor of the Ice Empire were currently standing there.

After looking at the chilling flames in the center of the altar for quite some time, the old man suddenly voiced out.

“At the very most, one more day. If they do not return by then, we can only activate the altar, and seal them in.”

“Un. Let’s wait for one more day. Do not activate the seal until the very last moment. You should know that child of mine…”

“Hahaha, I know, I know. It’s rare for the little princess to return. I don’t wish to do something that would hurt her either.”

The old man laughed, and then returned to a stern expression.

“… But, if the princess’s friends do not return in a day, then for the sake of all the lives in this city, I have to activate the altar’s seal. If that time comes, mind if I ask if you could calm the princess down?”


The Emperor furrowed his brows, turned to look at the imperial city below the altar, and quietly sighed.

“Hopefully, that sort of thing won’t happen. Otherwise, she will hate me for a lifetime.”

“It’s only a lifetime for you. She will definitely hate me for several lifetimes…”

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    • Inbetweenaction says:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ‘Alright, don’t like at me with those eyes’ should have ‘look’ instead of ‘like’

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      …I’m picturing Fir with a different wing for every possible magic (Light,Dark,Ice,Fire,Wind,Water,Earth,Lightning,Hearts, stars, horseshoes, clovers, and Blue moons)
      He would look like some archangel/poinsettia.


      • baramusha says:

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