[Disciple] Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: If I Were to Call You ‘BUG’, Will You Respond?

Her words were simply too arrogant. Firstly, she condemned Zhu Yao for retreating from a battle, now, she wanted her to take up the name of a loser as well?

The expressions of the people of Ancient Hill Sect, as expected, turned ugly.

Haah, this terrible temper of hers. Initially, she did not want to slap her in the face this quickly. However, since the other party was so eager to put her face forward, then Zhu Yao had no choice but to give her a sound one.

“Sovereign… Rulu, was it?” Zhu Yao chuckled. “Do you really want to fight me that much?”

“Hmph.” Mu Meiyan snorted coldly. “Cut the crap, are you going to take the challenge? Or are you afraid of losing?”

“It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a win or loss. However, with just a single battle between us, it will harm countless of lives, and build up countless of karma. Don’t you think it’s a little over the top?”

“In this world, the strong eats the weak in the first place. If those mortals wish to curse, then they can only curse themselves for not being strong enough.”

“But, ants struggle to live despite their size. Who here hasn’t started out as a mortal?”

“Ants will forever be ants. Even if they’re able to somehow save their own lives, they’re still frail to the point where they will die with a single pinch.” Her eyes turned cold, as though she seemed to have recalled something. The more she spoke, the more agitated she became. That feeling of powerlessness and being unable to retaliate, she understood it the most. Hence, it became the reason why she chased after strength after her resurrection.

The expressions of everyone present, however, began to turn ugly. Although everyone knew that what she had just said was true, and that this was the current state of the cultivation world, even if they accepted these in their hearts, it was different from saying them out in the open. After all, they had established themselves in upright Deity Sects, and had high and mighty titles to mask themselves. Matters like casually killing a bunch of mortals, although some of them had done such acts, it would be impossible for them to say them out so triumphantly. After all, they were not heretic practitioners.

Zhu Yao saw that things had heated up just about right. “I heard that Sovereign Rulu had only stepped into the Demigod-stage recently.”

“So what?” Mu Meiyan coldly responded. Could it be that she was thinking that she did not have the ability to challenge her?

“Nothing much.” Zhu Yao continued with a smile. “I simply recalled something all of a sudden. A hundred years ago, when you accompanied the Sect Master of Azureflight Sect over to my Sect to ask for my disciple’s hand in marriage, we have encountered once before. Back then, you still possessed a kind heart, and had even spoke up for Sect Master Wu. I wonder if Sovereign still remembers that incident?”

The news of the incident where the Sect Master of Azureflight Sect was rejected had been spread around all these years. As expected, a hint of awkwardness flashed past Wu Song’s face. Everyone however, did not expect that this person was present back then as well. Everyone was actually really clear about the matters of Rulu being a traitor of Celestial Indus Sect, and fleeing to Azureflight Sect. However, because she was currently a Demigod Sovereign, no one dared to bring this up.

However, this fact was brought up so openly by Zhu Yao. As expected, Mu Meiyan’s expression turned a little ugly, however, she did not break out into a fit. She simply snorted coldly and kept quiet. After all, currently, no one would dare to mock her. However, with this action of hers, it had instead made everyone to think that it was a silent consent.

Zhu Yao, however, let out a long sigh. “Haaah… Time sure has passed really quickly. In a blink of an eye, it has already been a hundred years. Back then, when I last saw you, you were still at the middle stages of Nascent Soul.”

When these words were first heard, they did not sound really important. However, after a careful thought, it was filled with many suspicious points. Middle stages of Nascent Soul? A hundred years ago? Was that a joke?

“What’s your point?” As expected, Mu Meiyan had thought of that as well, as she ruthlessly stared at Zhu Yao.

“Nothing much. In a mere hundred years, you broke through into the Demigod-stage from the middle stages of Nascent Soul. Sovereign, you sure have great talent.”

