[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Death Notice

“This… This… This is a little…”

All of the Beastmen and Elves, no matter if they were male or female, covered their ears at the same instant, and they looked very frightened.

Their actions were so uniform that I could not help but suspect if this was a system built-in reaction.

Alright, that’s definitely impossible.

“Umm… Umm, ears are… sensitive parts… of us Elves and Beastmen, so…”

Eli explained, as she continuously retreated.


Ms. Mari showed a depressed expression, and then, looked towards Aliyah.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Aliyah held onto her hat. It seemed like it was to prevent Ms. Mari from touching her wolf ears.

It really is hard on you, Aliyah.

‘In any case, all of you have received the EXP, right? Let’s hurry and go then. We still have to return to Skybreak City, otherwise, everyone will start to suspect that we have done something against our conscience, and fled.’

I said in the message I sent.

‘Yes, yes, yes~’

“Alright, then forget about it.”

Ms. Mari said very helplessly, and then, she turned and walked towards the airship.

“Then you people, take care. Hopefully, we have the opportunity to meet again.”

I said to the Beastmen and Elves.

“Umm… If it’s you people… we will welcome you people as our guests!”

Eli suddenly said.

“Eli! This…”

An elf beside her wanted to say something, but Eli shook her head at her.

“When that time comes, you simply have to say you’re a friend of mine.”

“Haha, we will welcome you to the territory of our Lionman Tribe as well! But you people will have to avoid the surveillance of the side of you humans.”

“You’re welcome to our Catsman Tribe as well!”

“Our Foxman Tribe too…”

And then, all of the Beastmen said as such as well.

Could it be that the raise in level of closeness with the two different races have taken effect?

“Alright, if we get the opportunity, we will come.”

I replied with a smile.

When we returned to the Skybreak City, fire could no longer be seen from inside the city. However, the black smoke left by the flames had yet to disperse.

With optical camouflage activated, we directly rode the airship to the back of Skybreak City, and then, we walked into the city after alighting from it.

When we entered the city, a large number of the buildings in the city had already been destroyed, and dozens of soldiers were currently dealing with the collapsed buildings.

Some of the soldiers glanced at us, and then, proceeded to continue with their own matters.

“Looks like they don’t even have the leisure to care about us…”

“That’s right…”

Bai Yueguang and I sighed, and then, the lot of us walked straight towards the direction of the academy.

Not long after we started walking, we saw Bai Xiangtian currently rushing towards somewhere not far from us.

“Bai Xiangtian!”

I hurriedly shouted.

“Eh? Ah, it’s you guys.”

She stopped her feet, turned, and ran over to us.

“The Dean was even saying how he was unable to find you people. Where did all of you go?”

“Because we were chasing after some fleeing enemies, so we left Skybreak City. We even split up, and we have only gathered back together just earlier.”

So as to hint to everyone, I even explained especially loudly.

“Is that so. Haah, the enemies this time were indeed too many, and too strong. It’s great that you people are fine.”

Bai Xiangtian nodded.

“I’m not talking about this anymore, I still have to help out with the treatment for those who were injured.”

Speaking of which, she was carrying something on her back. It should be the tools needed for treatment, I guess.

“Then I can help as well.”

I said with a smile.

“I know Recovery spells.”

“If you haven’t brought it up, I wouldn’t have thought of it! Un, come with me then.”

Bai Xiantian nodded.

“I’m coming with big brother as well!”

Oyado said as well.


While Purewhite consciously standing behind me already meant that she was going to follow me as well.


Aliyah at the side snorted, showing her dissatisfaction.

You don’t even know any recovery skills, so even if you come, you wouldn’t be able to do anything either.

“Then let us first head to Skybreak Academy. We can contact each other later on.”

Ms. Mari nodded and said.


After I said that, I looked towards Bai Xiangtian.

“Let’s go.”


After that, I began to walk towards our destination while following along the streets.

“How many injured people are there?”

“The number of injured people… are estimated to be around 3,000. The heavily injured civilians have already been sent to our medical department in the academy. Currently, the entire medical apartment is already full.”

“Is that so…”

Incidentally, I can use this opportunity to train my Group Recovery Spell. Speaking of which, I have basically been using potions during battles, and I have basically not used much of the Recovery spells.

After all, I basically do not spread out my wing during my battles. Firstly, that way, I will lose the excitement I gain from battles, and secondly, it’s not really a good thing for too many people to know that I have the ability to use recovery spells.

But, after such a long time, I have pretty much used my recovery spells for quite a number of times, yet, nothing has happened to me. Looks like Yybril have been doing quite a good job at the Church’s side.

In any case, it’s all good if I’m fine.

“We’re here.”

Bai Xiangtian pointed to a building that looked somewhat complete in front of us, and from the outside, it seemed to look like an inn.

From outside, continuous streams of people moving things inside could be seen. They’re probably recovery medicinal products.

After opening the door and entering it, what entered my vision was all injured people.

“Little White! Why have you only just arrived!?”

Someone from the side suddenly shouted, and when I took a closer look, it was actually Qianben.

“Yo, Qianben.”

“Un? Isn’t this Fir? Why are you here?”

“I know recovery spells. So I came.”

“Recovery spells?”


After saying that, I looked at the many injured civilians at the side. Then, I raised out my hand. Several white rings of light appeared in the air above them, and then, they shone down on their bodies.

【Group Recovery Spell】!

The wounds on the bodies of the people that were under the five white halos’ shine began to close up rapidly, and in less than thirty seconds, their wounds on the bodies completely healed.

They shockingly looked at their current state of their bodies, and then, stood up from the ground.

“Oh my god! This… What’s going on?”

