Flying Off Tomorrow


As I have stated many times before in my previous posts, I’m flying off for a military exercise tomorrow, and I will be back on the 31st of Jan, if nothing goes wrong.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to stock up any chapters. Hoho, so, you guys will have to bear with not having any chapters for a few weeks.

Now then, if you guys have seen the schedule I posted on the main page, why will my translations only continue after the 10th of Feb? That 10 days of buffer are to allow me unpack, get used to the jet-lag, prepare for Chinese New Year, and also, get back into the mood to translate. I might translate a little during the 10 days, but most probably, only to stock up a few chapters for rainy days.

As for the EPubs for Disciple Arc 2 and RPG Vol 6, I will work on them when I get back as well.

Alright, that’s about all I want to say. Thanks for being understanding, everyone! Hopefully, I won’t die there. Hoho. *touches wood*

44 thoughts on “Flying Off Tomorrow

    • xandarth says:

      The bushfires in Australia have been brutal this Summer – but I think Scyra is from Singapore (unless I’m thinking of another translator) so doesn’t have to watch out for exploding trees unless his military is exploding them.

      Good luck and stay safe Scyra.

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      • sumguyoranother says:

        Singapore do their joint exercise in oz, there was a certain (okay, several xP) fire down there that was caused by one such exercise :3


  1. Milanin says:

    *spits three times and knocks on wood*
    If you get are to be summoned to another world, pretend you’re a villager (with strange modern clothes)! Maybe you’ll get a harem of normal people, though most normal people aren’t ones qualified to be in a harem in the first place I guess.

    Have a safe whatever, however, wherever, whenever.

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  2. yuedari says:

    Good bye bon voyage. I hope you enjoy yr trip. And please dont go to another realm to reincarnate or teleported, and become an OP main character. I hope you will have fun.


  3. Past One/ Hikari to Kage says:

    Welcome back.
    Random Fact
    P.S. I leaned that America will most likely accidentally nuke it’s self and have had many moments where they almost did.


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