[RPG] Vol. 6 Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Sneaking In

“Oyado, have you confirmed the numbers?”

Squatting on the hotel’s ceiling, my figure and my black cloak completely assimilated into the darkness.

I don’t have the habit of having the night breeze blow against me, and I’m not like Altair who likes to watch people from high places. However, I don’t really have any other choice when the roof is the only place I can break through from.

After surveying the hotel beneath me, I could see that there’s a total of 14 people. However, to be sure that there’s no one using presence concealment skills, I had Oyado confirm it.

Oyado’s figure was not near me, however, when I asked this question, Oyado’s figure slowly revealed itself in the air.

“Big brother~ Don’t worry, just as big brother has said, there’s only 14 people who are in-charge of guarding the hotel.”

“The numbers are little small… But it’s understandable as well. Otherwise, if there’s too many people in a hotel that’s about to be abandoned, wouldn’t it expose the location of the storage?”

That’s right, the locations of this hotel and the auction were completely different, and this is a hotel that is about to be closed down, situated at the deep end of the residential sector.

If we did not have any intel of it, finding this place would have really been difficult.

“Since everything is clear, let’s hurry and enter. If I don’t make any money this time, I will not forgive you, I tell you. I have privately shared the guild’s intel with you, after all!”

That’s right, the one who spoke was precisely our source of intel, Kamiochi Yuon.

As a trade for the intel, she gets the first pick on the items we will be stealing later.

I bet this girl won’t choose any magic skill books or anything related to that anyway, right?

Hence, my group will be in-charge of stealing. Our members are me, Aliyah, Oyado, and Kamiochi.

The rest who do not have sneaking-related skills are separated into three groups. Two groups will be strolling outside, while one group will be in the hotel, waiting for an opportunity.

The opportunity-waiting group naturally consists of Kurosashi and Purewhite… Well, the combination of two who are not used to talking, could just happen to practice playing cards to while away the time.

The rest are in-charge of strolling around, shopping and eating night snacks, so as to prevent people from watching us in the situation where we don’t notice them.

Even if all of the skills that we possess are very overpowered, there are always someone stronger and better. If our opponent has a surveillance skill that is a tier better than ours, then we will be in big trouble.

Hence, after separating into four groups, we began to move, and the four of us arrived at the old hotel that was stashing the goods.

However, even though this hotel is very old and tattered, according to the records in the intel, the business of this hotel was pretty good three hundred years ago, and its basement even consists of places such as treasuries. Hence,we deduced that the goods should be placed there.


These bastards placed various of traps in every room of every level of the place, the danger of entering from any one of the room is higher compared to entering from the roof. Hence, inevitably, our only choice is to enter from here.

According to the layout of the path we’re going to take, why do I feel that we’re actually in a stealth game?

And, so as to guarantee that the auction tomorrow will continue to run, what we have to do is to quietly sneak in, steal a portion of the goods, and then run away.

The items requested in the mission are not many, and what I want are just various skill books, so, things are really simple.

As to what these people over there wish to steal, is not a problem that concerns me.

Also, the worst scenario is that we’re found out, we will just have to kill or knock the 14 of them out according to our standards then. As to what happens after that, we won’t bother any longer.

So, right now, we’re all wearing clothes that are completely different from what we wear initially, and, we even added disguises. Unless someone has maxed out his observation skills, regular people are completely unable to recognize us.

If there’s options to save my progress, there wouldn’t be a need for me to worry about a small matter like being found out, what a pity…


The lock on the roof was finally opened by Aliyah. She heaved out a long sigh, and then, she slowly took down the lock.

“There’s no traps set-up here, let’s go.”

Aliyah pointed to the detection glasses she was wearing, and then, she took the lead and entered.

The glasses she’s wearing is about the same as my Eyepiece of Truth, however, it specializes in detecting traps, and zooming in on objects.

You might be thinking that, with my 【Eyepiece of Truth】, I’m able to enter from the window beside me as well. However, with my【Famous Detective】skill and Eyepiece of Truth, when I approached that window, it would continue to ring its warning signal without stop. How do you think I can focus on sneaking through that window then?

Aliyah slowly crawled into the attic from the entrance, and then, making use of the gaps between the floor panels, she looked through below.

“There’s actually still a few traps set-up in the passageway below. It’s no wonder this level only has a single guard. It’s completely impossible to pass through with such densely packed traps, right?”

“There’s definitely a way.”

I silently walked over as well, and after looking at it, I looked towards the entrance we entered from.

“Let us first confirm our route. After ensuring that it’s an ok, I will notify all of you. You guys just have to be in-charge for surveillance from up here, and see if they’s anyone coming in to check.”


Kamiochi and Oyado nodded.

Although a task like this would have been more convenient for Oyado who only possesses killing techniques to act alone, because she has no methods of contacting us quickly, she has no choice but to stay with Kamiochi.

“In any case, I shall first make a especially thin passageway.”

With this said, a blue wisp of cold air slowly penetrated into the floor, circled past those magic traps, and then, binded those physical traps.

Slowly, a light layer of frost appeared on the surfaces of those traps. However, not just its exterior, even the mechanisms in all those traps, had already been completely frozen.

“Like this, we have a little passageway made.”

Because the traps on the ground were too densely packed, I had no choice but to use a method like this to remove part of the traps.

“Hold on tight.”

I carried Aliyah by the waist, and with 【Shadow Sneak】 activated, I passed through the route formed by those frozen physical traps, and arrived at the shadows on the left passageway beside that guy who was in-charge of surveillance.

That was a blind-spot, so it was completely impossible for him to spot us within his vision.

And the moment we landed on the ground, Aliyah threw out a small object, and it formed a pale white fog above the head of the man in-charge of surveillance, landing on him.

That person instantly leaned to the back, and slept.

“Done. Next up are the magic traps.”

Aliyah took out the absorption equipment that we used in the past, pointed it directly at the traps on the pathway, and pressed on the button.

The magical energy in the magic traps were slowly absorbed into the magic crystal in the absorption equipment, and the magic traps turned into a pile of scraps.

“Fourth floor has been secured. Let’s go to the next floor.”

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