Vol. 4 Chapter 20: Dark Chill, The 4th Demon God

Not long after we entered through the door, a round and plump pig-headed beastman, dressed in a tight western suit, came running over.

Even if that round figure turn into a ball in the next second, and come rolling over, I wouldn’t find it surprising either.

Malier Pigge
LV 12 Warrior, Male, 45 Years Old
[Neutral] [Sly] [Merchant] [Warrior of the Pig Race] [Beastman] [Appraiser]

“You’re… You’re Mr. Lin Fir, right?”

He quickly ran towards me, and held onto my hands.

“Un, I am.”

“I’m very thankful for your visit to our Lucifer’s 9th Trading Center ‘Black Ice’. May I ask if there is anything that I can help you with?”


I turned to look at Orlando and Ms. Snow, and then said.

“This is my first time here, so I plan to simply take a look at the place.”

“No problem. Please follow me.”

After saying that, he bowed, and did a ‘please’ posture.

“Is it fine if my friends tag along?”

“Of course, of course. Please, come with me.”

He hurriedly nodded his head.

The moment we entered the room, the lights lighted up in an instant.

What immediately came into my view, were the purple magic crystals that were embed into both side of the walls, and the two sets of pitch-black armor placed there.

“Among these two sets of magic armor, one of them is an actual armor used by the 9 Demon Gods. The other is a secondary magic armor, that was created using the original Demon God armor as a reference. Although its effects cannot be compared to that of an actual Demon God armor, but weapons that can scar this secondary magic armor in this Abyss, number less than ten.”

He saw my gaze which landed at the two sets of magic armor, and immediately answered.

I looked towards him, and just when I thought of something to say, he quickly said.

“I’m sorry, how could I forget about this? How could I not know of your identity as an Undead Holy Angel? Look at this habit of mine. There’s definitely no other meaning to what I said earlier…”


Before I managed to say anything, Orlando who was at the side, quickly walked over and spoke up.

“Fir hasn’t been in the Abyss for a very long time, and there are many things he’s not clear of, as compared to the past. So, it’s fine if you continue with your explanations.”


He looked at me weirdly.

I immediately nodded and expressed my agreement.

Malier was astonished for a moment, and then revealed a relieved expression.

“So you were an ‘assigned’ personnel. I understand, work must have been tough. It’s my honor to be your guide. Then, please.”

After saying that, he once again did a ‘please’ posture.

I walked over to the next room, but I still turned to look at the earlier exhibition room.

Magic Armor and Secondary Magic Armor, huh… Interesting.

As I walked forward, I turned my head towards Malier and asked.

“Aren’t you guys afraid that people might steal those two magic armor when they’re placed right at the entrance?”

“Of course, there’s no need for worries.”

Malier laughed, and then continued.

“Since we dared to place them right at the entrance, naturally, we’re not worried that people would steal them. And, who came up with the idea that the most dangerous place was definitely the place which was easiest to steal from?”

“I see…”

I nodded.

“Since it’s a Demon God’s armor, please, you must definitely protect it well.”

“That’s of course.”

After that, we walked across the hallway that stretched tens of meters, where countless different weapons and equipment were on display, and entered a large hall.

“Welcome to ‘Black Ice’!”

The several female attendants in the large hall called out at the same time.

Dark Elves!

All the attendants here are actually Dark Elves! And all of them were dressed in business attire. This kind of view really gives a strong visual impact.

But, what really caught my eye, were those sparkling magic accessories in the large hall.

No matter if they were on the walls or in the glass cabinets, the various different equipment were slightly emitting out their attractive radiance.

This is simply rousing up my desire to steal… no, my desire to buy them!

However, I knew the reason they were radiating was because of the workings of the pedestals. The pedestals freed the magic particles in the equipment and accessories, causing the density of the magic particles in the surroundings to be higher than normal, and naturally, emitting the radiance.

But in this place, there were indeed many good equipment. One of them, which was placed at the desk at the center, was a deep black ring. But, I don’t know why, different from the other equipment, it was sparkling constantly. Someone with OCD like me was unable to shift my gaze away from it.

“As expected of an Undead Holy Angel, to be able to distinguish the best item in this place with a single glance. That ring is called ‘Succubus Eye’, but it’s charming ability is much stronger than an actual Succubus. With magical input, it’s even able to control someone that is stronger than the user himself. It was a ring that belonged to the previous Illusion Demon God, but was lost for a long time. It was only found by someone a few hundred years ago in the gaps of the Freezing Point Abyss. Then, it was used to exchange for something else, and thus the ring arrived in this trading center.”

