It’s Sunday!

Yes, it’s Sunday! So there’s no chapters today. For those who saw Chapter 31 of RPG being released, you’re just seeing things. Yep.

Arc 3 of Disciple has ended. I had a bit of trouble with translating the end of this arc, trying to make sure that nothing is missed out, so that the impact of the story is kept there. But yeah, it’s done. Arc 4 will start tomorrow. By the way, for those who read the raws, please keep the spoilers to the very minimum, like giving away Zhu Yao’s new version and stuffs, you will spoil the surprise for those who will only be reading it for the first time. I haven’t done much comment removal, and I don’t really want to do it either. :/

As for PDFs and EPUBs… Yeah… I haven’t started on any of them. Woops. Got caught up with Karaoke in Discord most of the time, and my translation speed has slowed down too. Blame Discord everyone, blame Discord for making it so convenient to sing. But yeah, I will get to them soon, when I feel like it. Hohoho.

Right, I will also like to take this opportunity to thank the people who sent me donations this week! Thank you Marco S. and Diego R. G.!

20 thoughts on “It’s Sunday!

  1. kookiedreamer says:

    Aww, and I was looking forward to that chapter 31 too!
    Don’t blame Discord Scrya, blame your love for Kookie and wanting to make her happy with the serenades that she has been waiting months for (and keeping her company so that karaoke isn’t just a solo kookie concert) ❤
    Though I blame karaoke for my lack of chapters too 😛

    Liked by 2 people

  2. iamtheoneandonlytrueleech says:

    The leech’s wrath knows no bounds by this vile deception…. it disappeared a second before I could click at it….. Oh well at least it is not a major cliffhanger…. so this leech isn’t that angry…. really….. *Someone…… steal those slave chokers, spells and rings from those bad stories from RoyalRoadl… it’s time for… emergency measures…a sunday break…. and fake chapter….or let the Siren’s sing….. siren’s that like those chapter hehe*

    Alright enough bad jokes^^ Sunday breaks from now on? Actually not a bad idea…. we don’t want you to overwork yourself (yet…. there are still many chapters left to translate|oh i didnt write that… you never read this part)

    Damn I think I am a tad bored…. xD

    PS: I heard that for theft by deception that there is a law…. against it while the punishment is minor… wouldn’t it still apply here..? After all you stole our (your chapters… nvm the contradiction) food… I am sure not many would take…. legal or illegal actions as long as a compensation is… given to us… Nothing fancy… only three times the amount of chapters a week would satisfy most…. or an additional chapter each week forever *cough* *cough*

    Oh… I said I would stop joking…. sorry I was kidding…. wait… my own trick could be… not a trick… yeah just ignore that…


  3. flame says:

    Well I’m fine with what ever your doing.. but if you aren’t telling us where this Karaoke in Discord is happening(which one)… I believe what we have here is a failure to communicate…(literally and figuratively)


  4. Clover says:

    I like spoiler the spoiler made my imagination runs wild with much questions hahahahha I look forward the next chapter and thank you for the translations


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