In an instant, everyone’s eyes looked towards Rulu one after another. How could that be possible? No matter how heaven-bending one’s talent was, from the middle stages of Nascent Soul to Demigod, it would still take at least a few hundred, or even a few thousand years. Even Sovereign Yu Yan who possessed the Lightning Spirit Vein back then, was only able to break through into the Demigod-stage after cultivating for a thousand years.

In a mere hundred years? That’s not logical at all.

She either had an extremely heaven-bending cultivating technique, or a heaven-bending Artifact. The entire Great Hall was instantly thrown into an uproar. A speed like this, had no doubt shocked everyone.

Excluding Zi Mo, whose face was of complete calm.

He silently glanced at his own little martial aunt. Uh… Little martial aunt, are you sure you have the right to talk about others? Haven’t you yourself suddenly broken through into the Demigod-stage after disappearing for two hundred years? And, he did not comment on it at all, you know. Everyone else had thought that Yu Yan had taken in three disciples. Fortunately, only he knew that this disciple of his ancestral-martial uncle, was the original one.

Only then did Mu Meiyan realize that her arrogance had gone way over her head, and had brought in the coveting eyes of others. Those pairs of either probing or suspicious eyes, faintly caused her to feel a little uneasy.

“For Sovereign to have cultivated so quickly, you must have a miraculous encounter.” Zhu Yao however, added another bucket of oil into the fire.

“So what?” Mu Meiyan’s expression turned colder, as she released her own Demigod-stage pressure, wanting to stun everyone present that were still discussing about her matters.

Zhu Yao, however, as though she was opposing her, released her own pressure and blocked it.

“Just what are you planning?” Even if Mu Meiyan was dumb, she would still know that Zhu Yao had some plans of her own.

“I simply suspect if there really exists such a miraculous encounter in this world.” Zhu Yao said, with emphasis on every word. “Just what kind of miraculous encounter, could allow a person’s cultivation to instantly rise to the Demigod-stage? And for her personality to change so greatly, turning into someone so ruthless, who has no regards to others’ lives…”

When these words were spoken, everyone was dumbfounded. The only thing Zhu Yao had left out now, was ‘body takeover.’ Everyone could not help but recall that moment earlier when she wanted to make a move against Zhu Yao no matter what. Adding her current cultivation level, in their hearts, that belief had already begun to take root. Even her own father, the Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect, had begun to ponder deeply as well.

“You’re making up nonsense.” Mu Meiyan was instantly in a fluster. In the first place, it was true that she had taken over this body, however, it did not happen after she was a Nascent Soul practitioner, but when Rulu had yet to basically enter the path of cultivation. “Zhu Yao, don’t think I’m afraid of killing you!”

Her expression sharpened, and her Demigod-stage pressure suddenly grew several times stronger. Zhu Yao herself was not afraid of these pressures, however, the awful thing was, that shadow that was latched behind her body seemed to be angered as well, as it pounced straight towards her.

Zhu Yao’s figure turned, and moved towards the entrance of the Great Hall in a flash, arriving at the empty plaza.

“My words had hit right on mark, is that why Sovereign wants to kill me now?”

The moment she heard these words, as expected, Mu Meiyan, whose fury had already gone over her head, chased after her. Zhu Yao smiled, and there she was afraid that she wouldn’t step out.

She stood at a position not far from Zhu Yao, and looked at her with a cold smile, as though she was looking at a dead corpse. The shadow behind her had become much denser as well. That soft, yet sinister laughter, once again resounded.

The depths of Zhu Yao’s heart even began to feel a little cold as well, as she tightly gripped onto the thing in her hand. In actuality, her legs had already turned jelly from the anxiousness. However, she was afraid that she was unable to solve this issue, so she had no choice but to go all out. She had simply brought the matters, which she had already decided on, a little ahead of schedule.

That shadow had already charged towards her, while Zhu Yao could only fly to the back to dodge.

