[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 19

4th Chapter of last week~


Chapter 19: Blackgold Age

Princess Michelle held onto the lever that was found on the side of the stone door, and then, pulled it. Immediately after, with a ‘ka’ sound, the mechanisms in the walls began to continuously make circulating noises. Right after that, the entire stone wall began to slowly open from the middle.

“Such an old mechanism still exists, huh.”

Taking the moment when the door was opening, I approached the entrance and took a careful look inside.

Unfortunately, I was unable to see anything from the gap, mainly because it was too dark, and it was basically impossible to see anything clearly.

“The structure of these mechanisms… I kind of that they aren’t things the Magic Age should have.”

“Could it be that it came from a time before Magic appeared? Just how long ago is that then?”

Hearing Bai Yueguang’s words, I shook my head.

“Impossible. The existence of the Magic Age recorded in historic records stretches to more than ten thousand years, and if there’s the existence of the Ruins of the Ancients… The Magic Age has lasted for approximately around a hundred thousand years.”

“That long…? Then this thing…”

“Of course, the situation you described is not impossible either. If, everything is really according to how you described it, the existence of the mechanism of this entrance, could be traced back to a hundred thousand years, or even more, in the past.”

“It might even be…”

Suddenly, Shir muttered to herself.

“What’s wrong, Shir?”

Speaking of which, the reason why Shir’s creator made her, was to have her use her seemingly limitless lifespan to record everything that has or will happen… Most probably, there might even be some very important intel that she had already recorded.

“Although it’s supposed to be a secret matter, right now, it might be useful for us to escape this place, so I will just tell you people. According to the incomplete records, the Magic Age began exactly hundred and thirteen thousand, eight hundred and thirty four years ago. Although magic particles have long been around in this world, the first inhabitants of this world did not know of it. In the beginning, they used the simplest of natural energy to slowly take control of nature, and develop their own abilities. Back then, the inhabitants mainly used machinery and alchemy, this two types of power. The Age back then is known as the【Blackgold Age】.”

“Blackgold… Most probably, it’s used to represent the various metals used in the machineries… Wait a minute!”

I suddenly recalled something, as I hurriedly turned to the side of the door, took out my dagger, and pierced into it!


The sound that came out was, as I expected, the sound of metal clashing!

“This isn’t stone, it’s metal that had been oxidised!”

I had almost been fooled by its rough exterior. So this thing was actually metal!

In other words… The ruins under the academy are actually things made out of metal!?

But, back then, when we entered the Ruins of the Ancients, the things there were indeed made of Magic… In other words… there’s two types of ruins in this continent, which represent two different lost Ages?

And, they seem to be even overlapping each other. According to history, it’s very possible that this place had been built on the foundation of either the Ruins of the Ancients, or the Blackgold Ruins. Compared to the Ruins of the Ancients where their entrances could be found everywhere, the entrance to the Blackgold Ruins could only be found under the academy…

Right now, I really wish to see just how far in history is the Gray Academy dated back to… Seems like the person who founded this academy isn’t ordinary either.


I kind of feel that Blackgold Age seems to be… a little similar to our former world.

I looked at Bai Yueguang, and the expression of his face had tensed up as well. Realizing that I was looking at him, he walked over and whispered.

“Hey, you realized it right? That 【Blackgold Age】, something about it feels a little off.”

“It’s very similar to our own world, right?”

“That’s right, it might even…”

“No, this place is definitely not our world. Because, we have went on a different path.”

“Different path?”

“The Information Age. According to the philosophy of this so-called 【Blackgold Age】, I think it’s more similar to Steampunk, which is different from ours…”


“For now, let’s first deal with the problem at hand. It’s best we don’t think about this world-class problem for now.”

“You’re right.”

Although I put it this way, the worry in my heart had increased by a fold.

Because, according to this situation, our appearance in this world… No, it can’t be right? That will be too terrifying.

Ah whatever, it’s best to first think of a way to escape. After all, this isn’t the time to work blindly.

“What are you two whispering about?”

Princess Michelle at the side said unhappily.

“We’re making guesses that there might be another exit in these ruins, after all, these ruins are very old.”

“Un, then, what do you people think?”

“I think… there’s a very big possibility that it’s linked to territories belonging to the elves, beastmen, or even dwarves.”


Everyone revealed flustered expressions on their faces.

“Why… do you say that?”

“Look, no matter how I see it, these types of ruins contain warehouses of jewelries of the old Age. Those materials and items that those elves love to do research on or those dwarves craft out, most probably, they’re found from the various ruins. Although beastmen do not specialize in either fields, a portion of the beastmen do like to dig holes.”

“That… might be possible.”

Shir closed her eyes for a moment, and then, said unhesitantly.

“But, on our humans’ side, there’s actually several other exits as well.”


“According to the distribution of locations, Wenger Empire, Ice Empire, Mitchell Kingdom, Witts Empire, and several other countries have already found entrances to underground ruins as well. And most likely, they’re all linked to this place.”

So, the entrances to the underground ruins have already been controlled by several people? However…

“The underground entrance to the Ruins of the Ancients belonging to the Magic Age which the Mitchell Kingdom had found, isn’t the entrance to this place, you know?”

“Is that so?”

“Un, I have circled around there once, after all.”

“Then, we should be able to leave these ruins very quickly as well, right!?”

“I already said they’re ruins of different Ages… However, it’s something similar to venturing into dungeons, right? Alright, we’re not able to find answers just by standing here anyway. Why don’t we continue on? Probably, after we had said this much, the exit might even be very close to us.”
Everyone nodded.


I pointed to the front, and a ball of light appeared in mid-air. Then, it slowly floated towards the interior.

“Let’s go. I think that the candlelights here… shouldn’t be maintained by anyone.”

25 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 19

      • DMR says:

        Nah, the story IS going somewhere…

        For crying out loud, we learned that the past history of this world might be the modern world or an alternative steam punk version…

        While somethings feel dragged out, it is because we are getting a chapter a day, when normally, when one reads a book, they read it straight through….

        Reading stories a chapter at a time makes each event feel more dragged out cause we aren’t just reading the pages, but dealing with the actual real world time…

        Liked by 2 people

      • Waht says:

        The amount we get has nothing to do with it. This scene is them standing in place, and jerking off to random crap. I can even prove that to you, by quoting the end of the chapter:

        Alright, we’re not able to find answers just by standing here anyway. Why don’t we continue on?
        Getting random info dumps does not mean the story goes anywhere. Getting lectured does not mean treading a path. And we’re being lectured, hardcore.


    • Artimael says:

      Black gold is what one used to call petroleum originally. Reason being that petroleum was originally worth its weight in gold and is black in colour.

      Thanks for the chapter.


      • jorgelotr says:

        That I know. In English and many Western languages. In Eastern languages, the most basic word for metal, however, is “gold”, and all of the other (even the word for “metal” in general) are constructed based on that: “black gold” -> iron, “white gold” -> silver, “red gold” -> copper, “grey gold” -> steel…


  1. Offstar1029 says:

    “Speaking of which, the reason why Shir’s creator made her, was to have her use her seemingly limitless lifespan to record everything that has or will happen… Most probably, there might even be some very important intel that she had already recorded.”

    Wait… when did information about Shir’s past show up? I feel like I missed a ton of story somewhere but I don’t remember skipping/missing anything… It seems to me that just came out of nowhere. Last I knew what was known was Shir’s an android, his/her gender is unknown, they had no idea how he/she became that, Shir was a noble or was it member of royalty…, and Shir was the last diplomat of his/her country, oh there was also the title of being a weapon. So did this just come out of nowhere or did I actually miss a ton of stuff somewhere?


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