“An equipment that belonged to the previous Illusion Demon God…”

It’s really rousing up my desire to bring it away, but…

I really don’t have anything on me that could be used to exchange for it, damn it.

“Right, do you have any interest in it?”


I pondered for a moment, and then replied.

“Oh well, let us take a look at the rest for now.”

“Right, right!”

After saying that, we headed to the next large hall.

Although I’m really interested in that ring, but currently, I don’t have a way to take it. And from the looks of it, Ms. Snow wasn’t really interested in the things in this hall, so there wasn’t any point in staying here.

But, in the next room, the moment we entered the place, Ms. Snow immediately sprinted to a certain part of the room!

“Do you mind if I take a look at this bow!?”

She pointed to a completely transparent bow behind a desk and asked.


The attendant in-charge looked at Ms. Snow, and then shifted her gaze to the bow. She then looked towards Malier with a difficult expression.

“Cough cough, well, if you’re able to bring out a suitable item, naturally…”

Malier quickly walked and said.

“I will trade it with my bow!”

After saying that, she took out the bow she used before, and placed it on the table.


Malier picked up the bow, and tried pulling it. A thin magic arrow then appeared at the bowstring.

“This is… an Elven Magic Warbow? It is a magic bow with the ability to turn any form of energy into arrows. Looks like this Undead Elf young miss was not an ordinary figure when she was alive. A weapon like this, if I recall, do not number more than 10 among the elves.”

“But there’s only one of this ‘Orchid’, right?”

Ms. Snow quickly responded.

“Undead Elf young miss, you’re really knowledgeable. But we have to invite our appraiser to do an advanced assessment of your weapon before we can make our final decision.”

“Un… Alright. Please hurry.”

“Wait a minute!”

I called out to him.

“While you’re at it, please take a look at the value of this equipment as well.”

After saying that, I handed the Ice Crystal Heart over to him.

“This is…”

“This is useful to ice elemental users. Could you possibly…”

“Of course, there’s no problems. Our appraiser…”

“There’s no need. Regardless of what he wants, give it to him. Just treat it as a greeting gift. As a price, I will just take this.”

Suddenly, behind Malier, a figure appeared out of thin air, and then, she picked up the crystal heart from Malier’s hands.

“Un. It indeed has a strong magic enhancing ability. But it seems to be more effective for people who are weaker. Mala, it’s more suitable if you were the one who use it.”

The person who appeared was a mature woman dressed in a black asian dress. After scrutinizing the crystal heart with her slender hands, which she wore gloves over, she handed it to a small twerp beside her.

“Thank you, big sis.”

The twerp had a horn on his head. He was actually a devil, huh.

“You must be that Undead Holy Angel. Hello, I’m the 4th Demon God ‘Dark Chill’, the owner of this place. Nice to meet you.”

Black hair, snow-white skin, and a pair of red eyes.

This was the 4th Demon God – Dark Chill!

Dark Chill
Female [Unable to Display] Years Old
LV [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display]
[Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [Unable to Display] [???] [???] [???]

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45 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 20: Dark Chill, The 4th Demon God

    • Kureyn says:

      I would expect that, rather than having failed due to a level different or percentage chance of failure, the identification is being actively blocked by one of her skills.


  1. Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave says:

    seems the gods have special privacy setting perks that continue to elude the mortals no matter their means xd

    heck if the person is a god, it would be weirder if her was actually able to steal some data about her xD


    • xias1 says:

      “Unable to display” is something like having a 6 digit long number when the display can only show up to 5 digits.
      So “????” means you are unable to analyze something = skill level too low, while “unable to display” means even with sufficient skill level the skill itself isn´t capable of analyzing the target.

      So Fir´s current analyzing skill is too low tier to work on a demon god.
      He probably needs to learn an ancient / divine / special analyzing skill to see a demon god´s information.


  2. Icura says:

    Thanks for the chapter!


    The moment we entered the room, the lights lighted up in an instant.

    “Lighted” should be “lit.”


  3. bakaleaf says:

    Fir run like theres no tomorrow
    that woman well definitely eat you alive
    you must survive for this novel to continue!

    that woman is very very dangerous !
    everyone well agree with me fir will be eaten alive lol!


    • Sicill says:

      It was what he was looking for back during the live exercise in volume 2 (when not daydreaming of touching elf ears). It had sounded to me like they had been turned in to the teachers in the beginning of volume 3, but I guess not.


  4. RKain says:

    Scary mystery “???”‘s have upgraded to “Unable to Display”. Nothing good can come of this… but plenty of fun CAN.

    My thanks to you.


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