[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 1

Apparently, the author did not put up any titles for the next few thirty-ish chapters. So yeah.

Chapter 1

Speaking of excursions.

The methods of transportation in this world sure is small in number.

The highest class is obviously by airships, but the cost-efficiency of that kind of thing is low. And, it has an even bigger value when used on the battlefield, so it’s rarely used as a transportation tool.

Of course, excluding a certain princess I know.

Then next are the magic-powered trains and ships. These two transportation tools can be considered as the more high-end ones in this age. And, with the appearance of people like us otherworlders, it seems like, recently, the development of these two technologies seems to have improved by quite a bit.

Of course, there are airships run by hot air balloons as well, but those things are basically too inefficient.

But the hope of having car-related transportation tools are temporarily on hold. I believe that many otherworlders have the ability to invent a car, after all, someone did make a segway, but, until today, there has yet to be anyone willing to mass-produce it.

Probably because they are thinking that it will be too troublesome to do so?

Or there might be some other reasons I don’t know of. Well, since everyone doesn’t really care about it, then I don’t really need to care about it either.

Thus, the few forms of transportation tools left for us are…

Horse carriages, and riding actual horses.


This was a good choice by itself, but… After I paid attention to our selected personnel, I realized this really was not a good idea.

Tai Shixi – Warrior, wants to ride a horse.

Lois – Warrior, wants to ride a horse.

Aliyah – Warrior, able to ride a horse.

Oyado – Assassin, does not wish to be at anywhere else other than on the trees.

Mari-sensei – Magician, the only who wishes to be sitting in the carriage.

Hence, the problem surfaced.

Do you want to stay in the same carriage with a teacher, who possesses a mature figure, and also a mind filled with devilish thoughts?

The answer is, let me guess… But if it’s me, I don’t have the guts to do so.

As a youth with good morals, whose mind is filled with pure and innocent thoughts, and possess a clean and healthy body, my sixth sense tells me that sitting in the same carriage as her will definitely result to bad things.

Hence, with the support of the majority, our journey began on horseback.

Haah, looking at my Riding skill which was merely at LV 3, I had already predicted the situation that would happen in the future, but… to this point, I had long made my preparations, and I’m carrying several dizziness-dispel potions in my bag.

As long as I endure for a period of time, I will feel better after my Riding skill level increases. I thought naively.

But since I have a horse to ride, then I have best not resent about it any longer. Compared to those protagonists who conquered their entire maps on foot, our conditions are basically much better than theirs. In times like this, I best be satisfied with what I have.

As we rode our horses on the stone path heading towards the east, very quickly, the distant figure of the academy could no longer be seen.

There were not even anyone else passing us by on this road. Occasionally, there were signboards appearing along the road, telling us we were indeed moving in the right direction.

“Speaking of which, other than Tai Shixi, have anyone else went somewhere even further?”

Suddenly, Ms. Mari asked.

“I came from the Mitchell Kingdom, well, I’m nothing but a simple commoner.”

Speaking of which, even though I have as Asian-looking face, why did I not spawn in the Eastern Continent like Bai Yueguang and Tai Shixi? Strange.

Well, I don’t really bother finding out the reason anyway.

“Commoner… huh?”

Hearing this, Ms. Mari laughed, and then, looked towards the rest.

“I don’t really know where I came from, because, the moment I was conscious of myself, I was already in the Mercenary Guild with my grandfather.”

Lois pondered before answering.

“So, going to school is a first for me. It’s really a difficult thing to do.”

“Is that so. But is there really no problems attending school with us? What about your work…”

I asked a little worriedly.

“Of course, there’s no problems.”

Lois smiled happily.

“Because I’m currently taking up the job of safeguarding the academy.”

“Is… Is that so?”

Hey hey hey, as a guardian of our school, you still participated in the academy war with us, is there really no problems in that regard? I haven’t heard of this matter in the past either.

Well, since the academy doesn’t have any objections, obviously, I won’t have any either.

“I came from the Ice Empire~ Ever since I was born, I have never been to anywhere else.”

The voice actually came from right behind me. When I turned to look, Oyado, who was initially in the forest, was now actually sitting right behind me.

But, because she did not touch me, and was simply grabbing onto the saddle with her hands, I completely did not realize she was sitting on my horse.

“I came from… I can’t remember the name of that place either. In any case, I defeated the famous bandit in that area, and was recommended into the Doge Military School by the city guard captain there. That’s about it.”

Speaking of which, Aliyah did not tell me about what happened during the time between she left the Beginners’ Village and enrolled into Doge Military School. But I figured it was about the same as my situation.

“Then, what about you, teacher?”


Ms. Mari pondered, and then, smiled.

“That’s a woman’s secret~”

I simply rolled my eyes at her.

This teacher… Just which bastard made her a teacher? She’s going to ruin the future generations, I tell you.

“Oh, we’re about to step outside the perimeter belonging to the academy~”

When I looked ahead, the stone-paved road at the front was about to change into a simple path pieced up by stones. Although the new path could be considered symmetrical, it looked rather low-grade.

“Is there no other countries in the vicinity? The road actually changed into…”

“Fir, you don’t have to hate it so much. This place could be considered as a junction between two countries, so, having a road made of gravel is already pretty good.”

“Then how far do we have to go today? And when are we able to reach the next city?”

“Well~ Even though camping outside isn’t really a bad idea…”

When she said that, all of us turned to look at her.

Let’s put aside the fact that we otherworlders were basically accustomed to bathing every single day.

Oyado, because of my upbringing, had gotten used to bathing every day as well.

And we don’t have to say anything about Lois, who had already been totally influenced by us.

Camping outside, means that, there will not be a warm bath.

So, everyone looked at her with very scary glares.

“Alright, alright, I understand! I understand, alright!? We’re not the one paying anyway, so, we just have to reach a small village by the hillside called ‘Musta’ before eight in the evening. There’s an inn there.”

“But what’s the problem?”

Since she put it that way, there’s definitely a reason why we will have a hard time getting there.

“Because that village is in a pretty remote area, so there’s no direct route towards the town listed on the new map, only the position of the village is shown… Look… We have to cut through this forest to get there, but, I think that if we were to enter the forest like this, we might get ourselves lost…”

“What’s there to worry about?”

I sighed.

I looked at the map, and then, looked at the rough direction the map was pointing at, then, I fired an 【Ice Totem】 towards that direction!

A straight ice totem instantly penetrated through the forest, extending deep into the forest within.

“Let’s go, like this, we will not lose our way, right?”

“If those Magicians were to know that you’re using magic this way, they will definitely be scared to death.”

“Why? Because I’m too smart?”

“No, it’s too wasteful.”

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  1. AFlappyTeddyBird says:

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    When an older woman tries to sleep with him, Fir gets too afraid to follow his heart.

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    Fir, please, oh please, just follow your heart already… get into the carriage with the beautiful teacher… just do it already…

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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