Vol. 4 Chapter 22: Trade

Sorry for the late chapter. I applied for leave for today and the next few days, and am back home since last night. But I was really tired, so I slept in. Gonna translate more after I finish catching up on anime that I wasn’t able to watch in the past week.

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Entering the top floor, my heart was beating extremely fast.

After all, at this moment of life and death, being this anxious is unavoidable, no, it should be inevitable. Currently, my every action will determine whether I will be able to continue to explore the Abyss. And my instincts tells me, I will be able to find several interesting things here. Hence, I don’t wish to give up easily.

From the looks of it earlier, Orlando and Dark Chill were in cahoots on this. To them, there are two choices in front of them – short term and long term investments.

Killing me will only be a short term investment, after all, they could kill me effortlessly, and they only had to destroy my corpse and remove the evidence after that. They will then be able to obtain a very rare resurrection potion.

The long term investment was to give me some benefits, and make me owe them a favor as an Undead Holy Angel, and thus obtain the protection of the Undead Holy Angels.

Although I don’t know how strong of a trump card Undead Holy Angels are, and why they’re always mentioned and known by so many people, but since they’re so famous, there must be a reason.

But, since I’m unable to analyze Dark Chill’s character and information, I’m unable to predict her possible course of action. In other words, my actions later will all be a gamble.

A gamble for my life.

Although the Demon King said that he’s rushing over, but…

Currently, I’m only aware of his name. If it wasn’t for the message system, I wouldn’t have been hundred percent sure that he was an otherworlder. In this kind of circumstances, I might lose my life even faster if I simply depend on him.

“This is the VIP floor. Let’s go to the hall.”

After Dark Chill said that, she brought the little devil out and lead the way.

At this moment, I woke up from my chain of thoughts, and inspected the so-called VIP floor.

A gorgeous grain carpet spread across the floor, and the ground felt like it was made of a very firm material as I walked on it. The hallway’s walls were painted in light blue color, but in some of the cracks of paint, one could actually see that behind the paint was a complete piece of metal, which was probably made of mithril.

And at the end of the hallway, there was only a hallway lamp, and there were no windows to be seen in the surroundings.


Rather than a VIP room, it’s more of a richly-designed jail. It’s probably designed to allow the guests to view valuable pieces or products, and completely prevent anyone from escaping if they attempt to steal them.


My warning system had been constantly ringing, three… no, four people from different directions were looking at us. Although I was not able to see their figures, but from those directions, killing intents were indeed coming from them.


I was unable to see their titles. Looks like them emitting killing intents, were to show that they’re completely confident in their abilities, huh.

But, I was simply feeling killing intents. After all, someone without any killing intent does not exist at all, right?

It seems I have completely fell into her control, huh. Although I might be able to try rushing out of here, but, Ms. Snow was still currently looking around interestingly. I can’t just leave her here.


Even since that battle when a situation where I could not use my Flash Movement appeared, I have never dared to overly rely on that skill anymore. Since there are Dark Magic spells that are able to restrict teleportation, then this place should have that sort of restriction as well.

Using it rashly will only cause myself to land into more troubles.

In other words…

Either I buy time for the Demon King, or I fight them straight-on.


Side Questline ‘Demon World Tour’ received.
Quest 1: Predicament Escape
Choices of Actions: [Escape the place] [Obtain victory in battle] [Buy time] [Unknown]
Quest Reward(s): 3,000,000 EXP

Oh my god, 3 million EXP? That’s really a large sum.

But, comparing it to the difficulty of this quest, 3 million EXP is pretty reasonable.

Although I’m not sure of the ‘Unknown’ method to this quest, but, the safest method was to still try my best to buy time, and wait for the Demon King’s arrival.

I have no other choices. Without sufficient ability, it’s impossible to have it my way in this situation. I can only take a step at a time.

Arriving at a huge hall, the surroundings were filled with different types of weapons that looked extremely strong. And at the center of the hall, there were a set of extravagant sofas.


When she said that, she had already sat on one of them.

“Since you came from the human continent above, then you don’t really understand much about yourself, right? Of course, I’m referring to your understanding as an Undead Holy Angel.

“… Indeed, I don’t really understand that much about myself.”

“Hehehe~ You’re definitely curious why I know about you, right? Actually, when you came into the Freezing Point Abyss, hadn’t Orlando asked me about this? You know, the incantation to enter the place.”

What the hell, so it wasn’t just a simple incantation, and you were seriously listening to him?

Or should I say that you’re a real professional?

“Back then, I was already able to see you guys, so I was naturally able to understand your situations. So, don’t think too deeply about it~”

You’re saying it really calmly. My back was already drenched in sweat.

“Why are you still standing there for? Come on, sit. It’s not like I will eat you.”


Helplessly, I sat on the sofa, and looked at her.

She laughed, and then patted on the little devil’s head beside her, and continued.

“Looks like you have some understanding of your identity. Alright, since you already know about it, then I will be blunt. Although the core in your body is really valuable, I’m not interested in it.”



I was silent for a while, as I stared deeply into her eyes. But, I finally heaved a sigh of relief, and continued.

“Alright, since you said that you don’t wish to take my life, then, what do you want from me?”

“Simple. Let’s make a trade.”

She smiled.

“I have an Undead Holy Angel’s specialized skill book in my hand. I need you to learn it and become one of my assistants. How about it?”

I looked at the ceiling and pondered for a moment. Then, I said with a difficult expression.

“Can it come with some equipment as well?”

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    • Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave says:

      well, you can’t stall for or buy time unless you actually take part in the conversation.

      He can always turn it down, but he still needs to gain enough time incase anything risks turning sour


  1. exqalph03 says:

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    He’s in spirit form, so he doesn’t have a core. He doesn’t have to agree, just touching the book to see if its “real” is enough.


    • Vincent says:

      Well the book is probably pointless anyway. There’s 665 other members of his race that could probably teach him whatever is in the book and more anyway.


  3. Jyazen says:

    I wonder if it’s just shamelessness, or he’s just doing the sidequest and is actually using that “excuse” (asking for equipments) to buy some time.


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