Those civilians looked at the spots where the wounds were on their bodies earlier, and then, looked towards me.

“This is too mystical. Little brother, how did you do this!?”

“That’s right, this is simply… a miracle!”

Looking at their expressions, I looked at Bai Xiangtian strangely.

“Bai Xiangtian, why are they so shocked? Could it be that in the Eastern Continent, there’s no recovery spells such as this that could heal injuries rapidly?”


Bai Xiangtian shook her head.

“All of us rely on our own self-recovery ability to heal ourselves. Some very strong individuals can even use the energy in their own bodies to increase the rate of recovery, and instantly heal themselves. However, an average person isn’t capable of doing it… Or, they can use medicine. However, for medicine that can rapidly heal injuries, the Eastern Continent mainly imports them. What we Eastern Continent produce are all medicine that can only increase the recovery rate by a small amount.”

I see. It’s no wonder why, even though the martial arts in the Eastern Continent is so formidable, they do not dare to attack the Western Continent directly. The support classes in the Western Continent were enough to drive them crazy, and after the Church began managing this power, it allowed them to greatly consolidate their position in the Western Continent.

I see, so the chain of benefits is like this, huh.

Looking around my vicinity, everyone was looking at me with high expectations. I thought for a moment, and then, said.

“In any case, first, leave those whose injuries are more severe to me, to prevent their conditions from worsening.”

“Al… Alright.”

Bai Xiangtian nodded, and then, got those civilians together.

“Everyone, all of you heard it. Those that are severely injured, please come over in an orderly manner.”

When she said as such, I opened my inventory and pulled all of my MP recovery potions to the very top.

Well~ Even though there isn’t any potions like these on sale here, with the airship here, at the very most, I can always return to the academy to restock them, and fly back.

Magic Stones? Compared to EXP, those things are just dusts.

In the next few couple of minutes, countless of white light shone inside the room, while my proficiency in Recovery Magic was continuously rising as well.

Recovery Magic only exists in the Light Magic Tree, so, only this way, could I use the spells multiple times.

I can’t always stab myself with a knife and then cast a Recovery Spell on myself after that, right?


[Arcane – Descent of the Saints] Awakened
Heal up to 10 selected allies.
Strong HP Recovery of 100 HP per second.
MP Consumption: 50 MP per second.


[Arcane – Angel’s Halo] Awakened
Heal a selected target.
Fully recovers HP of the target. After recovery, target will possess 3 seconds of invincibility.
MP Consumption: 500 MP


[Super Arcane – God’s Descent – Divine Encompassing Light] Awakened
Select a space of 100 squared meters. All HP of the targets within the space will recover by X HP per second.
MP Consumption: X MP per second.


After treating the last person, I have already expended more than a hundred bottles of MP potions.

Walking into a resting room at the side, I sat dazily on the chair, feeling as though I could see continuous flashes of white light in my eyes.

This is the first time I ever realized that continuously using spells was such a tiring thing, and my stamina was already approaching zero. If this had kept up, I would have definitely received the backlash for depleting my stamina.

“Big brother, are you alright?”

Oyado worriedly asked.

“I’m fine…”

“Master, please do not use any magic again. Currently, master is already very weak, if master were to continue using magic, master’s body will not be able to handle it.”

“Don’t worry, Purewhite. I know.”

Looking at the two girls, I smiled pleasantly.

“In any case, it’s can be considered to be beneficial for both of us.”


Suddenly, the door to the room was pushed open, and a large crowd of civilians appeared behind the door.

“Umm… thank you very much for treating us! With your help, we have recovered at a very fast pace! Really, thank you very much!”

After saying that, all of them bowed towards me at the same time.

“But, most of our homes have suffered severe damages, so we’re unable to provide any gifts of thanks. However, we will definitely remember your honor, Fir’s name. In the future, you will forever be a friend of our Skybreak City!”

“It’s nothing much, you people are too courteous.”

I said with a smile.

It doesn’t matter if there’s no rewards. After all, I have already raised my proficiency, and that’s enough.


Your friendship level with Skybreak City’s Civilians has reached a 100%.

TItle: [Hero of Skybreak City] unlocked.
Your friendship level with the Eastern Continent’s Forces of Justice has increased by 75%.
Your fame has increased by 350.

Hey hey hey, when was there ever a Fame System? Is it a system triggered by someone else? And there wasn’t even a notification about it?

Ah whatever, it’s good that I can see the actual figures this way.

“I simply helped on the fly, so it isn’t something worth being thanked for. In the future…”

Before I could even finish, a message suddenly pulled me from my happiness into valley of ice!

Immediately after, I opened up my Angel’s Wing, and instantly broke through the ceiling, flying straight towards Mitchell Kingdom.

And as for the message that was sent to me…

‘Fir! Emergency! Earlier, Dale sent a message to me, saying that when he returned to the academy to restock supplies, Ms. Irlin’s two friends, who had sustained heavy injuries, ran to the school to make a report. They said that when Irlin inherited the identity of an Earl, she was forcefully detained by the King of Mitchell Kingdom, as the identity of the Prince’s fiancee. The two of them struggled with their all might to escape the pursuit of the guards. They’re requesting you, her childhood friend, to immediately save her.’

The one who sent the message was Ms. Mari. She was able to receive everyone’s messages, even if they were from an extremely long distance……

And exactly because of this, this message was able to be sent over this quickly!

“King of the Mitchell Kingdom! I have been ignoring you this entire time, yet, you actually came to me yourself! I’m going to slaughter your entire city!!!!”

As I roared, I flew towards Mitchell Kingdom at high speed!

 – Vol. 6 End –