[News] Putting RPG World on Hiatus

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates. Have been pretty busy, and lazy. Hohoho.

As the title has stated, I’m putting RPG World on hiatus for now. If you have stayed with me since last year, you would have realized that I have always made sure to upload both the latest translated Disciple and RPG chapters at around the same time.

Honestly, translating both chapters in a single day isn’t really tiring, but recently, the RPG chapters have been too random for me. There’s too many plotholes, the author doesn’t stick to the mechanics he had set in the previous chapters, and the main character’s personality is all over the place. It’s really becoming a headache to read, in my opinion anyway.

Hence, right now, I can’t find the drive to translate RPG at all. Before, I have always been translating Disciple chapters before RPG chapters. And while Disciple chapters are usually longer, I tend to spend less time translating them than RPG’s, and I would often procrastinate on RPG chapters. Like Disciple Chapter 126, I have actually finished it a few days ago, but because of RPG, I have delayed the release till now.

So, I will temporarily put RPG World on hiatus, and focus on Disciple alone for now. Well, not really alone, if you actually read ATG, you would have realized I have been pushing out a chapter every 2 days over there too. Because I told Alys I need a little push to get my translation drive going, hence, she arranged me to translate every alternate chapters. (She’s a monster.)

Eh? What about Pit? I have checked that the website where the raws are posted, but the author hasn’t updated since February. So I will take my time to catch up with the raws.

I will like to express my apologies for RPG fans. I will be making you guys wait for a long time. :/

As for Disciple fans, good news! I will guarantee a chapter every 2 days! If I don’t, I will give you guys my address in order to find me, tie me up in front of computer, and have me translate! Hohoho!

55 thoughts on “[News] Putting RPG World on Hiatus

  1. Nameless NEET says:

    Gahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!it is a dream right??!anyone tell me this is a dream…..
    Hah…hah…..ha.fuu anyway thanks for your hardwork on RPG

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  2. Mue says:

    Well it’s fine I guess, in my opinion Disciple is a bit more interesting than RPG right now, and having constant update is a nice things so I can check back often and get something, as somehow all the notification email went into my spam box…
    Also, thanks for all the work so far.

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  3. sasamiyasoujiro says:

    Aw….. anyone has received military training out there? Let’s asemble a team to invite (kidnap) Scyra and persuade (torture) him to give us more rpg chapter. FFF inquisition members are also welcome to join us. Kukuku….. jokes aside thanks for diciple update and hope you’ll somehow get motivated again. There are also times when I have no motivation to rpg so… I feel ya..

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  4. sasamiyasoujiro says:

    Aw….. anyone has received military training out there? Let’s asemble a team to invite (kidnap) Scyra and persuade (torture) him to give us more rpg chapters. FFF inquisition members are also welcome to join us. Kukuku….. jokes aside thanks for diciple update and hope you’ll somehow get motivated again. There are also times when I have no motivation to rpg so… I feel ya..


  5. aforia says:

    Yeah! All those plotholes were making it nearly impossible to catch on the meaning of latest chapters. Especially when they’re releasing slowly… Anyway thanks for your hard work so far! And more disciple! Yay!!!!

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    • Waht says:

      I’m actually really happy he places his efforts into something else. I completely agree that RPG became a complete mess.
      I’d honestly have no problem just reading the chapter-summaries for RPG, because anything else is either 80% tangents that have absolutely nothing to do with anything, missing information or just random crap. I still resent the author for thinking “More skills = Solves everything!”, only to create even *MORE* problems. The author seriously has issues with his story, it was lulzy the first time with the EXP-inflation when World-chan summoned Fir to basically tell him “The author fucked up, so, like, I’m sorry. I’ll retcon the entire EXP system. I’m sorry. Sorry.

      Anyway, yeah. It’s a bit bad for those who still enjoyed RPG, but it really did take a plunge for the worse in a spiraling mass of dookie. Glad to see more Disciple.

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      • aforia says:

        And then he uses the same damn skills for everything even tho he’s trying to be inconspicuous. tgen he’s like “damn the disguise go hardcore” and again we’re seeing the same skills! Grrrrrr!


  6. Celestial Flame says:

    Kinda sad about RPG world. I agree with your complaints about it however.

    Honestly, I both love and hate disciple, Love when it focuses on the MC, but can’t stand the antagonists (I feel they are done kinda sloppily tbh)

    I kinda stopped reading it when the disciple’s disciple became the next focal point of the plot. Waiting until I can read a ton at once rather than dropping it however.


  7. Dark Jackel says:

    That’s…too bad. But I sympathize with your reasons; there are a lot of weaknesses in the narrative, though I enjoy it despite its flaws.

    Good luck with your other endeavors! 😃


  8. Belkar says:

    It’s a shame, I rather like RPG, but it’s understandable. Thank you for all the effort you’ve put into translating RPG (and ATG).


