[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 49

Chapter 49: The Different Races Rescue Plan

When we approached the hotel we were at yesterday, the entire hotel was already in flames.

Looking at the huge raging flames, I could not help but let out a sigh.

Fortunately, I have already took all the books out. If all the skill books were to be burnt away, then it would truly be a pity.

And just when I was still in a daze, suddenly, a broken shadow immediately charged into the hotel which was still burning!


When I took a closer look, it was actually Bai Yueguang who rushed over!

So quick. This guy had actually used his battle skills and charged right into it! Just what kind of blade is it to have this guy go crazy about it?

Initially, there were still two people who were battling each other in front of the door. When they saw Bai Yueguang’s move, they could not help but stop what they were doing.

Alright, go look for it yourself. I’m not going in there.

Initially, I had thought of heading to rob the place, however, looking at those raging flames, I know that I won’t be able to get anything good even if I go in.

I might even be burned to death or something… Haah.

“Save us…”

Just when I was planning to change my location and look for anyone with the [Evil] title, so as to eliminate them, I suddenly heard the voice of someone calling for help from not far away.


Is it some civilian who has yet to flee or someone else?

I swept my gaze at the situation in the surroundings, and only after a while did I see a bunch of white-named people under a square building that was currently in flames.

White names?

I looked at the surrounding large bunch of red names, and could not help but frown.

Why would there be white-named people hiding underground? What’s the situation?

Seeing that the surrounding people did not pay attention to this place, I waved my hand, and a strong cold breeze instantly covered the entire building.

“Big brother, what are you trying to do?”

Oyado at the side asked.

“I sense that there seems to be innocent people under this building. Hence, I plan to enter to take a look.”

“Eh? Really? I didn’t really sense anything though?”

Oyado took a careful look at the building, and still shook her head.

“Under this building… there’s indeed lifeforms.”

However, Purewhite nodded. Could this girl actually be equipped with a life detection device? But, there’s still a need for discussion if she could be considered as a lifeform herself.

The dip in temperature prevented the flames from continuing to burn, and all the flames instantly extinguished.

I satisfyingly looked at the extinguished building, pushed the door open, and walked into it with Oyado and Purewhite.

The furniture in this square building was extremely simple, just like a regular civilian’s home. However, after taking a careful look, the things inside did not seem to have been used by anyone.

“A disguise, huh? Looks like the use of this house is not as simple as it looks at the surface.”

Seeing the bunch of white names under my feet, I swept my gaze at the entire room.

Hint, hint, where are you? Earlier, you were still active, why don’t you have any reaction now?

Just when I was complaining so, with a ‘ting’ sound, a spot of light revealed itself from the burning bookshelf at the side.

So it was actually burnt away, huh?

I directly walked towards it, and tried pulling the bookshelf. However, it got stuck and completely motionless.

It’s really giving me a lot of trouble, huh…

I immediately threw a punch towards the bookshelf, and the entire bookshelf instantly shattered into pieces.

Although I’m a Magician on the surface, my level is, after all, more than LV 30. If I’m unable to even break a bookshelf, wouldn’t that be a little too embarrassing?

And, I’m not just a Magician either.

After sweeping aside the debris of the bookshelf, as expected, behind was a stone stairs leading downstairs.

“Big brother! I’m heading in to scout the route!”

“No, protecting master is my responsibility!”

“You’re nothing more than a Shikigami! Without a presence concealment ability, how are you going to scout?”

“Clearly, you’re just a seven-year-old brat. If you don’t know anything, how are you going to protect master!?”

Seeing the two of them, I helplessly circled around them, and walked directly down the stairs.

Unsure if it was because it was too cold, fire was unable to be ignited, and the entire basement was abnormally dark.

I pondered for a moment, before using the Flash spell. A white ball of light slowly floated towards the air of the basement.

And when the rays of light brightened up the entire basement, I could not help be shocked!

The entire basement was like a prison, with eight prison cells, and dozens of people were still closed in here.

“Hey, are you guys alright?”

