Vol. 4 Chapter 19: A High-Class Place Needs a High-Class Status

“Both of your expressions are really weird. Is there anything wrong with this set of clothes?”

While walking on the street, Ms. Snow, who was wearing a grey and white maid uniform, suddenly asked.

“No… Not really. It fits you, it really fits you.”

“That’s right, you’re definitely thinking too much.”

Orlando answered at the same time.

“Is that so?”

Looks like our expressions exposed our inner thoughts. This wasn’t our fault. If there’s a young female elf, who was willingly wearing a maid uniform, and was walking on the streets with you, you will definitely have the same expression as us.

“But this set of clothes is very suitable for various activities, and it doesn’t seem like it will hinder my movements like those long dresses. In any case, the design of this set of clothes is pretty good.”

“That’s right, that’s right.”

I quickly nodded.

“They why has your smile been so weird ever since I put on this set of clothes?”

“Not really. You’re definitely over-thinking this.”

I used Ice Magic to cool myself down, and then continued.

“As long as you like it, it’s good. Let’s put this aside for now. When are we going to meet the lord? Or are we going to first change our plans, and do something else?”

I turned to look at Orlando, and asked.

“Well… Usually, I’m in-charge of guarding the entrance to the Abyss. In other words, a few hundred years ago, when I first started my guard duty and was bored because of it, suddenly, this cute elf came over, and my job was no longer that boring.”

“You pervert, you’re simply a stalker.”

“What? Do you have any complaints?”

“No, of course not.”

I shook my head.

“I just feel that it’s pretty interesting.”


Orlando was startled for a bit, and then, he smiled.

“I see, I understand. Interesting! Really interesting!”

“Just what weird things are you two talking about?”

Snow who was beside us, couldn’t stand it anymore, asked as she ran between us.

”“Nothing. We were just discussing what were our plans for now. The people fetching us seems like they will take quite a long time before reaching here, so we were discussing where we heading to next.”

“An interesting place would be for the best. Otherwise, I will be bored to death.”

“That’s a definite. Right, Big Bro Orlando?”

I turned to look at Orlando, and he gave me a ‘bastard, how dare you push everything to me’ expression.

“Ah, this…”

Orlando slapped his bald head, and then continued.

“Let’s do this then. Since I’m one of the Abyss guards, I shall bring you to places where regular people won’t be able to enter. In the northern part of the city, there’s a pretty good trading center, but they only support one-for-one exchanges. Do you guys want to take a look?”

“That’s of course!”

I immediately answered.

One-for-one exchange?

The corners of my lips continued to arc upwards.

You should know that for a place with a setting like one-for-one exchanges, in an RPG, it would either be a place to trade for important tools, or a place to obtain high-graded equipment!

How can I miss out a good opportunity like this?

“Looks like you’re really interested, huh.”

“That’s of course. Ms. Snow, what about you?”

“A trading center? Which means there will be stronger weapons and equipment, right? Then, of course, we have to go.”

Ms. Snow’s pair of eyes, once again, shone excitedly.

—————————– In the midst of moving quickly. Loading —————————-

This is great. Looks like this place isn’t completely modernized, otherwise, I will definitely be utterly depressed.

The building in front of me was a castle completely built out of dark-colored metal. That’s right, it’s one of those grand and majestic old castles. However, other than a few small scratches, there weren’t any other scars on the walls.

I wonder if magic spells have any effects on it?

I raised out my hand and touched the walls, and as expected, a notification window appeared.

Material: Mithril

Mithril? According to the information I read up on, it has a resistance against magic. If it’s used to craft weapons, it’s able to increase the magical power of the weapon. Hence, mithril could either be useful or harmful for magicians.

Speaking of which, all the weapons I have on hand have a bit of mithril mixed in them. But…

Such a large amount of mithril was actually used to build this castle, just how important is this trading center? If I were to steal something from this place, I definitely wouldn’t be able to make it out in one piece, right?

No, wait a minute, firstly, why was I even thinking of stealing something? Looks like after staying with Aliyah for so long, my character had already turned into that of a rogue’s.

This isn’t a good thing at all. I think it’s best to take a look at what I have in my ring.

Blasphemer, tachi, scale, hidden blade, crystal heart, soul movement necklace, and the rest were regular items. Of course, there was still the Momiji’s quest item…

Damn it, I don’t really have anything that I could exchange something for, huh…

“Speaking of which, is it really fine if we just take a look?”

“Of course it’s fine. You only need a certain level of status to enter. As to whether you’re doing any actual trading, then that’s a different matter.”

Since Orlando already said it as such, then, naturally, we could only believe him.

After saying that, Orlando immediately pressed a button on the door.

Identity confirmed: Orlando, Dark Sprite, Abyss Guard

“Two followers.”

Orlando said after the confirmation.

Please insert identity card into the slot

This thing sure is advanced, huh? Is this an ATM or something?

Helplessly, I had no choice but to insert the identity card that I just received.


Identity confirmed: Lin Fir, Undead Holy Angel


Special Status: Undead Holy Angel
The door has been opened. Welcome!

I looked at the dispirited Orlando beside me, and grinned.

Ara, looks like my status is more useful than a guard’s.

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27 thoughts on “Vol. 4 Chapter 19: A High-Class Place Needs a High-Class Status

      • Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave says:

        He shows up and on day1 he has a higher entry permit than a guard who worked for maaany years. The irony is there regardless of what he can do after entry :p chances are that this won’t be the only perk we see for him 🙂


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