[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: Finding the Exit

Suddenly, the sound of the footsteps stopped.

I looked towards Oyado, and she looked my way as well. Her expression was filled with doubt. It seemed like she did not why the sound of the footsteps had stopped as well.

Oyado waved her hand about, telling me that she would be going alone to investigate through hand signals.

I shook my head. Silently, I summoned an Ice Shield, and then, stretched it outside.


Seemingly in an instant, an arrow instantly pierced through the shield in my hands. Although the arrow was stuck in the shield after penetrating it, for an arrow to be able to penetrate my ice shield, it showed that the one who shot the arrow was definitely an Archer who was above Level 20.

I suddenly thought of something. Instantly raising a thick ice wall to block the passageway, I then grabbed Oyado, and accelerated to the back by five meters.

As I have expected, with a flash of a blade-light, the wall in front of us was sliced into half from the middle. Then, the person behind the wall kicked away the blocks of ice which he had sliced, and walked over.

“I say, Bai Yueguang, is it really alright to throw your attacks around without looking at who’s your opponent?”

“Tch, I knew it was you. I simply wanted to test your abilities.”

“Test your sister! Mine has lost its functions as well, are you trying to kill me?”

“Is that so… But from the looks of it, your personal capability is pretty good. It’s already pretty amazing to be capable of dodging that.”

The person who walked over was, as expected, Bai Yueguang. The person behind him was naturally Hei Luoli.

Acting as though I was taking out some sort of fire-lighting equipment, I then immediately used a Fire Magic spell to once again light up the candlelight.

“Tch, after seeing that arrow, I had already guessed your identities. Hei Luoli’s the only one who uses a bow in this academy, right? Of course, there’s still some archers in this academy, but all of them use crossbows instead.”

“I see. Hence, you quickly judged the next possible attack, and instantly dodged? Alright. Let’s put this aside for now. This place… Are you and Oyado the only ones here?”

“Of course not… You guys can come out now. They’re one of us.”

After hearing my words, an instant later, Princess Michelle and the rest walked out from the back of the blind spots.

“So it’s little Bai. Then we’re much safer now.”


“Because according to what you said earlier, our opponents are capable of petrifying magic spells, but slash waves should be impossible, right?

“Oh! You’re right!”

Suddenly, I felt as though Princess Michelle was very logical!

“Even if that’s the case, it’s very hard for me to slash those things. With a distance of about twenty meters, even if my slashes are quick, the nimble bodies those things have had dodged my attacks several times.”

“So you have battled them?”

“Un, in the beginning, we planned on finding the others before fleeing. However, near the library, we encountered a Medusa. The reason why I was able to defeat one, was because she tried to petrify my slash wave. However, after confirming that she was unable to petrify it, the rest immediately changed their plan and dodged everything instead.”

Hearing Bai Yueguang words, I could not help but sink into deep thoughts.

I see. The Medusa possesses resistance to status debuff spells, and the ability to dodge at high speed. So, in that case, doesn’t that mean they have reached the stage where they’re capable of defending themselves against us Magicians, Bai Yueguang’s slash waves, and Hei Luoli’s arrows?

Hmph. Although I don’t wish to admit it… The Medusa’s used by our opponents are monsters which are able to completely restrain us… According to my information, in history, there’s only a single type of class which is capable of exterminating them. And that’s, the Berserker.

Blitzing to where they are, and then, give them a fatal blow!

But, problem is… It seems like our Berserker Aliyah is incidentally not around… Could it be our opponents have incidentally grasped this opportunity to attack us?

However, even if our opponents were to do such a thing, what’s the point? Is he planning to turn us all into statues and then, collect us?

Indeed, usually, Medusa’s won’t destroy their enemies who have turned into stones… No, if that’s really the case, our opponents’ goal may not be just us, rather…

All of the students in the academy!

Although we have many regular students in our academy, the number of students with noble backgrounds… are equally as many as well! If all of them were to be captured, then, the entire Western Continent will sink into a hostage crisis!

Ah, I see. Based on this point, our opponents came assaulting the academy!? So they’re trying to kill two birds with one stone!

And, we, who are the only ones capable of going against them, are basically restrained. Bai Yueguang’s katana skills and Tai Shixi’s halberd are basically unable to forcefully breakthrough a huge group of them. If it’s only a single one, it will still be fine. However, if many Medusa’s were to come at us all at once, we will have no chance of victory at all.

Ms. Mari’s Magic Gun… Although it has a Sniper Rifle Form, it’s not the type of weapon used for battling a huge group of enemies.

Dale’s tools… Hopefully, he still has something incredible up his sleeve, otherwise, we will definitely be doomed!

But right now, we have to first locate them. Ms. Mari and Dale are the only ones remaining, but right now, there’s no way to contact them.

In any case, without an insurance in our hands, it’s best to first flee from this place.

“Alright. We will then first leave this place before thinking of anything else. Princess Michelle, you say that there’s a passageway here that leads to the Ruins of the Ancients, but you’re unsure of the location of the entrance. In that case, do you know if there’s any part of this passageway that’s been labelled extremely dangerous, and you’re not allowed to enter?”

“Eh? Hearing you put it that way, there’s really such a place!”

Princess Michelle replied seemingly without thinking about it at all.

“Because, when we obtained the rights to use this passageway, the person who was in-charge of guiding the way has clearly stated that there’s a route we’re not allowed to take.”

“Now, that’s really convenient. If it’s only it’s really that simple, then it would be great.”

I nodded.

“But that dangerous route seems to be our exit. If we want to leave this place, we have no choice but to take that route.”

I looked towards everyone.

“No one should have any objections, right?”


“Of course not.”

“Anything is fine.”

“Although I know that you guys do not wish to bring too much trouble upon yourselves, it will be more dangerous to stay here. After all, those monsters may enter here at any time. Sitting and waiting for our deaths is definitely not the right choice.”

“Naturally, I understand that.”

Princess Michelle’s other bodyguard nodded and said.

“Indeed, we can’t hope to head outside in this situation. Although on a certain degree, it’s really dangerous, according to your performance earlier, I believe that you can still be trusted.”

“It’s really great to receive your confirmation.”

I smiled.

“Then, let’s go. Let’s head to that passageway…”

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