[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 4

When we arrived at the village, there were already countless of demonic wolf corpses lying on the ground in front of the village entrance.

Ah, they sure are efficient.

But the notification window has yet to appear, which means…

That【Demonic Illusory Black Wolf King】did not appear?

Battle concluded.

Eliminated【Normal Demonic Wolf】x 8
EXP Gained: 50 x 8 = 400

“I express my eternal gratitude for saving us!”

The village elder… An old man called Hajeen, and several other villagers, were currently standing in front of Aliyah and the rest, expressing their thanks to them.

“There were too many enemies this time, and the hunters that we have sent out to look for help has yet to return, so…”

As he said that, he looked towards Mare who was standing at the side.

“But, fortunately, Mare found you people. Earlier, when we saw that long ice pillar constantly approaching us, we thought someone was planning to attack us.”

“Of course not. It’s just that, if we were to the proper route, we would have to make a huge detour. So as to quickly arrive before the sun sets, we decided to cut through the forest.”

Ms. Mari explained with a smile.

And her expression currently… looks kind of righteous?

I just can’t find an ever better term to describe Ms. Mari’s current expression.

She’s simply completely different from how she usually looks!

“Then that sure is our good fortune. Please, stay here for the night. Although our village have fallen quite a bit, our inn still retains its former look, so please be at ease.”

“Then we have to really thank you people.”

After they finished conversing, I turned, looked towards Lois and Oyado, who had suddenly appeared beside me without me noticing, and then, immediately walked over.

“You girls sure are efficient, huh. They’re actually exterminated in such a short moment.”

“They were just five trashes, what’s there to be frustrated about? Two to three blows and they’re done with.”

Aliyah said without a care.

“I guess you’re right…”

They were only a few Demonic Wolves with levels at the average of fifteen, if it was me, I might have simply cast Ice Arrows and clear them in a single wave, I guess?

In any case, it’s really great that we managed to find a place to stay in for the night.

A moment later, following the village elder and the rest, we have arrived at the village inn. Just as he said, the condition of the inn looked completely different from the building next to it.

If I have to describe the feeling I’m getting from the village, it will be medieval-styled. Thus, the inn can be described as a building that looked about the same as one can imagined it to be in A Song of Ice and Fire.

One one side, we have a building that is completely, and perfectly, walled up. On another side, we have a building which have walls made of stacked rocks, and are still stained with layers of lime powder.

Looking at this difference, there’s only one thing I want to say…

Do you people simply sleep in the inn every night?

Ah whatever, let’s not bother about such details.

“Oh, I see, so the ‘mission’ actually has a backstory like this.”

After the villagers have left, I shared the information I have just received with everyone.

Of course, because Lois and Oyado were still by our side, I used a simple way to explain the intel I received from that wolfman. At the same time, I used the messaging system to send the quest information to the three of them.

Then, I saw them smashing their heads onto the table.

Probably because they regretted acting so hastily.

“I see…”

Ms. Mari raised her head, and looked directly towards me.

‘But, even though we’re in the same party, why did we not get the shared quest?’

‘I don’t really know. It’s probably because of the (Personal) tag next to the quest.’

‘Damn it…’

”“Then do you know where they are? Damn it. Simply raiding their lair might provide some results, right.”

“Ms. Mari, as a teacher, is it really alright for you to say something like that?”

“Tch, what’s the problem.”

Ms. Mari said with an indifferent expression.

“In any case, we don’t really have anything to do, right?”

Hey hey hey, don’t forget about our school excursion so quickly.

“That’s right, let’s simply flip their lair upside down, and grab their stuffs… no, completely exterminate them.”

Even if you kill them all, you can’t possibly obtain their genes, right?

“Umm, I think that, if we want to complete this ‘mission’, we have to at least understand more of the situation. I already said it before.”

‘They were speaking in English.’

At the end of what I said, I added this sentence.

“If that’s the case, before heading to their home, if we find the clues regarding that ‘magician with the red and white robe’, or the location of their base, we might be able to complete the mission.”

“That’s it!”

Aliyah said as she slammed her hand heavily on the table.

“I shall now sneak into one of the buildings that looks a little special in the vicinity, and steal some intel from inside!”

“That’s not my specialty.”

Tai Shixi shook her head.

“But I have selected some unique skills, and I feel that they might be of use.”

“What a coincidence, me too~”

Ms. Mari laughed.

“Alright, if you guys want to act all mysterious and stuff, go ahead. In any case, we will leave it at that for now.”

I smiled.

“Then, let’s begin!”

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37 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 4

  1. xias1 says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Btw. is it just the case for me or was this chapter somehow relatively short?
    I mean I felt like I just started reading it and was already at the end…

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  2. Trannon1 says:

    Somehow I feel so sad when I think this is how we actually act in RPGs too. We played so innocently, all the while, we stole from people and only took the quests that benefited ourselves while casually killing anyone in our way in the name of justice.

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      • Agranite says:

        Wow, that sucks. It’s going make navigating through the chapter list on ePub a pain unless you book mark every since moment/event you love from the novel, but having bookmark deleted from app upgrades…


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