[Disciple] Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: This World Where We Have to Look at Faces

Did it have to be this intense? She had just saved little radish earlier, so why did another bug appear yet again? Could it be that these things could even spawn at random places and at random times?

Zi Mo silently gave her a scornful eye. Who in the world would believe such words?

“Sovereign, are your words true?” Qi Han’s eyes suddenly shone, and his face was filled with sparkles.

The hell, someone really believed them.

“As expected, Sovereign is really capable.” With a joyful look, Qi Han began to butter her up. “To tell you the truth, this girl is the daughter of my Celestial Indus Sect Master, her name is Huan Rulu. Similar to Sovereign’s disciple, she’s a Heavenly Water Spirit Vein holder.”

What? When did the Heavenly Water Spirit Vein have such a high supply?

The two fellows, Zi Mo and Zhu Yao, were both dumbfounded, as they stared right at the female disciple.

That girl, however, did not have the slightest hint of distress, and openly allowed the two of them to inspect her. Mn, it would have been best if they were not staring at her face which was filled with tea leaves.

Zhu Yao faintly felt her expression was a little strange. Normally, if a girl was being stared at like this, no matter how calm the girl would be, she would still be a little anxious. Yet, this girl looked as though she was used to it, let alone having any sense of inferiority. If not for the three-lettered word ‘bug’ which was clearly shaking around on her face, Zhu Yao would have really believed that she was an upright and good radish.

Wait a moment, why was there another symbol on her face? Why the hell was there another bracket below the word ‘BUG’, and what’s the meaning behind the word ‘Rebirth’ that’s inside the brackets?

Zhu Yao suddenly recalled that black mass which had escaped from little radish’s divine sense.

Could it be… Yesterday, that female antagonist did not manage to devour little radish, so she devoured this girl’s body instead?

The hell. Was this person’s soul inside a telephone? This soul could actually call for a transfer to another body!

So tired. She felt as though she won’t be able to love anything anymore.

“Sovereign Zhu Yao.” With an expression filled with hope, Qi Han said. “Since Sovereign was able to see through Rulu with a single glance, that proves that you have an affinity with her. I wonder if you have any thoughts of taking her under your tutelage.”

“None!” Zhu Yao instantly recovered her cold and prideful mask. He must be joking. Looking at that string of deep black letters on her face, she knew, this radish was already too black to be saved. Why would she still dare to place the radish by her side?

Qi Han was startled for a moment, as though, he had never thought that she would actually reject it so completely. “Then, earlier, why did Sovereign…”

“I said that on a whim, and you took me seriously?”

Qi Han: “…”

Then did you spit out your tea on a whim as well?

Qi Han felt a deep sense of powerlessness.

Zi Mo went forward and patted on him on the shoulder, giving him an understanding look. Brother, you now understand my pain, right? Everyone who comes from Jade Forest Mountain are like that.

“Sovereign, there’s many misunderstandings towards the Water Spirit Vein in this world, only your Mystic Arts…” Qi Han still did not want to give up.

Zhu Yao, however, immediately interrupted his words. “She’s not a Water Spirit Vein holder anyway.”

“Even if she isn’t… What?” Qi Han was startled. Not a Water Spirit Vein holder? What did she mean?

Zi Mo, however, reacted first, as he instantly summoned out a crystal ball used for testing Spirit Veins, and looked towards the female disciple Qi Han brought along.

That disciple, however, did not avoid it, and immediately placed her hand on the crystal ball. After a moment, only a white fog rose inside the ball, and then, pieces of snowflakes began to fly about.

“Heavenly Ice Spirit Vein!” Zi Mo widened his eyes. This was an exceptionally great potential!

Zi Mo’s expression turned cold, as he looked resentfully towards Qi Han at the side. And there he was planning to help persuade his martial aunt earlier, as he had believed that she suffered the same plight as his own daughter. Where’s the promised Water Spirit Vein? Are you making a fool out of me?

Qi Han was a little embarrassed as well, however, he was mostly surprised. “Rulu, you’re…”

“This is what I wanted to tell you this morning.” Rulu’s face was covered by an apologetic expression. “My Spirit Vein mutated, but senior-martial uncle, you simply went away too quickly. So, I didn’t have the opportunity to tell you…”

“Haah. Child.” In the end, she was still his senior-martial brother’s daughter, so Qi Han did not feel right to criticize her too much either.

