[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 3

By using their names as my references, we slowly followed after them. Not long after, from the party menu, I realized they have entered the battle state.

And, a second later, a giant thorn of ice, which looked like a tall tower, grew from the ground. Looking at it from afar, a grey wolf was even skewered at the top of the ice thorn.

Isn’t that a little too quick? Before you girls began fighting, did you girls give a proper greeting?

“Let’s go, we have to increase our speed, otherwise… Eh? Oyado?”

When I turned back to look, I suddenly realized she had went missing without me noticing.

While Lois who was behind me had a confused expression as she looked around. It looks like she was not exactly clear of the situation either.

Haah, alright then. As the only normal person in this party, let’s do this normally then.

After thinking as such, I summoned an ice rifle with my hands. After aiming at the enemy on the trees, I fired, and the enemy screamed as he tumbled off the tree!

【Shadow Sneak】!

Under the cover of the trees, my figure flashed, and I instantly charged to his side, restraining him.

He came from the huge ice tower, in other words, he came charging here from the direction of the village.

And his name was in the red state, which meant he came over here with actual killing intent.


He actually stood on the tree in front of us, and stayed there for a long while without attacking. That was also why I did not kill him immediately.

Otherwise, I would have simply shot a Frozen Light at him. According to his level, he would definitely be instantly killed and turned into an ice sculpture.

Wolfman – Elementary
LV 14 | Elemental Type: Wood
Low-Grade Demonic Beast, possesses simple intelligence.

He was a wolfman that was not even a meter in height. Of course, he’s similar to the wolfman that we know of in fantasy novels where they would transform under a full moon.

And the one before me… looks like it’s still a child?


“I say, do you understand my words?”

I looked straight into his eyes, and said.


He only had less than a tenth of HP left, and he was currently looking at me with very pitiful eyes.

Haah, geez. This isn’t good at all. Seeing that he had intelligence… I don’t think it’s good to treat it the same as regular monsters…

“I say, at least speak to me with a language that I can understand. Otherwise, I don’t know whether I should kill you, or should I not…”

“Please… Please save us…”

Suddenly, I actually understood his words!

This language is…


That’s right. Although the intonations sound a little strange, it kind of sound like how Indians speak English.
(t/n: No racism intended.)


From the way he voiced out earlier, the language he used was definitely English!


“What should I do to help you guys!?”

I hurriedly asked in English.

His eyes momentarily widened, and was looking at me with disbelieving eyes.

After being stunned for a moment, he said.

“Someone… caught… us… the fleeing beastmen… and enslaved us… then… have us attack the human village…”

He said really weakly.

“I see. Un, un. Then, who is that guy?”

As I said that, I used a recovery spell on him.


It was actually ineffective!

Was it because he was in the enemy state?

“Thank you… But… If we were not in a state of apparent death… we would have attacked you guys… So… please kill that… person… wearing… a red and white… magician robe…”

As he said that, because he had been in a bleeding state, his HP bar emptied, and his body gently fell.



Looking at his corpse, I softly said.

Side Quest: Exterminating the Demonic Wolf
Unique Completion Condition: Find out why the wild wolf demonized. [Completed]
Unique Condition Reward: Wolf Transformation Gene [Received]

Immediately after, with a flash, a pale blue reagent appeared in my hand.

When I opened the menu, this was written about it:

Wolf Transformation Chain Gene – 1
When used, receive [Low-Grade Wolf Transformation] ability.
Allows user to transform into a Wolfman for five minutes. When in transformed state, user will be unable to use magic. Attack increases by 230%. Defense increases by 150%.

It looks pretty useful, but first, let’s deal with the issue at hand…

Wait a minute, there’s actually a second part to the quest.

Side Quest: Exterminate the Demonic Wolf (Personal)
Quest Objective: Eliminate the Magician wearing a red and white robe.
EXP Reward (Fixed): 10,000
Equipment Reward (Fixed): Wolfman Research Data

Looks like… things are developing in an even more interesting direction.

“Fir… Are you alright?”

Lois suddenly asked.

“Why did you ask?”

“Because… you have been looking at that corpse with a smile on your face…”

“Hahaha, no, it’s nothing. I was simply thinking about something else. Alright, let’s go. I believe the village will have a lot more interesting things in store for us.”

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