[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 21

Chapter 21: The Girl who has no Sense of Anxiety

“It can’t be, right? This place had already been abandoned for such a long time, yet it still sterilizes every two hours?  Like hell it still has that much energy in reserve, right?”

Although he said as such, Bai Yueguang’s expression told me that he was very unconfident of his words.

“It’s exactly because we’re not sure, we’re not going to take own lives as our joke, alright? You’re doubting this as well. A large number of these machines are only left with empty shells. The things inside this scooter had already been turned into ashes due to high temperatures, and those dusts we have been seeing are most probably these ashes. And this sofa, is only left with its base part as well. In the past, it should have been a high-class good as well.”

“We have… been here for an hour and a half, right?”

Irlin at the side reminded.

“We can’t simply assume that this place had been incidentally sterilized just before we came in…”

“Hence, it’s best that we leave this place as fast as possible. Most probably, the separating point is the cross junction we saw when we first entered this place not too long ago. Our destination is that place over there. Let’s make haste!”


Everyone nodded, and after gathering our stuffs for a moment, we immediately charged out.

Because we have already completed our search on this branch route, our current position is not really far from that cross junction. After running through a section of the passageway at high speed, we arrived at the entrance of the cross junction.

“What do we do now?”

Princess Michelle asked.

“Do we choose another route, or do we first return to the previous one…”

Before she could finish, suddenly, a voice that sounded out helped us make a decision.

Warning, everyone present in the sterilizing districts, please take note.
Sterilization will begin in a minute, please enter the place indicated by the green light, and wait for the sterilization to complete.

“Green light?”

Bai Yueguang looked around.

“What green light?”

“Just what was that voice talking about? What green light are you two speaking of?”

However, Irlin at the side, asked with a expression filled with suspicion.

“Didn’t the voice say… Wait a minute, could it be that you guys don’t understand those words?”

“We have never heard of them, so how would we understand them?”

“But that’s human language…”

And the words were exactly the same, so why…

“There’s no time to think about this. Everyone, look around for a green light! Otherwise, we will all turn into ashes!”

“Green light… Are you talking about that?”

Shir pointed to the depths of a passageway.

I raised my head to look, and at a place very deep into the passageway, a faint green light was flashing!

“It’s that place alright! Run!”

After saying that, a green light flashed in my hands. A gigantic green-colored ring landed on everyone’s bodies.

“【Arcane – Elven Extreme Shadow】!”

Everyone’s speed was immediately increased by 30%, and at high speed, we charged towards the green light.

At the same time, I could heard the rumbling noise made by moving objects from around us. After taking a closer look, gates were slowly protruding out from the walls surrounding the passageway where the green light was!

Damn it!

Gritting my teeth, with the skill Shadow Sneak enveloping my body, I charged straight forward!

“【Arcane – Form Shape – Ice Seal – Ice Totem】!”

I first froze the nearby gates, before using 【Ice Totem】 to hold the gates!


I turned my head to the back and shouted to the rest.

Everyone came charging over at high speed, yet, I could see cracks were already beginning to form on the 【Ice Totem】!

“Hurry! Ice isn’t as sturdy as metal!”

What I said was true. This thing was about to shatter my shaped ice, yet, not a single dent could be seen on the metal.

“Damn it, hurry up already!”

Just as I said that, with 【Quick Steps】, Bai Yueguang charged through the gates!

“You’re the only one who’s especially fast.”

“You’re much faster than me, alright!? And you’re still telling me that!”

“Stop fooling around! Do you have anything sturdy? Block the gates!”

“Why would I have something like that! Let me try if I can slice the gates apart!”

As he said that, Bai Yueguang placed his hand on the hilt of his katana.

“【Arcane – Iai】!”

A ray of white light instantly sliced onto the wall, yet, very frighteningly, other than a small line mark, nothing else happened!

Oh my god, just what kind of metal is this thing made of?

This guy’s Iai Slash can slice spells apart, you know…

“Alright, we’re here!”

Hei Luoli, Shir, Domisis, and Duran had all charged in. The remaining ones left was Princess Michelle, who were brought along by Dan and Irlin.

Seems like Princess Michelle’s stamina can’t really make it at all…

I instantly charged out, carried Princess Michelle right up, and with an Accelerate, I charged right through the gates.

“Isn’t this much faster? Geez…”

I turned around and looked at Irlin and Dan who charged right through the gates. I then heave a sigh of relief.

“Alright, we’re all here now. So we should…”


The ice on the gates was instantly shattered, and the gates slammed shut with a bang. The shattered pieces of ice scattered across the floor.

“Geez… A mechanism like this…”

Warning, unidentified trespassers have been spotted. Defense System activated.


We looked at each other.

“Did one of us say that?”

“I have no clue…”

“I kind of feel that…”

Before I could finish, the ceiling above us suddenly shone. Immediately after, two doors opened up from both sides of the walls. Eight dog-like robots charged in!

“Oh my god…”


Suddenly, Princess Michelle spoke out.

“I know you’re about to start fighting, but first, can you put me down?”


Do you not have the slightest sense of anxiety at all?

11 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 21

  1. seeleweiss says:

    Somehow I feel the author forgot or got bored with the personality of princess Michelle, before she was bit like aliyah, and really snappy and jealous when it came to Fir, now she feels like an npc that says yes/no, she doesn’t even retort or blush anymore. Quite sad…


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