“I beg senior-martial uncle for your forgiveness.” Rulu once again apologized.

However, that apology of hers did not look sincere. In her gentle eyes, a strange luster flashed past, and it was clearly seen by Zhu Yao, who was at the side.

As she had thought, the person here, was that rebirthed female antagonist, Mu Meiyan, right?

Qi Han once again deeply apologized to the two people, and had finally stopped discussing about having Rulu being taken in as Zhu Yao’s disciple. What a joke. The Ice Spirit Vein was a mutated Heavenly Spirit Vein, a potential like this could hardly be seen in ten thousand years in the entire cultivation realm, so how would he possibly hand her over to someone else? Back then, he simply watched Yu Luo’s match, and thought that the Jade Forest Mountain had some sort of special methods in training the Water Spirit Vein. Hence he casually pushed her to enter the Ancient Hill Sect, in order to seek for her protection. So now, naturally, there’s no longer a need to be afraid.

Naturally, Zi Mo would not really fuss with him. He was able to feel it from the heart. He had a daughter with a Water Spirit Vein as well after all, so he could understand their hearts, which constantly thought about their own daughters.

“I wonder what matters Reverend is here for today?” Zi Mo finally got to the question at hand.

Qi Han frowned, as though he had recalled of some difficulties. He carefully glanced at Zhu Yao, before speaking out. “It’s like this. A daughter of my old friend, had suffered grave injuries due to a wicked plot against her family, and her divine sense had been injured. I sealed her in ice, and then, have been nursing her with spiritual energy. However, currently, her aura is becoming weaker and weaker. I heard from rumors that the Sovereign of Jade Forest Mountain is knowledgeable about divine sense, hence, I wish to invite Sovereign out of the mountain, and have a look at her.”

When these words fell, Zhu Yao did not really have any sort of reaction, Zi Mo, however, was the first to frown. It was ordinary for Sects belonging to the good faction to help each other with small matters. If he had brought that person in question over, Zi Mo wouldn’t simply sit idly by as well. However, hearing the meaning behind these words, he actually wanted her to rush over to look at her illness, wasn’t he looking down on her a little too much?

Seeing that Zi Mo’s expression was a little ugly, Qi Han hurriedly explained. “That disciple of mine, is gravely injured. Currently, she’s residing in a block of ice, and cannot be casually moved. Hence, I’m shamelessly here to beg Sovereign to head there with me.”

Qi Han turned to look at Zhu Yao whose face was cold as ice, and for a moment, he was unable to determine if this Sovereign, who didn’t act logically, would accept his request.

“Sure!” Zhu Yao nodded without a mind. She was even frustrating about not having the chance to understand that new bug just earlier. “But, this matter will have to wait till my disciple wakes up.”

Qi Han’s expression turned joyful, and he hurriedly gave his thanks. Zi Mo then politely added in a few words, before sending them off.

Zhu Yao could feel the excited feelings Qi Han had when he left, and even his footsteps were brisk. However, that girl called Rulu, no, she should be called Mu Meiyan now, she seemed to be obediently following behind Qi Han, yet, her eyes were staring straight at his back.

Those eyes of hers made Zhu Yao felt extremely puzzled. Hate? It didn’t look like it. Love? It didn’t look like it either. As though too many emotions were entangled with, which made her thoughts impenetrable.

Zhu Yao understood the anger and hatred she had from the terrible death she experienced in her past life, yet, Zhu Yao simply could not understand why she had to take over someone else’s body and harm people, in order to achieve her revenge. That was why she had stopped little radish from being devoured by her, with all her might. But who would have known that, when she was unable to devour on this side, in a blink of an eye, she found another victim.

All of her efforts for so many years, had all gone to waste. After running an entire circle, she once again returned to the starting point. The three letters on face were so obvious, it was impossible to ignore them. This was proof that, even without Wu Song’s Demon Physique, she would still be that fuse which could bring about the end of the world.

Zhu Yao once again looked at that girl, and was suddenly stunned.

Were her eyes blurry? Why did she feel as though there was a black shadow currently sticking tightly onto her?

When Zhu Yao took another closer look, it wasn’t there anymore. What was going on?


Only after she walked further away from the side hall, did Mu Meiyan finally turned her head back to take a look. A hint of darkness flashed past her initial innocent-looking face.

