[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Everyone Has Their Own Strange Intentions

“Hmph! We have already come this far, yet you people are actually taking the opportunity to rob the auction goods while the elders are not here! Where are all of your conscience!?”

“The ones who are robbing the auction goods are you guys, right!? Only you people would specialize in doing things like that!”

“Who would know if you people have secretly trained up subordinates in some ways!? I heard that recently, your wild ambitions have already stretched out to the Western Continent, aren’t you all afraid of bringing trouble to yourselves!?”

“Hmph! Do you really think I’m unable to see through your acts!? Hooking up with the powers from the Western Continent, the ones trying to swallow up the entire continent are you people, right!?”

“Enough nonsense! I currently don’t have the time to argue with you about these. Hurry and hand over the things you stole, otherwise, don’t blame me for being heartless!”

“The ones who stole the goods are you people, right!? The auction that our Eastern Continent holds once every year, the ones who dare to lay their hands are clearly you people!”

After sneakily landing at the tree at the side, and watching their entire banter, I could not help but sweat out buckets.

So this big show was initiated because of the items we stole last night, huh. We didn’t really steal that much either, is there a need for such a big commotion?

“Geez, it doesn’t matter if there’s anyone taking the initiative, this war can no longer be prevented, huh.”

Suddenly, I heard a familiar voice coming from beside me. Turning around to look, I don’t know when she came here, but Domyuu was actually standing at a tree branch behind me, and she was even waving towards me.

“As an teacher of the academy, is it really alright for you to not be looking for the students right now?”

I smiled and asked, and at the same time, I signalled to Purewhite who was high alert that there was no need to worry.

“Ah, you know that I’m currently not using my identity as the academy’s teacher to talk to you as well, right?”

“I wonder.”

“Geez, on that day, in the black market, clearly, you were the one who used the terminal right after me.”

“… Alright, Mr. Sibeir, is there anything you need from me?”

“As expected, you’re more incredible than I thought. The number of people that knows of my identity in this world is only but a few.”

“You’re flattering me, there’s basically not but a few people who can see through my disguise as well.”

“Then we’re pretty much equals?”


I turned to look at him.

“We’re not here to chat about ourselves, right? Speak, what do you need from me?”

“You have the Ice Empire’s State Magician badge on you, right?”


I took out the badge and looked at it, and then, I looked at him again.

“How did you know about that?”

“Because all of the State Magician badges are created according to a certain rule, and then, I made a corresponding inspection device. Let’s put this aside. Since we’re both people from the Western Continent, I simply wish to confirm if you’re either a friend or foe, that’s all.”

“See, what are you getting at? We’re simply poor students that just happened to pass by, and we just happened to make it in time to watch a show. What friend or foe are you talking about here?”

“Really? Even though your body clearly carries the aura of a Necromancer?”

“As someone who borrows the body of a dead person, do you have the right to say that about others?”

“Alright, can we not mind about such details? What I wish to get across is, those people have long thought of fighting each other, and the items that were lost yesterday was just an excuse. And incidentally, our Western Continent can use this opportunity to deal a heavy blow to the Eastern Continent’s strength. This way, it will give our Western Continent an opportunity to invade into the Eastern Continent’s powers.”

“Do whatever you want. I have already said so in the beginning, we’re just here to watch a show.”

My lips slightly curved into a smile.

“Of course, occasionally, we will do a few things that benefit us.”

“So your goal is…”

“For now… Finding Qianben, I guess.”


He was instantly stunned.

“What did you say?”

“Of course, first, we have to guarantee our friend’s safety, and then, fight after that. I don’t wish for our friend to get hurt, you know.”

“… You do know what I’m telling you now are very important matters, right?”

He rubbed his temples as he revealed a worried look.

“Of course, but… regarding the sequence of importance, I call the shots. FIrst, let me find Qianben, and after that, I will deal with those people who are about to fight… Oh right, I might as well ask this now. Is it the unique trait of this side’s mafia to fight in a random city?”

“This… Not really… It’s just that the people on this side like to find places with many people to fight in.”

“Alright, then, let’s meet again.”

After saying that, Purewhite and I once again flew towards another direction.

“Oyado, you said you saw Qianben?”

Oyado’s figure slowly appeared on Purewhite’s body, and with Oyado’s slim and small body figure, sitting on Purewhite’s shoulder was not really a problem either.

“Yes, big brother~” Earlier, I saw her hiding in a dessert shop at the southern part of the city. But, a large half of the dessert shop had already collapsed, it seemed they have already started fighting on that side.”

“Then, we will have to hurry!”


Location: Eastern Continent – Skybreak City – Southern Street – Wintermoon Dessert Shop

PoV: Haidao Qianben

Ah, why is my luck so bad today?

No, my luck has been pretty bad recently. First, I lost to a red hairy little twerp in a martial spar. If a strange person had not given me some sort of medicine, I heard that I might even have been left with scars. And, today, when I took a leave to buy some desserts, I ended up encountering a revolt among the bandits. And, they seemed to be pretty strong, and, their numbers were huge as well. I can’t take on so many at once at all.

As I helplessly sighed, I once again took out an egg tart from the paper bag and nibbled on it.

Geez… nom nom… Just how long are they going to fight for… nom nom… I can’t even eat my food properly… nom nom.

But this is really delicious, you can never get tired eating food like egg tarts at all~

Just when I was feeling blissful because of the food, suddenly, I felt a sword silhouette flashing past, the thing concealing me above was instantly slashed apart!

With a flip, I leapt out, and I held onto the hilt of my katana.

“Caun uu guss wayt teel ai fynis eetin befo atakin mi!?”

I nibbled on my egg tart as I said that.

“… This girl seems to be from the Skybreak Academy. Boss, what are we going to do?”

A man who was dressed in a samurai armor asked the person beside him, who was also wearing a samurai armor.

“Hmph, since she was hiding here, she might be an enemy. Eliminate her!”


After saying that, a couple of people dressed in armor suddenly popped out of nowhere, surrounding me very tightly!

Ah! So many people! I don’t specialize in battling against so many people at all!

Nooo! Master, hurry and save me!

“Distinguish, Haidao Qianben – Party member, 【Arcane – Cold Territory】!”

The people surrounding me instantly turned into ice sculptures. Immediately after, that strange person actually landed on top of one of the ice sculptures, and then, said to me.

“Yo, Qianben. A girl shopping on the streets alone must watch out for her own safety, you know.”

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  1. Sicill says:

    Thanks for the chapter.
    Qianben’s POV is really so fun to read.
    Also, Fir! Your identity as a Necromancer is exposed! Time to quickly dig a shallow grave.


  2. GonZ555 says:

    “Egg Tarts!! nomnomnom.. ” *finds a place to hide food*

    Just when I was feeling blissful because of the food, suddenly, I felt a sword silhouette flashing past, the thing concealing me above was instantly slashed apart!

    “Nothing to see here, just a plai.. err.. sweet old meatbun here.”
    *continues eating egg tarts*

    nomnomnom.. tank yuu fer te capter.. nomnomnom…


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