News & Updates (April/I)

Hello everyone, Scrya here, and I’m using this post to express my thoughts and also share some news that I have.

Firstly, this blog is growing very fast. I mean, I only started in less than a week, and I already have more than 10,000 hits and about 30 or more followers. That’s scary, yet amazing at the same time! So yeah, I want to express my thanks to my fellow followers and you many anonymous readers as well! Thank you very much!

Secondly, it will be about my updates from now on. I’m trying to provide a chapter a day, because I love you guys. I previously stated in my About page that I will only translate in the weekends ’cause I’m mostly in-camp during the weekdays, and I can only access my docs on my phone. Hence, I initially planned to only do small edits on my phone before posting each chapter. However, with this new schedule, I will try to translate using my phone as well. Do note that this is only possible as I’m currently in my lull period. When things kick up, I might not be able to keep this schedule, so yeah.

Thirdly, I apparently made a mistake with the names of some of the characters. Just to let you all know, I have read up to a few hundred chapters of the raws, and the series is currently still going on, with 480 chapters and 10 volumes to date, along with a few other side stories. Apparently, the author has a few original English names for the characters, and the author only stated them in the glossary, which was right at the bottom of the page, and I did not check it until a few hours ago, woops. This is negligence on my part, and I would like to apologise. Currently, the names are changed as such.

Phil Lee – Lin Fir

Elina – Aliyah

Irlin’s name is actually Ya – Ling, which I already knew before I checked. However, I find it weird as she’s the only one in her family that has a Chinese-ish name, so I made the effort to give her an English-ish name. But, if you guys really want her official name, I will make the edits. So please tell me in the comments below.

Lastly, I will also put up a glossary page when I get back home during the weekends, so that you guys can track the characters and stuffs later on.

Alright, I will like to once again express my thanks to everyone that read the translations, and hope you enjoy them! Thanks a lot!

– Scrya

17 thoughts on “News & Updates (April/I)

  1. Diri says:

    Thank you for your work. And yeah, it was mentioned in other blogs, while there are some decent real-RPG-like stories, readers turn into hungry zombies and zombie apocalypse happens at translator site.


  2. Just4Fun says:


    I feel really loved by you Scrya~

    Don’t push yourself too hard okay. Prioritize real life before this. Also, don’t worry about making mistakes. We’re only human~


  3. Nguyen Gia Thai says:

    Thank for your hard works~!

    About that Ya Ling… on the one hand consistency is a good thing. On the other hand, we gotta stay true to original text.

    So I vote change back to that name~ And blame that awkward exception to author.


  4. flame says:

    Thank you for your hard work and good job translating so far~! So I assume the names will just be changed from now on (and not updated in past chapters?)


  5. flame says:

    I vote to not change any more names :3! I have a hard time as it is remembering who is who.. >W<;; Also I really liked the name "Phil Lee"… Oh well : p!


  6. DMR says:

    Is Irlin the only character whose name isn’t the authors official name?

    And its too late for my comment, but my opinion anyways; but doing something like that to Chinese name for now would be okay, since as a community, the non-Japanese Asian stuff isn’t converted as well into our “Otaku culture” like Japanese literature is… though it’d be great if it was…. though it’d be difficult since transferring stuff from one language into another is difficult….

    If this were a Japanese series, I would say to keep the name since we have properly developed a Western-Otaku culture and for the community in general, a lot of this stuff is common knowledge… but it is not yet there with Chinese & Korean lit…

    Can’t wait for the day too come…. though I feel that because of their closeness, people might end up putting them all into a single category….


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