[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Idle Chatter Along the Way

Walking right at the very front was Bai Yueguang and Princess Michelle’s guard… I recall now, he’s calleld Dan. And behind them were Hei Luoli and Princess Michelle herself. After all, we require Princess Michelle to guide us.

While I, Oyado and Irlin were in-charge of securing the back. After all, although I’m unable to see levels right now, the remaining students of this academy are… I can make an approximate guess their levels based on their standards. Hence, I determined that the current line-up was the safest.

Although it’s said to be a tunnel used for escaping, looking at the degree of work done to the walls, it could be seen that a lot of thought had still been put into this tunnel.

If it’s just a simple escape tunnel, there’s no need to smoothen the walls to this extent, right?

But what’s worth to mention is that this tunnel had already existed for a very long time. Other than the royalties, do other people really not know about it…? Wait a minute, according to what Domisis and Duran had said earlier, they shouldn’t be related to the royalties in any way. Then, how did they know about the entrance?

I kind of feel that this isn’t a good topic to bring up, so it’s best that I don’t ask.

I tried to put this question in the back of mind, and continued to looked at the walls of the tunnel.

Other than candlelights, magic crystal lights were also light sources in this tunnel. And, the number of magic crystal lights make up a larger portion of them. It’s most probably because they’re able to last longer.

However, no matter if it’s the candlelights or the magic crystal lights, there’s seemingly no dust on them. It looks as though they were being regularly cleaned by someone.

Seems like there’s people maintaining this tunnel, huh. Is it from the academy’s side? Or is it…

I don’t care anymore. In any case, the existence of this tunnel is really strange. In a situation when Country A wish to assault Country B, and wish to take the sons and daughters of Country B hostage, if all of the royalties know about this tunnel, then how they going to run?

Only in a scenario when the Eastern Continent attacks the Western Continent will hiding here serves any purpose.

Could it be that the construction of this tunnel was initially set-up in advance, assuming that an internal conflict will never occur in the Western Continent? I really don’t know how those people think at all.

Very quickly, we reached a fork in the road. Princess Michelle stretched out her finger to one of the direction.

“This play is the convergence point. All of the escapees in the academy will meet up here, and then, head to another place.”

After Princess Michelle said this, she continued walking forward.

“Several groups of people had already walked past here…”

Hei Luoli lowered her head, looked at the ground, and said.

Although she was a Spirit Archer, having keen observation skills should be something common with all Archers, huh.

“Three groups, making up a total of nine people. Among them, there wasn’t that type of snake demon we saw earlier.”

Oyado added.

“Because there’s no traces of those snake demons crawling about. Unless they have been here from the very start, which is an entirely separate matter.”

“That shouldn’t be exactly possible. Because we have already walked past here once, and we didn’t seen a single person along the way.”

Princess Michelle replied.

Looking at Princess Michelle, Oyado nodded.

“Indeed. There’s traces of you people walking back here. But it’s very strange, there no traces of others walking back… Could it be that they have went to that passage as well?”

“That’s highly likely. After all, right now, one of the exits have been sealed, while there’s monsters on the other. More people will naturally be willing to bet on that so-called dangerous place. After all, they are all people who has possibilities of becoming royalties in the future, they should at least have judgment skills of this degree.”

Princess Michelle said, and looked forward.

“Let’s hurry then. We’re almost there. We have to make haste as well. It will be much safer if we have a little more people. You said that yourself, didn’t you, Fir?”

“Un… Right.”

If it’s nine people, it’s still manageable. So it should be fine.

But compared to those royalties, I wish that Ms. Mari and them were the ones who came down instead.

As they were walking, I looked towards Oyado.

“Earlier, when you were inspecting it. Are the footprints of Ms. Mari and the rest among them?”

“No, there’s only Tai Shixi’s footprints. Ms. Mari and the rest aren’t among them.”

“That’s great! Big sis Tai Shixi is very strong as well. If she joins us, we will have a bigger guarantee against the enemies.”

Irlin at the side suddenly said.

“Un, that’s true. Speaking of which, Irlin, how do you know that Tai Shixi is really strong? I don’t think… you two have fought together at all, right?”


“Back then, when I came back to the academy from Mitchell Kingdom, it was big sis Tai Shixi who accompanied me. I had consulted her on how to become stronger once, hence, she taught me a set of sword techniques. I never expected that, other than a halberd, she was able to use a sword as well.”

… I’m able to use a sword too. Are you scared?

“Un, isn’t that great?”

“That’s right. But truthfully speaking, I rather train to be capable of using【Ice Magic Knight Arcane Spells】, however… I kind of feel that I have reached a bottleneck, and I’m unable to progress any further. It’s most probably because my bloodline isn’t pure enough.”

“No, no, no. That has nothing to do with bloodline at all. Although I’m not very clear about Magic personally… Don’t look at me like that. I know, although I’m a Magician, the details, usage, and accomplishments of magic spells… Just spare me from those already.”

Seeing Irlin’s narrowed eyes, I hurriedly diverted my line of sight.

“In any case, there isn’t a big relation to your bloodline at all. Rather, your control over Magic isn’t as straightforward as your control over sword techniques. If you don’t believe me, look!”

After saying that, I summoned an Ice Armor, and then, an Ice Sword.

“A complete Ice Knight Armor set… Oh my god. I’m only able to summon a sword and a shield.”

Seeing Irlin’s shocked expression, I wiped off my cold sweat.

I’m even able to summon an Ice Wolf and an Ice Dragon. But for now, I shouldn’t stimulate you too much.

“So, you should find Ms. Mari and learn some tricks regarding Magic. This way, your improvement will be much faster than before.”

“I see, I understand now!”

Seeing her happy expression, I smiled, and asked.

“Speaking of which, what sword techniques did Tai Shixi teach you?”

“Oh, that…? It’s called 【Tai Chi Sword】.”

“Tai Chi…?”

“That’s right, she said it was a type of sword technique in the East. It’s different from the sturdy and rough sword techniques in the West. Eastern sword techniques seem to be lighter and more elegant… And what was it? Softness is superior to hardness? That’s probably the phrase.”

“Yes, that’s right, that’s the phrase.”

Oh my god… Tai Shixi, you actually taught someone from the Western Continent a set of Eastern sword techniques.

This is really…

Too compatible!

Although I don’t know how it’s like for the rest of the people of the Western Continent, truthfully, I feel that Irlin isn’t that compatible with those hard and sturdy sword techniques. However, among the Western sword techniques, the lighter and gentler ones only belonged to the royalties.

Something like that… Although I don’t know where I picked these skills up, in usual situations, only royalties can learn them.

To Irlin… it’s indeed something she won’t be able to obtain.

However, it’s different if it’s Eastern sword techniques!

Although in our former world, Tai Chi has mostly turned into a set of moves learnt by the elderly for keeping their bodies healthy and calming their minds, if traced back to the ancient times, there’s indeed many martial experts who use them, right?

I really wish to see the application of these martial arts. I have a couple of Eastern abilities in my hands as well, I should try them out one by one another day.

“It’s here.”

Suddenly, Princess Michelle at the front said.

I raised my head and looked forward. On the right of the tunnel, a large six-pointed star mark was shown on a tightly closed stone door. A seal was even pasted there, however, it had already been torn off.

“There’s traces of it being opened, and it’s not too long ago either. It seems like people have indeed went in.”

Hearing Hei Luoli’s words, I nodded.

“Then, without further ado, let’s head in.”

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