[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Illusionist

After placing Princess Michelle down by Dan’s side, I turned towards the direction of the robot dogs. However, currently, it’s impossible to view their names and HP, so I can’t really ascertain if that’s what they’re called.

Wouldn’t it be great if there’s something like the battle analysis tool found in the Trails of the Sky… Unfortunately, the worldview here is different.

In any case, we can simply dismantle them first, and then bring them out later.

Right after I finished with my preparations, and have collected my thoughts, Bai Yueguang had already charged right out with Quick Steps!

“【Arcane – Iai】!”

His figure suddenly stopped right before a robot dog. After unsheathing and sheathing his katana with extreme speed, the robot dog in front of him had already been sliced into half.

As expected. This guy’s skill is simply a bug-like existence. But, haven’t he forgotten about something?

The delay of Iai Slash is very long, you know… He actually charged towards a crowd of crazy dogs. Is he crazy?

Just when the robot dogs had already began to pounce towards him, several white arrows of light accurately struck down those robot dogs which had leapt into the air. And under the cover, Bai Yueguang had already retreated with a Charge.

Naturally, the one who shot the arrows were Hei Luoli. It seems like they have used their own fields of specialization to make up for each other’s deficiencies. Not a bad strategy.

However, I’m more fond of simpler skills.

“【Arcane – Crazed Flow – Forty Nine Ice Arrows】!”

The height and width of the passageway was approximately two meters by two meters, and the magic circle that opened up could cover a range like this.

Once Bai Yueguang has retreated behind the magic circle, as long as I launch the Ice Arrows indiscriminately to the front… The result will be the same as it was now. The rain of ice arrows turned into a screen, and those ice arrows would restrict their movements, and at this moment, as long as I add on…

“【Ice Totem – Multiply】”

Ice Totems, from various directions, shot towards them. Like heavy maces, they smashed towards the bodies of the robot dogs. Adding that they were no longer able to move in the first place, they were instantly smashed into discs.

“… You’re too violent.”

Bai Yueguang at the side, paused for a few moments, before speaking out.

“Do you want to kill mobs, or do you want to discuss artistry with me?”

“A half of each, I guess?”

“Even you’re carrying a doubtful tone yourself, you know…”

I helplessly shook my head, after that, I snapped my fingers. The ice that were enveloping those robot dogs shattered into pieces at the same time, and the robot dogs fell onto the ground with rattling noises. Their original shapes were basically no longer discernible.

Well, even though I want to bring them back to analyze there, with their current states, let’s just forget it then.

Initially, I had wanted to use 【Ice River】 to freeze all of them up. However, that way, the passageway would have been blocked as well. Compared to that, directly destroying them could be considered as a pretty good option.

“But this place sure is incredible. It’s already been so long, yet, the defensive system is still active. And, they even helped us turn on the lights. Their quality sure is incredible.”

Shir, as an Observer, began to bear her responsibility, as she inspected the surrounding scenes and muttered to herself.

“Just by those metals that have such a low oxidation rate are strange enough. While these set-ups are even…”

Warning, gate to the Weapon Storage has been breached. Mass evacuation of all members will be executed in three seconds.

After hearing this unclear broadcast, we looked at each other for a second.

After looking at everyone’s blank expressions, just when I was about to say something, suddenly, I felt as though I have lost all sense of my own weight in an instant. When I turned down to look, the floor beneath our feet had actually disappeared in an instant!

“Oh my god!”

My hidden blade instantly stabbed towards the wall, however, I simply heard a ‘ting’, and it did not seem to have penetrated into the wall at all.

Bai Yueguang, Oyado, and Dan who had acted the same way as I did, were in the same situation as I was. After struggling on the slippery walls for a few moments, we fell right down!

“【Arcane – Wind’s Whistle】!”

After sliding through the pipeline, we were instantly thrown into a gigantic room.

And right at the same time, Shir’s treatment spell cushioned us, allowing our descending speed to slow down for a moment, which provided us a slow landing onto the ground.

“Thank you, Shir.”

I stood up from the ground, and then, looked at the people around us.

“… Eh? Ms. Mari? Tai Shixi?”

Currently, in the room, there were three groups of people. On one side, there were Ms. Mari, Princess Anne, and Kechjen. On the other side, there were Tai Shixi, Yybril, and an unknown student. But looking from her clothes, she should be from the Plant-type department.

In other words, she’s someone with the Druid bloodline flowing in her veins. Just when I unnaturally recalled a certain battle I had back then…

“Ah, seems like someone had triggered something interesting, a weapon storage or whatever, which caused us to be instantly thrown here.”

Ms Mari said as she crawled up from the ground. After straightening the creases on her Magician Robe, she looked towards us.

“… I see. So you guys came with Princess Michelle, huh. We came down here because of Princess Anne.”

However, currently, I was staring right at Princess Anne. Because, I was unable to discern if she was the real one or not.

There’s simply too many things that happened today, to the point where I can’t even guess if the person in front of me was real or fake. This is really worrying.

“You don’t have to stare any longer. I’m the Illusionist that had tossed all of you people around today. The real Princess Anne has already been kidnapped by us. After we’re done with our mission, we will naturally release her. Don’t worry.”

The sense of discomfort from looking at someone, who looked like Princess Anne, say such words, is really intense. However, I’m not really that shocked either. After all, it’s according to my range of predictions.

Though, I looked towards Ms. Mari.

“You knew?”

“Well… A little, I guess. This person’s tone of speech actually has a big difference when compared to the real Princess Anne.”

Ms. Mari shrugged.

Though, the rest seemed to be in great shock.

“What!? Who the hell are you!?”

“What does this mean? You’re not Princess Anne? Just what the hell happened?”

Princess Michelle and Kechjen stared at the fake Princess Anne, while Domisis and Duran at the side did not dare to say anything. After all, the nobles still had to understand their own place among the royalties, while the rest of us did not really have any sort of misgivings, since we were all too familiar with each other.

“Alright then…”

That person spun around, and she, who had been wearing a refined dress… turned into a red-haired girl with long twin tails, wearing a black-colored, short-sleeved T-shirt and hotpants.

… Were you just transported here?

“What, do you have opinions on my attire?”

Looking at the shocked Princess Michelle and Kechjen, she said disdainfully. Then, she looked towards us.

“Do you guys want to know the way to leave this place? I can bring you guys out of here, however, the condition is that you guys do not investigate this matter. In any case, after you guys leave this place, the academy will return to its former look. You guys are unable to do anything at all. So, why don’t you guys accept it obediently?”

Suddenly, she suggested as such.

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