[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Escape

As the entire group had a total count of forty-seven people, it’s impossible to maintain secrecy. Hence, we could only strive to stay low.

However, what they’re wearing was simply too eye-catching. After pondering for a moment, I took out the equipment that I used to disguise myself.

However, I did not have any female wear, hence, that portion could only be supplemented by the rest.

Actually, the most important thing was to hide their ears. And, for those that had a little scarier facial appearances, I had them wear masks, scarves, helmets, and things like that.

In any case, after the forty-seven odd people were packaged into a weirdly dressed group, all of us immediately sprinted in the direction of the city gates.

“Stop! Who are you people!?”

A guard hurriedly rushed over asked as such.

Level 20? Even if you’re here to reinforce the city, you’re basically sending yourself to death.

Ah whatever, in times like this, I don’t wish to waste anymore time.

“We’re protecting these merchants and getting them out of this city! Earlier, these people were all trapped in the center of the city, yet, you guys did not even try to save them. What were you people doing!?”

“Kuh… We…”

Hearing our words, he clearly felt a little embarrassed.

“Haah, in the beginning, the city lord told us that it was just a small matter, and we need not worry. In the end, they began to start fighting and we lost control. Now, everything is in a pretty bad shape. The city lord is currently seeking help from the other cities, but at the rate this is going, when everything ends, Skybreak City can be said to be doomed. For something like this to happen, the city lord is… No, no, no. I didn’t say anything, and you guys didn’t you hear anything! Understand!?”

This guy is a chatterbox, huh. He instantly exposed quite a bit of information.

“Un, you didn’t say anything. You only said we can leave, right?”

“Oooh, yes, yes!”

The guard hurriedly nodded.

“Alright, enough chit-chat. I will be leaving first.”

And then, that guy ran away, leaving behind a cloud of dust.

“Alright, let’s take the opportunity of this chaos to hurry and run.”

“I kind of feel that… we’re the one… doing something that goes… against our conscience… Clearly… even though… the ones’ fleeing… are us.”

That female elf back then said as such.

This female elf who is capable of speaking the human language is called Eli. Although she looks frail and weak, this girl’s level is actually…

Eli Lirya

LV 45 Advanced Archer | LV 65 Elf Shaman
[Kind] [Loyal] [Protector of the Altar] [Fatal Blow] [One-Hit Kill] [Natural Affinity] [Arcane Possessor]

Just how did she get captured? Could it be that, without a bow, she loses her battle capabilities?

However, the rest doesn’t seem to be weak either. Just how did they lose their battle capabilities?

Ah whatever, let’s not think about a problem like this.

“Do not worry, in any case, let’s first leave this place for now.”

Passing through the streets and the city gate which was already devoid of people, we arrived at a big open space outside the city.

“Alright, we will stop here. Ms. Mari, are the rest here yet?”

“You have to trust the power of technology. Such a small distance is basically a small matter.”

“That’s right!”

The moment Ms. Mari said that, Dale’s voice sounded from the side. Immediately after, a flash occurred in the sky, the figure of our airshop slowly appeared in the sky above the open space!


A word like this was actually added onto the body of the airship. Oh my god, are you trying to let the entire world know of our name?

And what’s going on with this invisibility skill?

“Hello, everyone~ I heard that you people required transportation, so I came~”

Dale who was dressed in a huge white labcoat walked out of the airship’s entrance. He silently took out something, and with a ‘kacha’ sound, he snapped some photographs of those elves and beastmen.

“Hey, hey, hey. Did water enter your brain, Dale?”

I looked at him scornfully and said.

“What? I’m snapping my own pictures, and you have to care about that as well?”

“No, at the very least, let them wear some regular clothes before taking pictures of them. You can’t even see their faces, so what’s the use of those pictures?”

“Oh, you’re right.”

“And speaking of which, you have so much free time that you actually developed a camera?”

“I was bored…”

Just how bored is he…

“In any case, let’s go.”

Seeing the beastmen and elves who did not understand our conversation, I said as such.

“In any case, give us a location to drop you guys off.”

After entering the airship, I said as such.

“I know you’re worried that we will be record the locations of your homes, and once again turn you guys into slaves later on. Hence, just give us the locations that you guys feel are safe with. This way, we’re both fine with it, right?”

They looked at each other, and a few beastmen began to converse within themselves. And on the other side, a few elves had begun to interact too. Un…

I seemed to have once heard the language they’re using, but I don’t understand either.


Ms. Mari beside me suddenly said.

“The elves in this world use the Latin language. Although there are some differences in the pitch, it’s basically the same.”

“Beastmen use English, elves use Latin, and humans use Mandarin. What about the rest?”

“I wonder. It’s probably something similar.”


The elf called Eli spoke up.

“Please bring us to the entrance to the Rapture Mountain Range. That place is very close to the Outo Forest where us elves live.”

“It should be…”


Dale decisively said.

“That place is the intersection between human and beastman territory. On one side, it’s a castle protected by us humans, while the other side, is a castle guarded by the beastmen. If we were to put you guys down there, we will be treated as traitors by the humans.”

“That’s right, that place is impossible. However, that’s the only entrance to the Rapture Mountain Range, so it’s best if you guys think of a more normal location.”

Ms. Mari said as such as well.

Hearing you guys say things like these, I feel that I should get myself a map as well. Otherwise, I won’t be able to make head or tails of my exact location in the world, huh.

“I think I know of one…”


An elf next to her interrupted her.



The two elves started conversing again, I completely can’t understand at all.

“They seem to be discussing about a hidden area. However, it seems the defenses set by the elves are weaker over there, so it will be bad for humans to know of it.”

Ms. Mari at the side said.

“I see, that’s sure troubling for them. Unlike our former world, where we only needed to consider humans.”

“It’s more exact to say that considering the problems of us humans alone is already troublesome enough. Alright, they made a decision.”

Looking towards those few elves, they indeed have stopped conversing.

“Please bring us… to the Madou Mountain at Outo Forest.”


“That cliff? Incidentally, we’re an airship, so there’s indeed not much of a problem.”

Ms. Mari nodded.

“Then… let us set off.”

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  1. AnimeLover says:

    Wow Ms.Snow doesn’t matter anymore! This new Elf is a stronger Shaman. It would be nice if Eli or White Shikigami met Snow.


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