[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Seeking Death Everyday Puts One in a Good Mood

After replacing all the skill books with a stack of skill books that I have already read, I turned and looked towards Aliyah who was still fiddling with those goods behind me.

She’s actually still comparing the goods, as though she have not decided which items to take away.

“Aliyah, hurry. We don’t have the time to be picky, just take away those that look more important.”

“It’s because of that reason, I don’t know which to take away…”

“Take those that aren’t easily found out, duh! Otherwise, our efforts to sneak in here earlier will be wasted!”

“Stop nagging, I’m almost done.”

Seeing that she was still going to take some time, I raised my head and looked at the situation above. Those people are actually beginning to come down.

Because the situation was urgent, I had already informed the people upstairs about our actual situation.

After understanding our situation, Kamiochi expressed her understanding and told us it’s fine to simply pick out a few valuable ones.


I only set a single explosive, we don’t have much time left!

“Hurry! Last ten seconds, those people are coming down soon!”

“Alright, alright, I’m almost done…”

The moment when they were about to open the door to the basement, I stretched my hand and grabbed onto Aliyah’s shoulder, and with a【Flash Movement】, we returned to the ceiling.

“Hey, what are you doing!? I was almost done over there!”

She was still holding onto a golden plate and a golden dagger in her hands, as though she was still contemplating. Though, it’s alright now, as she stuffed all of them into her ring.

“It’s a miracle that you actually did not get caught in the past. Those people were about to open the door and enter the basement!”

I let go of Aliyah’s shoulder, and helplessly said.

“Really? Alright, then. Then… Then I shall forgive you.”


This person, I’m still unable to converse with her normally, huh.

“Forget it, let’s hurry and find another location. Right now, it’s more important to deal with the things we looted.”

“Un un. Hurry, hurry!”

Kamiochi beside us said anxiously as well.

“I still have to rush to my next assassination mission. Time is money, you know!”

Hey, hey, hey. That person’s life is a little too cheap, don’t you think? Is there a need to be in such a rush?

“Then let us hurry!”

Kamiochi threw a painting to a side, and then, picked up a gold-rimmed box.

“What’s this… An artistic sculpture made out of magic crystals is placed inside, are these people crazy? Why did they use magic crystals to sculpt? Couldn’t they have used more precious metals?”

“You’re really a troublesome person! Do you want it or not!? I think this sculpture is pretty good! It can be used as a camouflage.”

“Your taste is so terrible, and you’re still a Rogue?”

“What about it? Do you want to fight?”


Seeing them making a commotion at the side, I slowly opened one of the skill books, and then, pressed on the “Learn” button.

After learning it, I placed the book I have finished reading to the side, and silently picked up another book.

These skill books are really awesome. Skills which I have never seen before in the past, like 【Comprehension】, 【Onmyou Arts】, 【Profound Martial Techniques】, I have learnt them all in a single breath.

Although I don’t get the meaning of some of them, they kind of feel pretty incredible.

In any case, after learning them, the main points written in the skill books will still be left in the skills’ descriptions, so I simply threw the books I have finished reading directly to the side.

After reading dozens of books, I realized Aliyah and Kamiochi were still fighting, and helplessly shook my head.

The rest have yet to arrive. Probably, they’re too engrossed with their mission objective, and was unleashing their wandering ability to its fullest potential.

There’s no point in continuing to stay here anyway, hence, I looked towards them and said.

“I’m heading out to buy supper. Let’s go, Oyado, Purewhite.”

“Yes~ Eating supper with big brother (master) ~”

The two of them said very happily.

Eh? When did these two actually become so familiar with each other?

Ah whatever, this is a good thing anyway.

Not a moment later, the three of us appeared on the streets.

My clothes have already changed into my regular Magician Robe, and I don’t wish to have another Onmyouji running out to challenge me.

Of course, I have Purewhite put on a set of gloves to cover that Shikigami’s mark as well, otherwise, I think another misunderstanding will occur again.

After all, we all know that, while you’re doing a quest, if you accidentally trigger another quest, it will cause balls-hurting consequences, and consequences like those are beyond terrible.

Doing quests are still fine, however, if you were to set off an irreversible ending or something, that will be really troublesome.

Currently, it’s best to quietly buy supper and head back.

Although I say that…

No matter if it’s the Western or Eastern Continent, there will always be things such as idiots.

“Hey, that guy over there. You actually brought along two beautiful girls with you, are you underestimating us?”

Hearing such words from the guy in front of us, who was wearing a gold trimmed silk robe and was pointing right at us, I looked at my surroundings, and then, looked towards Purewhite.

“Purewhite, do you see any other beautiful girls nearby?”

“I don’t know, master.”

“Is that so… Then, Oyado, do you see anything?”

“Big brother, are you referring to that person that’s 300 meters away to the left, or the one that’s 500 meters away at our 5 o’clock, or the one at our 9 o’clock…”



Oyado laughed cheekily.

“They’re definitely talking about us!”

“I guess you’re right. The beautiful girls they’re referring to are Oyado-chan and Purewhite~”

“Beautiful… A beautiful girl. To actually be called beautiful by master…”

Purewhite’s face flushed entirely red, and she turned to look towards the side out of shyness.

Speaking of which, clearly, Oyado is only 7 years old, while Purewhite is a Shikigami, and they’re actually able to draw in your beastial desires…

I believe you guys can be humanely destroyed, right?

“What are you guys still on about!? I’m talking to you guys, you know!”

He was still roaring at us, but…

In the next second, I have already frozen his teeth together, and at the same time, his bodyguards’ legs as well.

Immediately after, I drank down an MP potion and have my MP fully recovered in an instant. Then, I walked right in front of them, and grabbed them.

“What are you…”

Before they could even finish what they wanted to say, they had already appeared at the side of Skybreak Academy’s training mountain cave where we have once visited earlier.

Then, I released my hand, and the three of them screamed as they fell into the valley.

I pray that you guys have a good tryst with the god inside~


“Wait a minute, I currently can’t restore my MP in an instant… Could it be that I have to fly back?”

Looking at the streets in the distance, I helplessly shook my head.

“If you don’t seek death, death won’t come, you know.”

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  1. Light says:

    What were the stats on the flash movement skill? From what I remember he shouldn’t be drained at this point from just using it once, unless it’s a super long distance…


    • Sicill says:

      At the very end of Vol 2 Ch 22, the very first sentence in the description says that it uses all of caster’s remaining MP. So he is always completely drained after using it.


  2. Sicill says:

    Tthanks for the chapter.

    Geez what to throw a tsukkomi at…
    Taking items that both look important and aren’t easily found out?
    Aliyah and Yuon’s banter?
    The importance of unleashing wandering abilities?
    How there was no way the street lolicons could have known Purewhite is a Shikigami?

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