Volume 2 Full Text + EPUB + PDF Downloads

During this break, I caught up to the latest translated chapters of Douluo Dalu~ And then, to satisfy my hunger for more, I tried to read the raws, and… urgh…

The time taken for me to read a few lines of Douluo Dalu raws is equal to the time taken for me to complete a chapter of RPG raw… The words the author used were so flowery and so difficult to read…

Blue Silver Translations, you have my respect! Now translate faster! 😀

So yeah, I just got back home today, so I finished up the Volume 2 downloads and stuffs. I was shocked to see 200 filled pages on microsoft word… Da hell!? Did I really translate that much!?

Anyway, in this volume, I separated the 40 chapters into 11 parts, where each part generally combines related chapters together. Mmhmm~

The download links are down here below!

[Full Text] [PDF Download] [EPUB Download]

Prologue for Volume 3 will be out tomorrow~ Stay tuned~

14 thoughts on “Volume 2 Full Text + EPUB + PDF Downloads

    • Das12543 says:

      I swear, every time I see a comment from you it’s almost always first, or at least amongst the first three… I’m honestly astonished by how you do it

      Liked by 2 people

      • Life says:

        I use a combination of black magic, email updates, and sorcery. I like throw a little arcane moon dust in to spice things up sometimes, ya know? And haha, Life has to be first!


  1. James Williams says:

    can we get an update on the full list of Fir’s titles. kinda hard to keep track of how scary he is to other players. even a professional assassin ran from him in fear despite Fir being half her lvl


  2. bagelson says:

    I don’t think it’s that flowery? TJSS does like his chengyu, but I wouldn’t even dare try reading a real, more traditional wuxia novel.

    And sorry, I’ll try to get a new chapter out during the weekend, as far as my cramming allows.

    Now go translate faster to motivate me!

    Liked by 1 person

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