[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 51

Chapter 51: Can I Touch Your Ears?

As expected, an airship constructed using modern-age technology and the magic of this world is abnormal. We only used less than three hours to directly pass through the Western Continent from the Eastern Continent, arriving at the Rupture Mountain Range at the northern side.

From the airship, I could clearly see the northern side of the Eastern and Western Continent were surrounded by mountains, and there was even a vast sea of trees right in the middle of them.

And humans were living in the open plains. Although there were some rivers and mountains here and there, compared to the mountains at the Rupture Mountain Range, they were far, far smaller.

So as to completely prevent ourselves from being spotted by the people below, our airship instantly rose up to ten kilometers into the sky.

And, compared to the previous engine, the sound produced by the magic engine was much softer, and the people on the surface were basically unable to hear it.

Very quickly, from the guidance provided by our map, we arrived at the place called Mado Peak.

And only then did I understand why they would choose this place.

Because at the peak of the mountain, there was a very unusual-looking platform that could be incidentally used to land the airship.

“That place is actually one of the altars of our Elf Race.”

Probably because I had been staring at the mountain peak, that elf called Eli walked over to my side and spoke with me using the Beastman Language.

This girl actually knows all three different types of languages, huh. It’s just that she’s not that familiar with the Human Language.

“Is that so? Then you must be the Shaman for that altar, right?”

“Yes. How did you know that?”

Can I say that I thought of it after looking at your titles?

“Because your body carries a beautiful and saint-like feeling. So I guessed it.”

“Is… Is that so.”

Eli blushed, and then said with a smile.

“You’re flattering me. I was captured and turned into a slave not long after I was appointed as a Shaman. My body should not have bathed in God’s radiance yet… No, maybe it’s exactly because of God’s blessings that have led you people to save us.”

No, no, no. You’re thinking too much now. We simply saw that you people weren’t humans, so we saved you.

Of course, there’s the EXP too.

Although that’s the actual case…

“Probably. But, you people have to be careful, and don’t get captured again.”

“If that happens again, Mr. Fir, please come save us again.”

“Don’t say such unlucky things.”

I sighed.

“That’s right. Come, let me give you this. As long as you get captured, I will be there the moment you call for me. There’s no need for this idiot to save you!”

Unclear of when it happened, Aliyah had already squeezed in, and placed a blue pendant onto Eli’s hands.

“Geez, in times like this, you actually still have the mood to flirt with a female elf! Fir, you idiot!”

“Hah? I wasn’t doing that.”

“That’s right! Big brother wouldn’t flirt with a female elf! It’s enough for big brother to have me!”

Oyado came into the mix as well.

“This damn bro-con! This is none of your business!”

“What are you saying, you damn tsundere! If you don’t have the guts, go hide in a corner!”

“Hah? What did you say!? You have been really arrogant recently, you know!?”

“So what…”

I silently took a step back while I held onto my forehead, and then, I turned and headed to the other side.

In any case, these two will definitely make a huge commotion. I’m already used to it.

Eli who was left at the side seemed to be unable to grasp the details of why they were arguing, and was simply looking at them with a skeptical look.

And then, she looked towards me.

Don’t look at me, I’m unable to stop them either. There’s no one on this ship that can stop them at all. Can’t you see that everyone had already shifted their lines of sight somewhere else?

Before the two of them even finished arguing, I could already feel the airship slowly descending.

Immediately after, the door of the airship opened, and the strong winds unique to mountain peaks instantly blew into the airship.

But what caused me to feel unexpected was, the few elves were actually completely unafraid of the cold wind, as they hurriedly walked out of the ship’s door.

And those Beastmen followed after them closely as well.

I looked at the people behind me, and every one of them had shrunk into a ball, trembling. It seemed like they were freezing quite a bit.

Only Purewhite seemed to be immune to the cold, and was standing in her original position, looking at us.

“It’s so cold, big brother!”

Oyado rushed from the back and hugged onto me.

“That’s right…”

“When I’m together with big brother, I’m no longer afraid~”


On the other side, Aliyah’s body suddenly released a huge amount of flames, and she had actually forcefully drive away the cold!

Aren’t you afraid of burning the airship?

Geez, is there really no other Fire Magicians here?

“【Red Territory】Open!”

I raised my hand towards the front, and a red sphere enveloped all of us. The temperature in the entire space began to slowly rise.

“Ooooh, you actually have such a convenient magic spell!”

Bai Yueguang exclaimed.

“Ah, it’s a Fire magic spell. I don’t usually use it, so for a moment, I couldn’t recall that I have such a magic spell.”

“That’s great. We’re really saved.”

One after another, everyone sighed in relief.

Walking down the airship, I could feel that my MP consumption rate actually increased, It seemed like the temperature outside was even lower.

Although I require 20 MP per second to maintain this spell, my current MP recovery rate is 18 MP per second. In other words, my MP is decreasing at a rate of 2 MP per second.

“Ah! We’re finally back! Thank you very much, humans!”

A wolfman stood on the altar and loudly roared.

“Around this time, there are no elves around the altar. Hence, this will avoid any misunderstandings as well.”

Eli said with a smile.

“That’s right, we hate trouble the most.”

We can’t help but agree to this point as well.

“Speaking of which.”

A catgirl asked.

“Do you guys really save us just for the pure sake of doing it? Or do you guys have other motives? I’m sorry for still having doubts. After all, we only had the courage to ask after we have safely arrived here.”

“What, you people still have doubts about our motives? Don’t worry, We’re simply too bored, that’s all.”

I said as such with a smile.

“Things like motives, just forget about them.”

“Wait a minute! Can I have a request!?”

Ms. Mari, who was at the side, asked, with a green light emitting out of her eyes.

Crap, what is this woman thinking of doing!?

“Request? You saved us, as long as the request isn’t asking too much, we will have no problems with it. However, we Beastmen and Elves do not use large amount of gold and silver as currency like you humans, so…”

“No, no, no. I’m not interested in money, I simply wish to ask… Can I touch your ears!?”


Ah, uncle policeman, there’s a pervert here.

Just when I was retorting in my mind, two notification alarms sounded.

Quests Completed

Completed: Find Haidao Qianben
EXP Reward: 5,000
Item Reward: Emotion Detection Ability

Completed: Destroy the Gold-Gilded Auction
EXP Reward: 10,000
Relationship with Beastmen – Friendly
Relationship with Elves – Friendly

You leveled up!
Current LV: 36

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