Vol. 4 Chapter 34: Battle of Blades

I calmed myself down and slowly breathed in.

As I did that, I moved slowly to the bushes at the side of the village.

I have no choice. In my current state, I can’t possibly descend gallantly from the skies like before, turn all those bandits into ice, and save Oyado.

At most, I’m only a little stronger than an average person, and I can only remember the incantations for Strengthen and Ice Armor. And regarding the Ice Armor, probably because I spoke one of the lines of the incantation wrongly, only the gauntlet was summoned.

Really, I’m about to cry here. Why do I always land in situations like this? Being unable to recite the incantations or whatever, I’m basically a humiliation to all magicians.

Although I have never cared about it before, but… only when I needed them, did I realize their importance!

As I slowly approached the village, the act was almost at its end.

Marl, who was acting as the village elder, just pulled Oyado out from the house, and bandits immediately surrounded them from four different directions.

“Oyado, hurry and find a place to hide!”

Marl pointed to the direction behind him, and then picked up a farming tool at the side.

“I will block them!”

“But village elder…”


Oyado hesitated for a moment, but still turned and headed to the forest behind her.

After Oyado ran for quite a while, Marl waited for a few more moments before he threw the farming tool away.

“Alright, everyone, change your clothes! We’re going to chase after Oyado! Remember, do not hurt her! Otherwise, you guys will take responsibility with your death! Understand!?”


The surrounding men answered together. At the same time, the people who were acting as corpses on the ground stood up as well. They took out the clothes they had, revealing a cloth armor underneath.

This is really too much, huh. So many people are moving out just for a single Oyado. Don’t you adults think that your lives are a little pathetic?

But this evidently isn’t the time to frustrate myself about their lives. Because currently, what I must do now, is to kill them, and then, save Oyado!

And in times like this, obviously, we have to deal with the most difficult task at hand first!

“Borrow unto my body, convert ferociousness into bravery, Strengthen!”

My entire body was filled with power in an instant. At the same time, I charged out of the bushes, and hacked Marl’s head with an axe!

“Who is it!”

At the very last moment, Marl dodged my attack by bending his body forward. Although I was not able to strike directly onto his head, but my axe hacked onto the back of his armor, and split it into half!

Feeling the strength of my attack, he finally decided to tumble forward. He then stood up and looked towards my direction.

“This… It’s actually you, why would…”

“Don’t you know that, usually, Bosses that talk too much die early?”

Smiling, I rushed towards him, and hacked at him with my axe again.

But this time, he immediately pulled out his sword, and took my frontal attack head-on.

“Your strength isn’t bad, huh? You’re actually this strong.”

“I got it from chopping down trees!”

I let go of the axe, and pulled out the dagger from his waist. Then, I stabbed it into his knee.

As I thought, the knee is the weakness for all adventurers!


Of course, I did not forget to kick the dagger that was stabbed deep into his knee, and allow him to enjoy the pain.

The ancients have told us, that we must take their lives while they’re weak. Just as he was howling, I quickly picked up my axe, and then slashed it at his broken armor.

At the same time, I grabbed onto his arm which was holding onto his sword. With a twist of his hand, I pierced his sword into his own chest.

“This is impossible… You…”

“I can’t possibly do this? Is that right? Sorry, for the time being, this world belongs to me!”

After saying that, I fiercely exerted my strength, and pulled out the sword that was stabbed deeply into his chest.

Marl looked at me disbelievingly, as his body slowly fell to the ground.

I turned around and looked at the bandits who were looking at me with expressions of disbelief. With an axe and a sword in each hand, I smiled.

“Who wants to be next?”

“Everyone, together! He’s only a single person!”

Hey hey! You guys should have at least flinched for a moment! Couldn’t you guys have coordinated with my domineering words!?

The person approaching me was a swordsman, as he rushed towards me with his long sword. But his speed, when compared to Marl’s, was not as quick. With a twist of my body, I dodged his attack. At the same time, I slashed at his leg, and he fell onto the ground.

I immediately threw the axe to a side, and then forcefully took his long sword. At the same time, I raised it towards my back, and a spear slid across the edges of the sword as it cut across my right.

I turned and slashed apart the spear with the sword in my other hand. Then, I sliced apart his neck. Time to pack up!

Seeing two of their companions die in a span of less than ten seconds, the rest of the bandits finally stopped approaching me rashly, and decided to circle around me.

Not good, not good! If they were to attack at the same time, I won’t be able to fight back at all~

I fiercely charged directly towards the side, with the swords in my hands raised up high.

The bandit that were facing towards me retreated out of fright. I immediately rushed out of the encirclement, and kicked him away. Then, I charged towards the forest.

Oyado, wait for me!

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46 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 34: Battle of Blades

  1. gohankuten says:

    Man I love all the references this author puts in to make this series even funnier. But man I knew an arrow to the knee made you stop being an adventurer never knew a dagger to the knee made you stop living.


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