[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 45

Chapter 45: New Quest

Unexpectedly, when I woke up on the second day, the entire city was still immersed in a ‘peaceful’ atmosphere. Nothing happened. Nothing happened in any given point in time.

Of course, other than the security level in the academy increasing by twice the amount, and the guards were swapped out for those who were LV 40, at the same time, there was a large increase in the number of suspicious individuals from different guilds in the city.  

Other than that, there’s really nothing special that had happened.

And due to the impact caused by the previous battle, they no longer brought up things like spars and duels.

Of course, one of the reasons for this was the incident where we eliminated a great figure, Huotian Zhichuan, in a blink of an eye. Probably, the reconstruction fees for the broken buildings must have caused them enough of an headache, huh?

Speaking about money, after I finished reading those skill books yesterday, I handed them all over to Aliyah and the rest. After everyone had picked out the various items that they wished to have, the rest were passed to Kamiochi, where she would place them in the black market to sell, and the money earned would be equally split among ourselves.

However, because the wind is still rather tight currently, this plan has been postponed for now.

And today, after touring the Skybreak Academy’s school building and medicine refining room, every one of us received a bottle of HP recovery medicinal pellets, and then, our itinerary of the day concluded.

I kind of feel that the places that we can take a look at after this are left with but a few. Looks like we have to prepare to head to the next academy as well.

Everyone in the party today seems to be really quiet as well. Seems like they’re recharging their batteries for the battle tonight.

“Dean! Umm…”

When the conclusion of today’s tour was just announced, someone who was dressed in a ninja attire suddenly, swoosh, and leapt out.

Seeing us, he apologized, and then, said to the Dean softly.

“Those people are increasing, I’m afraid tonight is really…”

“Why? Haven’t we agreed to not dwell in each other’s matters, and simply take care of our own people?”

“It’s rumored that many things have happened yesterday, and then they…”

“Then what does that have to do with us!?”

“But, currently, they’re already facing off inside the city, and from the looks of it, they’re about to fight it out!”

“These bastards, it’s clearly a secret auction, but in the end, it ended up like this! Hurry and recall our disciples! Don’t have remain outside! Damn it, I will make sure those bastards pay the necessary price sooner or later!”

And then, the Dean turned to look at us.

“Kuh kuh, I apologize. Currently, in Skybreak City, there’s a group of people disrupting the city’s law and order. Our academy’s teachers and Skybreak City’s guards are handling this problem, however, it might require dear guests to wait for a short while in our academy.”

“Then I wonder if there’s anything we can do to help?”

I immediately asked.

“After all, those people are doing evil acts, and watching from the sidelines isn’t really our style.”

Are you kidding me? If you make us stay here, what are we going to do about the auction?

Even if we don’t participate in the auction, if we don’t even participate in a fight, our quest will completely fail.

“But, for you people who are our guests to…”

“You don’t have to worry about that. We will naturally shoulder the consequences ourselves.”

I said with a smile.

“I believe you should know of our capabilities as well, so you don’t have to worry.”

“In that case…”

Dean Du went silent for a moment, and then, nodded.

“Alright then, then I will not stop you. However, you people must be extremely careful. After all, the people who appeared are all individuals who kill others without even blinking an eye.”

“Un, we understand.”

And just at this moment, someone suddenly charged over while panting heavily.

“Umm… You people…”

“Isn’t this Haidao Mingren?”

When I looked towards the person who ran over to us, it was actually Qianben’s brother, Mingren.

“Umm, have you guys seen my sister? She left the house in the morning, and then, I have not seen her since then.”


I looked towards the people beside me, and everyone shook their heads.

“Yesterday, we did indeed see Qianben, however, we didn’t today… Could she have went to the city?”

“I’m not sure… I’m heading over there to take a look!”

Mingren said anxiously.

“Haidao Mingren!”

Dean Du shouted loudly.

“You’re one of our academy’s disciples as well. Currently, it’s chaos outside, do you think that you’re able to defeat those evildoers if you head outside?”


“We will find your sister for you, after all, she’s our friend as well.”

I immediately said.

“Right, everyone?”

I looked towards everyone, and all of them nodded.

“Then, thank you very much!”

“Then, let’s not delay any further, let’s go!”

However, the moment I said that, it was as though everyone had taken drugs, some jumped, some ran, and in an instant, everyone disappeared without a trace!

Only Oyado and Purewhite were still staying at their positions, smiling at me.


“Let’s go, I shall bring you guys over to buy some sweets.”

I said with a bitter smile.


Emergency Quest: Find Haidao Qianben

EXP Reward: 5,000

Item Reward: Emotion Detection Ability

Seeing this emergency quest, I felt my stomach cramping.

What’s an Emotion Detection Ability? It kind of feels very unreliable. Could it be that the people’s conquerable status will be revealed above their heads?

Are you treating this as a Galge!? Bastard!

Ah whatever, the most important mission right now is to save Qianben.

Although that girl’s temper is a little bad, based on our few days of interaction, I feel that she’s just as prideful as Aliyah, that’s all.

It had begun to rumble inside the city as well. Looks like those people have taken action.

Damn it. Did we trigger some unique scenario or something!?

“In any case, the mission has begun! Oyado!”

“Big brother, what is it~”

“Find Qianben’s location, then, report back to me.”


Oyado took a step to the front, and then, her figure disappeared.

“Purewhite, let us go!”


Incidentally, I can test out the Onmyou Arts that I have just learnt.

“【Air Seal – Rise】!”

I quickly did the hand-seals, and then with a shout, I slowly floated upwards.

“I can actually fly without spreading out my wings as well~”

“Yes, Master. It’s very convenient.”

Purewhite smiled as she flew up as well.

“Purewhite, you know Onmyou Arts too?”

“I don’t know why, but when I saw Master use the skill, I became able to use the skill as well.”


“That’s… pretty good. Let’s go then!”

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