[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Dazzling Shine and Destruction

“Oooh, now this is a really convenient skill!”

A strong wind pressure brushed past us, and what appeared before us was a metallic door which was tightly locked by chains.

Seems like the technology used by their side isn’t really that high-tech, huh. But, I guess that make sense. Usually, in places like this, they won’t use automatic doors that are too high-tech. Otherwise, why would those main characters in infiltration games like to take the ventilation pipe?

But, why did we skip a big ladder-climbing scenario?

Usually, in times like that, it would have been a scenario where one would enjoy the view of a big lump by raising his head. It should have been a scenario that was a matter of fact, when it comes to clearing maps.

But, at that moment, Tai Shixi’s quick-witted words wrecked everything.

“Fir, how big can your 【Ice Totem】 go? Wouldn’t it be fine as long as we go all the way up while using it as an elevator?”

She was making so much sense, I couldn’t object at all!

Silently glaring at the quick-witted Tai Shixi, I could only have everyone stand together, before pushing us up with the 【Ice Totem】.

At this moment, all I can do is console myself as well. Even if we were to climb the ladder, most probably, it’s impossible to see anything. After all, everyone was either wearing armor or Magician Robes. The only regularly-clothed person was wearing hotpants as well… And with so many people present, the chances of me climbing up the ladder just right under her are considerably low. In times like this, it’s best to stay as a gentleman.

“A task of this degree isn’t much at all~”

Christina smiled slightly, as she took out something, that looked like a lipstick, from her pouch. Holding onto that thing, she aimed straight at a button near the rear end.

A noise as though something was burning, suddenly sounded. Then, at the place where the key socket of the chains was, it slowly turned black, and turned into ash as it slowly fluttered down onto the ground.

The lock slid open with a ‘ka’ sound as well… Most probably, the contents that filled it are all gone as well.

Throwing the lock to a side, Christina smiled as she pulled open the door, and then did a ‘please’ posture.

“Alright, this is the exit.”

Outside the door, it looked as though we’re in a forest. It seems like we have arrived outside.

But I have really never seen this place before, just what is… Even if I think about it now, there isn’t any use to it, right?

I looked at everyone, and then, walked over in front of them.


The moment I stepped outside, I felt a very strange sensation. And just when I was about to turn around, a strong impact suddenly came from behind me, and I was smashed away!


In my mind, countless of curses floated about, yet, unfortunately, before I could even say them out loud, the blurred scenery in front of me caused me to grit my teeth, so as to prevent myself from biting my tongue.

My body felt as though it was a kite with a broken string, as I flew and tumbled about in the air. Even if I had rode roller coasters, such an intense sensation had never happened before.

At the very least, roller coasters wouldn’t smash you everywhere like a pinball. And, if not for the considerably high defense I had, most probably, I would have already been smashed to death and be resurrected, right?

However, within my blurry vision, I could see that my HP had been constantly decreasing as well. It seems like I’m not that far off from being resurrected.


In the end, my body strongly crashed onto something, and stopped.

I wanted to open my eyes, but the scenery in front of me was dyed completely in blood. Most probably, my eyes have already been covered by blood, right?

Stretching out my hand, I rubbed away the bloodstains on my face, then, I looked towards the direction where I impacted from.

My eyes were opened extremely wide. The view in front of me was something I basically didn’t dare to believe at all. In the sky faraway, a mushroom cloud was currently slowly rising, and the things, that stretched from that direction all the way here, had all turned into unidentifiable objects.

Oh my god… This…

They’re actually experimenting on nuclear bombs?

But why did they have to detonate it here? Are they crazy?

Is it related to the matters before?

I simply felt as though my mind was messed up by the huge amount of information being loaded in, and they couldn’t be digested at all.

However, my instincts told me, staying here was definitely not a good option in the slightest. Speedily adding a few healing spells onto myself, I confirmed the direction on the mini-map, and hurriedly sprinted towards the nearest village.