  9. Namorax says:

    I understand that some people like RPG and are therefore sad about this.

    Luckily, I do not belong to that group since I agree with Scrya on most points when he is criticising this series.

    Thank you Scrya! xD

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  10. Sicill says:

    Thank you very much for all of the hard work you have put into RPG World so far. It’s a bit sad to see it put on hiatus but I totally understand.


  11. moridin84 says:

    If you made this post back around volume 4-5 I would have been horrified.

    At this point? Yeah, I’m not really too interested in RPG world either. Him travelling around with a bunch of otherworlders has been a lot more boring than when he interacting with the “NPCs”. Plus the MC is way too strong now.

    Also… too many damn lolis.


    • Waht says:

      Having Fir travel about with his pals isn’t really an issue. Me think it’s precisely the way the author did it.
      Not only did the author create a game world in which skills do not ever get any form of depth (Which is a huge shame. Skills are there to frame effort into results in a convenient manner, it makes exploring them easier), the author also broke apart his comedy, for-teh-lulz story….Into a dramatic theatre of mystery.

      Instead of a light-hearted story, it became a semi-complicated jigzaw puzzle about life and death.
      I believe the author has the ability to make a turnabout, but as of right now? It’s not something I’d look forward to read. :/


  12. Kristen says:

    I only read Disciple and Pit, so I’m super stoked about more Disciple releases. It’s probably my #2 most favorite series right now (behind ISSTH and tied with Douluo Dalu). I seriously come back and check this website multiple times every day hoping for an update…
    I’m ready with ropes any time you want to send us your address. Heehee

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  13. Agranite says:

    Thanks for the hard work. It takes a lot of effort to work on projects you don’t enjoy.

    Unfortunately for me to see one of my favourite novel going on hiatus.


  14. cryocyberslayer says:

    Thank you very much for all the hard work you put in your translation efforts. I will always show my support whatever way I can 🙂


  15. lasiefo says:

    you did great work
    350-360 chapters in about a year
    so yeah daily chapters
    for a chinese/japanese story(didnt even know it was chinese before i looked minutes ago)
    you made one heck of a translation and its not your only story
    im 100% sure you didnt even gain 25% of the donation ammount of some of the top stories with your translation but still pushed them out hard
    what i hope is that your next pick will be a different kind of story
    both stories are nice but only that(not sure if rpg world changed the plot but i stopped after 170 chapters and wanted to wait for more but got kind of turned off because of the ammount of characters joining the mc(loli armi) + some other things that i kind of forgot)
    so again thank you very much for all your hard work and i hope you pick out another story in the future


  16. kureijiryuu says:

    Well, I do not think this is a problem since who represents you, but would have been better if the gap was between the volume 9 and the volume 10, not to stop in the middle of a volume that is already being translated.


  17. kureijiryuu says:

    Well, I do not think this is a problem , but would have been better not to stop in the middle of a volume that is already being translated.


  18. flame says:

    Totally understandable. It’s been lacking big time since Irlin and Elina(Aliyah) left center stage… I wouldn’t mind knowing more about world-chan…


  19. necrocookie says:

    I’ve been following since chapter 4 of RPG but recently I’ve been enjoying Disciple more so this kind of makes me happy (I’m sorry). Thank you for all the time and effort you put into yourtranslations!


  20. Oak says:

    thanks for all your hard work and the effort you put into it so far,
    agree with your points concerning RPG, have been having a hard time caring about what happened to the characters, factions and plot since nothing seems to matter anyway once the next arc begin


  21. Agarwood says:

    I enjoyed reading RPG. But lately, when i refresh the site, update what I want to see is disciple’s chapter though. Thanks for the RPG anyway, eventhough sadly it’s on hiatus. And for disciple, please continue your hardwork.


  22. White Head Ice Prince says:

    I’m glad I didn’t start reading RPG world yet, now as a faithful member of the Disciple , Brother’s pit and ATG group I’ll be waiting for your address with a bundle of ropes and a plane ticket to Singapore 🙂


  23. NoTofu says:

    yay more disciple chapters 😀
    Honestly, I dropped rpg because the plot was just getting too confusing for me, too many characters, too many things happening all over the place :<


  24. Acorn says:

    I was only reading RPG for awhile from here but stopped around volume 6 cause plotholes and its so all over the place with character and stuff. Hmm so I’m not the only person that thought that.

    Thanks for all your hard work.


  25. Shent says:

    Can someone explain to me vol 8 ending of rpg? What is snake eye? Why did they nuke the school? Did oyado die? What about purewhite? Or aliyach? What the fuck happened?


  26. MuddaFU says:

    If you dont like translating this just drop this so that someone could take over rather than having an indefinite hiatus tsk tsk


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