Vol. 4 Chapter 21: Life Crisis

Sup. Just came back from the exercise and is still settling down. So chapters will be slightly late, depending on my real life schedule.

I have to admit, I’m really not used to this type of ‘system error’-like titles.

You know when you play games, and you suddenly see a wild player with a [Unable to Display] marker walking past you, you probably wouldn’t be able to shift your gaze away from him, right?

If you don’t really care about such players, then I can only say this: ‘Sorry, I have OCD.’

But the person in front of me was evidently a Boss-class demon goddess. I wouldn’t dare to use my skill to forcefully reveal her information, otherwise I would be courting death.

And even if I used my skill, I might not be able to see them, right? In the current situation, her titles were no longer question marks, but were labeled ‘unable to display’. Does this mean that she crossed my current range of identification?

Isn’t that too frightening? Can I use the golden finger?

“I’m honored as well.”

I smiled and replied. I didn’t dare to make any other unnecessary movements. I completely do not understand the etiquette of Abyss, so if I were to accidentally offend her in any way, then I will be doomed.

After all, there’s several people here that could instantly kill me…

Ah? What did you say? I have the ability to resurrect?

That only applies when I’m in cities, alright? I don’t know where I will resurrect when I’m in the wild, or I might not even be able to resurrect at all! Wasn’t there that notification when we first came in? This place is a ‘Neutral sector’, and is not part of the city map!

Alright, I’m getting too agitated. For now, it’s best to solve the problem right in front of me.

Speaking of which, earlier, the demon goddess, very generously, gave the named bow Mirage to Ms. Snow. Although the attending Dark Elf was still wrapping the weapon, but Ms. Snow’s gaze had not even shifted away from it.


That was exchanged with my Crystal Heart. Why did I not receive anything at all?

But it would be too embarrassing to bring this up now. I don’t wish to be treated as a greedy and shameless person.

“Un… As I thought, Undead Holy Angels are the closest to the human race, next to Fallen Angels and Elves. To be able to meet you today, is really a joyous occasion… Ah, I’m sorry. You have to know, your clansmen are all weird people who hide in their castles every day. I haven’t became a Demon God for long, and I did not participate in the last war, so I have never seen the Undead Holy Angels who were titled the ‘Shadows of War’.”

“Obviously, I don’t mind at all. And you just have to treat me as an irregular.”

“Indeed. You’re completely different than the Undead Holy Angels that my friend described. Alright, this isn’t a good place to talk. Let’s talk in the room upstairs.”


After proposing that suggestion, she turned and faced the attendant.

“Send it to the highest floor once you’re done wrapping.”


“Then, please follow me.”

After saying that, she brought the small devil child beside her and walked to something… that looked like an elevator.

That’s right, an elevator, again. Oh my god, isn’t this a castle? Mind the atmosphere of the castle, would you?

But, I don’t really wish to climb the stairs either.

After entering the elevator, Ms. Snow who was beside me was constantly sighing in awe at the mysterious elevator, but, I wasn’t as relaxed as her. I was able to feel that my current situation was becoming more dangerous by the second.

In the beginning, I thought the identity of an Undead Holy Angel was able to bring about several benefits. But, after having a better understanding, it seems… my other clansmen don’t really like to go out at all.

Are they all NEETs?

Impossible. There’s 600 of them. 5 people are already enough to form a group of hackers. Why would there even be a need for 600 of them? Are you guys a gold-farming company or something? Of course, there’s no such thing as the Internet here as of yet.

According to my analysis of countless game scenarios, the most probable situations were, although my clansmen are really overpowered, but, they have a giant weakness as well, or they fear something and do not dare to leave their home.

If either of them are true, then it will be really terrible.

Is it really fine for me to openly expose my identity to the people here?

I couldn’t help but be worried for myself.


Even if she wish to meet me, isn’t this demon goddess a little too enthusiastic? Aren’t Demon Gods supposed to be final bosses who appear in dungeons, or bored idiots who roam the world?

I’m getting more dangerous vibes from this…


At this moment, suddenly, I heard a message notification sound.

This really gave me quite a shock.

What the hell! There’s actually an otherworlder nearby?

I quickly opened the menu, and on it, there was actually a message sent by person called Siriu Lucifer.

Wait a minute…


Is this person actually… that guy who call himself the Great Demon King Piccolo?

I silently tapped on the message window to expand it. After looking at the first line, I suddenly had the impulse to smash the screen.

If this wasn’t a holographic screen, I might have already smashed it.

“Hi, is it fun playing as an Undead Holy Angel? Has anyone tried to forcefully dissect you yet?”

Are you kidding me? Is there really someone that would say something like this to a stranger as his first line?

“Who are you? The Demon King?”

“You’re clever~”

“Clever, your ass. Your name was obviously labeled as ‘Lucifer’ or whatever. Did you think it was possible to hide it?”

“Oh, you’re right. Let’s put this aside for now. I shall first explain the current problem you’re facing. You, as a valuable species, actually strolled randomly around the Abyss while bringing along an Elf. Are you seeking death~? You need to know that, the core of an Undead Holy Angel is used to create the true resurrection potion ‘Second Life’. This potion is different compared to the rest of those regular resurrection potions. It is able to allow the victim to resurrect without turning into an undead~ Oh~ And it’s effective on any race. Do you now know, how much danger you’re currently in?”


How much danger I think I’m currently in? From how deathly pale my face currently was, it was pretty evident what my answer was.

The hell. There’s actually such a setting for Undead Holy Angels? How did I not know about that!? Something like this should have been written in the user manual! Are you kidding me with my current situation?

The number on the elevator was quickly approaching the top floor. I felt like it was basically the countdown to my death.

“Then what am I supposed to do!? Currently, ‘Dark Chill’ is beside me. Even if try to escape, I won’t be able to!”

“Dark Chill, huh… That’s indeed a little troubling. Even though she’s a new Demon God, but she’s already LV 86. Killing you will probably like drinking a cup of tea to her~”


Sorry, I shouldn’t have challenged an area that outstripped my current level. I feel that I will be able to return home faster by dying, but it doesn’t seem that I will be able to commit suicide! I can’t deal damage to myself, after all!

And Ms. Snow is still here, I can’t just leave her here and escape on my own, right?

“Alright, alright. I’m currently heading to your location with my quickest speed. Hopefully, I can make it in time. But you must remember to treat me to a meal after this~”

After saying that, he cut off the conversation, and I have reached the top floor as well. The door of the elevator slowly opened…

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55 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 21: Life Crisis

  1. crashclown says:

    demon god preparing to dissect me, demon lord coming to my rescue… only one thing to do; rob the demon god while their fighting and run for it, too bad we haven’t hit a save point (toilet).

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Nakiami says:

    …and the reason why his clansmen don’t leave their towers has become apparent…
    A fear Fir? Is that what you said? Yeah. Of being dissected and killed.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jyazen says:

    Piccolo to the rescue!

    Though if DBZ tradition is to be upheld… doesn’t Piccolo usually die during the heroic rescues?

    Thanks for the translation, Scrya, and welcome back. Good to see you’re still in one piece and with a solid grasp of sanity. 😉


  4. RKain says:

    The scariest outcome would be if he is able to revive in the wild and one of the NPCs (or a hostile player) decides to farm him for his heart. Eternal murder hell…

    My thanks to you.


    • Kortodo says:

      Eternal is a bit much. Remember he has that skill which lets him kill anyone he wants; after he has died a certain number of times. Even better if the one farming Fir is many times his level. That XP boost would be awesome (literally to die for?). 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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