——————————————Scenario Loading——————————————
Above the clouds, World-chan, who had been sitting in the transparent room, suddenly stood up, and looked downwards.

After staring silently for a long while, World-chan sighed.

“It… failed again, huh? If this doesn’t work as well, then there’s no other way left… This place will be abandoned really soon, right…”

Annoyed, she shook her head. Holding onto her head, World-chan once again sat back at her original position.

“Well~ That’s fine as well. In any case, it’s been so long, and I’m already used to it… Isn’t that right, big brother?”

World-chan looked towards the sky and asked. Then, she faintly smiled.

“Just allow me… to continue watching then~”

—————————————It’s been almost 6 hours—————————————

White Devil Era, Year 2448

Gray Magical Academy and Doge Military School, the two schools which had thousand years worth of histories, completely disappeared from the Western Continent.

Other than a small portion of students who were still alive, the rest had all went into eternal sleep under the ruins.

And this was the piece of news which I only managed to hear after arriving at this town two hours later. Currently, I was wearing the mercenary leather armor that I had worn before, and with a sword being carried on my back, I disguised as a regular Mercenary.

Even if I’m unable to fool those people from【Snake’s Eye】, at the very least, I’m able to fool the eyes of the rest.

After all… with so many things happened, adding that meaningless action they did at the very end…

They definitely wouldn’t have sent me out of the blast radius without a particular reason. They’re definitely planning something.

After all, I’m an undying existence. Something like this was pointless.

Hence, there’s definitely something else.

However, although I don’t know if there’s any relation to this or not, just earlier, a very alarming news for the entire continent came from the outside.

The Eastern and Western Continents had officially called for war.

Actually, to me, this isn’t something worth being alarmed about.

With the things【Snake’s Eye】have been doing in the shadows, their goal must have actually been this, right?

Adding that we only realized their goal after a long time, there’s completely no chance of stopping them at all.

“Boss, give me another glass of【Sharpfrost Nightmare】 .”

As I took out and placed a silver coin onto the table, I pushed the empty glass over.

“Coming! Lad, when you told me that my secret recipe isn’t bad, you’re not lying right?”

“Of course. This taste is simply too heavenly, it’s definitely royal class!”

“Hahaha, lad, you’re thinking too highly of me.”

The owner of this store was actually a 65-year old uncle. His white beard made him look rather cheerful.

However, looking from his disciples, I found out that he was a mercenary swordsman in the past, with a level of 20.


No matter how I see it, this title feels very uncomfortable.

“But, lad. This isn’t the time for you to continue drinking, right?”

Most probably he had received too much for a 70-copper drink, when he placed down the glass, he kindly reminded me.

“With the news of the upcoming war, aren’t you planning to join the military or take this opportunity to join a large-scaled mercenary guild to create a name for yourself?”

“A name?”

I bitterly smiled. I recalled the wanted poster of myself that I saw in the terminal earlier.

“Something like that… is pointless.”

“Is that so? Lad, seems like you have recently encountered many terrible things. I guess that’s true. Many strange things have happened here recently, even the people from the Eastern Continent had came over to blast our academies apart. This is simply the most terrifying thing I have heard ever since I was born.”

“That’s right… You’re right as well. Probably, I should really find something to do.”

Drinking down the remaining contents of the glass with a single gulp, I stood up.

“I feel as though, I suddenly lacked quite a bit of the sense of responsibility that I do not really need.”


“Nothing, I’m just muttering to myself…”

With a slight smile, I walked out of the bar.

The moment I got out, I saw several groups of soldiers rushing past me. Immediately after, was a group of Wolf Knights and Heavy Knights.

That military badge seemed to be from Ice Empire. Speaking of which, I really wonder how’s Princess Michelle and the rest are doing.


Looks like there’s no choice. Right now, there’s only a single place I can think of heading to.

The Momiji Society!

– Vol. 8 End –