I asked them loudly. However, they actually retreated continuously, and did not answer my question either.

“The lot of you, at least say something. What’s the meaning of this?”

“They… can’t understand… the language you humans speak.”

After a long while, one of the people slowly stood out, and said with a very rigid voice.

Hearing her voice, it seemed to be coming from a teenage girl. I have the ball of light split into two, and sent one of it above her prison cell, allowing myself to clearly see her appearance.


She’s actually an elf girl with golden hair and sharp ears!

Although she’s wearing very plain clothes, her exquisite-looking face cannot be completely concealed!

Although Kamiochi is an elf as well, she’s a dark elf, so there’s a slight difference between her and this elf in front of me.

As expected, high elves look more beautiful from here.

“Although… I don’t know… who you are… If you… release us… out of here… we will be… extremely… grateful.”

Seeing that I was in a daze, she said as such.

Oh, speaking of which, if I don’t hurry up, I might be discovered.

I used my hidden blade and stabbed into the lock. The lock instantly opened.

“Hurry up and go. However, currently, it’s chaos out there, so it’s best for you people to be cautious.”

“… Thank you.”

She seemed to have not expected that I would open their locks instantly. After seeing me opening four other prison cells in a single breath, the people inside hurriedly walked out.

“I never expected that there’s such a good person among the humans as well!”

One of them exclaimed, however, the language he was using… English?


I dispersed the ball of light, and clearly looked at the people in the surroundings.

If I hadn’t seen it, I wouldn’t have known. But now that I have seen it, I was given quite a fright. Is this a meeting of every different races?

High elves, dark elves, rabbitmen, catsmen, wolfmen, bearmen, lionmen…

No, no, no. I feel that it’s not too much for this to be a zoo either.

“Big brother, why did you…”

Oyado and Purewhite who had just finished arguing above, when they came down the stairs, out of shock, their words were stuck in their throat after seeing them as well.

“This is…”

“Everyone, listen up. Although I released you guys, you guys have to know that right now, a chaotic battle is happening outside. It’s not a simple matter to leave.”

This time, I used English to directly converse with them. When those beastmen heard this, all of their ears erected.

“You… You actually know the language of our beastmen as well?”

One of the rabbitmen asked.

“Of course, are there any other questions?”

Seeing her shaking her head, I continued.

“Although I’m not entirely confident, since I have coincidentally found you guys, then getting you guys out isn’t really big of a problem. But, next up, you have to move according to my instructions.”

“…… Human, why are you helping us? If you were to simply say you coincidentally passed by, it’s already not a simple matter for you to release us. Why do you want to bring us out as well?”

A lionsman asked me.

“Because I have too much free time.”

I shrugged.

“As expected, you’re not an average human. Hahaha.”

That lionsman laughed.

“Alright, then, let us begin.”

After saying that, I sent a message to Ms. Mari through the system.

‘Call the airship over! We have new passengers.’

After a moment, Ms. Mari replied.

‘Just what kind of quest did you trigger now?’

‘In any case, it’s… Do you guys want to see cute beastmen with cat ears and high elves with white, smooth skin?’

I sent this message to everyone, and not even twenty seconds later, I could heard multiple crashing sounds from above. Immediately after, Tai Shixi, Ms. Mari, Bai Yueguang who was holding onto Hei Luoli, and Aliyah who was grabbing onto Lois, squeezed out of the entrance heading to the basement and rushed into the place!

“Oh my god! What you said is actually true!”

“And here I was wondering where all the slaves for the auction were, so it’s actually here.”

“So cute…”

Seeing them talking one after another, the beastmen and elves who had put down their heart at ease earlier, were once again afraid.

“Haah… That should be enough, you guys. This time, we’re going to get them out of here.”

“Oh. That’s right. Un. Indeed.”

Everyone thought for a moment, probably calculating the degree of destruction that would be dealt to the auction if we were to get them out.

“Alright, then let us move.”

Unique Quest: Destroy the Gold-Gilded Auction

Completion Rate: 67%
Quest Reward: Randomized

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