She silently transmitted her voice to the depth of her heart. “That Sovereign, is the person who was in the divine sense region back then. She couldn’t have…”

“Don’t worry, that’s definitely impossible.” An extremely enchanting voice sounded from the depth of her heart. “How could a mere Demigod be able to realize it with a single glance? And she would never have expected that we would dare to appear right in front of her so openly, and so quickly.”

“However, if we don’t eliminate this person, what if she’s able to notice something?”

“Heheh, don’t be anxious. I don’t think she has the capability either.”

As for this certain person who definitely had the capability, and had long seen through everything, she had stepped into her disciple’s room, appearing glamorously onto the stage.

“Little radish, I’m back.”

The two close figures at the side of the bed, instantly separated. Especially that man who was sitting at the bedside, as he stood up with a very anxious expression. He then began to explain with flustered movements.

“Sect, Sect Master, I… I-I… It’s Elder Sesame who brought me here to look for you…”

What should she say? As long as it’s a scandal, it would always be exposed?

Zhu Yao narrowed her eyes. She did not say anything, and simply stared coldly at Wu Song, who was currently holding onto an empty cup.

“I… I…” Under her forceful gaze, Wu Song weakly lowered his head. His entire face was blushed red, and after a moment, he finally squeezed out. “I’m going to call Elder Sesame over.” As though he was flying, he sprinted out of the room.

Hey, I haven’t said anything, you know.

Hence, Zhu Yao once again turned her head, and started at her disciple who was currently leaning against the wall.

“There’s nothing between the two of us!” Yu Luo loudly said.

Zhu Yao silently tilted her head. “Did I say anything?”

Yu Luo’s face was entirely red, and stubbornly said. “In… In any case, it’s not what you think?”

“What do I think?” Zhu Yao laughed.

“Master!” Yu Luo was filled with embarrassment, as she looked at Zhu Yao resentfully.

Zhu Yao could only heave a long sigh. “Haah. In the end, a daughter cannot be kept for long!”

“I’m your disciple.”

“A disciple cannot be kept for long!”

“You…” Yu Luo angrily pulled her blanket, turned her head around, and no longer cared about her.

Zhu Yao once again sighed. “Keeping a disciple for too long will only form hatred, huh~”


“I know. I’m leaving now.”

Zhu Yao quickly left. If she were to tease anymore than that, her disciple would throw a tantrum. Hmph, if she was unable to get anything out of little radish, there’s still Wu Song, right?

Ohohohohoho. Finding out gossips or whatever, she had bountiful experience with it.

After a series of intimidation, coercion, and threats, Wu Song honestly told her the process of the crime. Actually, because Zhu Yao suddenly carried little radish and left after the final match on that day, and along the way, had even pulled away the Sect Master of Ancient Hill Sect, who was the host of the big event, they were worried that something might have happened. Hence, they waited in the Ancient Hill Sect for news.

In the end, this wait dragged on for an entire day, yet, she did not appear, nor did she respond to the voice transmissions. Hence, he pulled Elder Sesame, and had it guide him to the mountain. Sesame was her contracted beast, and would not be obstructed by the formation in Jade Forest Mountain, so naturally, they were able to enter.

However, in the end, they did not see her, instead, they saw Yu Luo who was sleeping soundlessly on the bed. Wu Song’s heart softened. He thus decided to take care of Yu Luo, while waiting for her return.

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  1. yu3kino says:

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        It would explain the “shadow” Zhu Yao was able to notice: from the perspective of a MC, the shadow would probably look like a beautiful ghost or something.

        I don’t really understand why the bracket saying rebirth is there, but maybe to show that the “source” of the issue is still the same: that one person who wants to reincarnate.
        Only this time, this person doesn’t take over a dead body, instead they become something like a guardian-spirit who guides the MC to make them stronger, and/or to use them for their own nefarious purposes…


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      • Owl says:

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      I think there might have been some misunderstanding, he might not like Mu Meiyan because she saved him, he might have simply liked her face then! Remember, she was using Yu Luo’s body (and face) then and since there is some romantic development between Wu Song and Yu Luo now, it might simply be because he liked Yu Luo’s looks!


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    • Owl says:

      She already knows that the original owner of the body is dead and the soul that is possessing the body isn’t the original owner.

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      I’m really interested to see what happens when the Meiyan of the future meets her past self in the changed timeline. With the change in structure of Azure, her “new self” would probably be a lot more of a team player than the “old” one.


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