[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 48

Chapter 48: Quest Change

“【Arcane – Chaotic – Ninety-Nine Ice Arrows】!”

I accelerated towards the back, and then, I shot out countless ice arrows towards Longye. The flying ice arrows, like a blue tornado, swept towards the enemy!

The target’s figure flashed, and countless ice arrows passed Bai Yueguang by, the entire ground was instantly fully stabbed with arrows.

“Are you trying to turn me into a sifter?”

Bai Yueguang sheathed his katana as he asked.

“Well, in any case, according to the settings, I’m unable to shoot you.”

I shrugged and said.

“That’s something I can’t retort about at all…”

Bai Yueguang said as such, yet, the katana in his hand flashed, and a blade light instantly passed me by!

With a dull impact, Longye’s figure revealed itself behind me.

So troublesome… He’s actually able to become invisible as well?

“That’s not invisibility.”

I don’t know if Bai Yueguang actually understood my thinking, but he said this softly.

“That guy simply hides his presence to the very extreme limit, to the point where he could be considered as either sand or stone. If you don’t pay attention, you’re basically unable to see him.”

“To think that such a strange skill exist as well…”

“The two of you. You’re actually chatting while we’re engaged in battle. That’s an extreme lack of appeal, don’t you think?”

After that Longye’s figure appeared, he did not immediately attack, rather, he simply stood from afar and looked at us.

“Appeal? When you fight, you still consider things like appeal?”

Just what the hell is this guy here for?

“That’s of course. If an enemy isn’t giving his all, how can I exert my abilities well? Ah whatever. Looking at your age, you guys are most probably people from the Skybreak Academy. Let’s talk about this again next time.”


Before we could even react, he leapt to the back, and his entire figure, as though he was Oyado, disappeared in a flash.


I was stunned for a long while, and then, I turned to look at Bai Yueguang.

“Just what the hell was he here for?”

“How would I know?”

“How did you encounter him?”

“He suddenly assaulted me, hence, we started to fight.”

“… Alright then.”

And at this moment, Purewhite brought Oyado and rushed over.

“Master! You ran too fast! I almost lost you!”

“Thank me! No matter what big brother is, I’m definitely able to sense him!”

Oyado was still sitting on Purewhite’s shoulder. I never expected this girl to get addicted to it.

But, earlier, after I used 【Flash Movement】 with Qianben, I should have went to look for them first. However, earlier, when I passed by where we were earlier, I did not see them, so I came running over here first.

“Really sorry, earlier, I did not see the two of you, so…”

“Big brother~ Big brother~ There’s many idiots over there, while we were heading here, they kept pestering us, so we exterminated them all.”


“But,those people were really stupid, so, I eliminated them all instantly.”

Such pitiful people, why did you guys have to block the great Oyado’s path?


From afar, intermittent explosions sounded. It seems like the entire city has completely sank into chaos.

Did we trigger some sort of strange quest route or something? I kind of feel that this is already different from the initial route we wanted to take.

Where did the promised auction go?

If this goes on, forget about the auction, it’s about to turn into a martial art competition.

Quest: Gold-Gilded Auction [Concluded]
Completion Rate: 20%
EXP Reward: 2,000

Unique Route triggered.
Unique Quest: Destroy the Gold-Gilded Auction
Competition Rate: 45%
Quest Reward: Randomized

As expected… we entered another route. The many initial quests, in the end, turned into a single one. The EXP are all gone, huh.

“Tch, the quest changed?”

“Looks like, by starting our quests too early, they would divert into other routes. This is really troublesome, huh.”

‘Hey, did you guys see the change in the quest?’

Aliyah sent a message over.

‘That’s right, the scenario actually changed. This is really a big disappointment.’

Ms. Mari responded.

‘Really? I think this is pretty good. Kill!’

Tai Shixi is still as heroic as before.

I shook my head, and then, looked towards the three beside me.

“Let’s go. We shall rob off the remaining items. If I had known this would happen, we would have completely moved everything last night. What’s there to be courteous for?”

“So, the place you guys robbed at last night? Alright! Let’s go!”

“Why are you so excited…”

This is really the first time I ever see Bai Yueguang’s eyes shining.

“Because of the strange selection method you guys used yesterday!”

He agitatedly pulled out a katana sheath fully embedded with gems.

“You guys actually stole the sheath for【Deep Plume Blade】, yet, you guys did not bring the blade out! What’s with that!?”


As expected of Aliyah!

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