As everyone else could not see the shadow, they could only see Mu Meiyan standing stationary at her spot, while Zhu Yao was fleeing really haggardly, as though Zhu Yao was fleeing from her shocking aura.

Mu Meiyan snorted coldly. She had overestimated her abilities, Mu Meiyan thought. Couldn’t she see the Phantom? Let’s play with her then.

Zhu Yao was chased with nowhere to retreat. Initially, she had thought that if she were to encounter the shadow, she would definitely receive some injuries. She had already prepared herself to attack it with the expense of her own well-being. However, she wondered if it was because of its overconfidence, the shadow seemed to be fooling around with her the entire time. It had only chased after her, and did not really move to attack her, as though it was a cat teasing a mouse. Zhu Yao could not help but praise it for its generosity. As expected, it’s really much happier when having a moron around.

Though it’s fun to play cat and mouse, if what the cat caught were to suddenly turn into a tiger, how would the cat react, she wondered?

Zhu Yao looked at the rather far distance between her and Mu Meiyan. The distance was about right, and the time had come.

The shadow leisurely forced Zhu Yao into a corner, and just when it was thinking of ending her, Zhu Yao suddenly held onto an object, raised it in her hands, and shone it at the shadow.

Suddenly, a ray of golden light directly passed through its body, and its dense black figure, was instantly dispersed. However, that ray of golden light had directly struck towards Mu Meiyan at the back as well, as it swept past her body.

Mu Meiyan simply felt a severe pain surging up, as though something important was being directly separated from her. The spiritual energy in her body, as though a hole had opened up, was flowing out at extreme speed, as she cried out miserably with an absolutely shrill voice.

However, an even louder miserable cry sounded from behind her. As though all of the ghosts in hell were crying out at the same time, an ear-trembling sound resounded through the clouds, which had even shaken the entire Ancient Hill Sect.

Behind Mu Meiyan, a large amount of dense smoke began to rise, forming a terrifying skull-head in the sky. From its mouth, it was emitting out that miserable voice from earlier, as its shape twisted and distorted painfully in the air. The sky which was initially bright and sunny, suddenly turned completely dark. All of the mysterious flowers and herbs in Ancient Hill Sect wilted in an instant.

The hearts of everyone present stirred from that voice, and they spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, as though their organs had shattered.

“What… What is this?” Someone exclaimed. Yet, no one gave him an answer.

Putting aside the Nascent Soul Reverends present, even the Demigod-stage practitioners, had never seen such a terrifying sight. Just by the smoky existence in the air caused them to feel completely powerless.

“Hey, help me already.” Zhu Yao endured the severe pain in her chest, and once again raised the mirror of light in her hands. Circulating all of the spiritual energy in her body, she continuously shot towards the wailing skull-head in the air. Feng Yi and Dan Mu were the first to react, as they summoned their own Sword Intents one after another, and attacked towards the air.

However, other than the ray of light Zhu Yao’s mirror emitted out earlier, the other attacks struck out by the two of them were completely ineffective, as though they had simply sliced through empty air.

That shadow however, hurriedly retracted itself, and once again returned into Mu Meiyan’s body. Mu Meiyan who had fainted on the ground earlier, suddenly stood up with a hint of red glow in her eyes. An enormous energy, assaulted everyone present at a wide scale.

While everyone was busy resisting against the energy, Mu Meiyan had already disappeared from sight.

The place was dead silent. Not a single one of them had yet to recover their senses from that terrifying sight earlier. Not a single one of them spoke.

“Earlier… Just what was that?” The Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect was completely lifeless.

“Could it be…”

“Devil Race.” Dan Mu muttered out these two words, which caused everyone present to tremble in the depths of their hearts. However, not one of them could find another existence to refute him. In this world, the only ones with strength capable of completely diminishing one’s will to retaliate, and even capable of causing all life to instantly lose their vitality, were the Devil Race.

The place had become even more silent than before. No one would have thought that the Devil Race would once again appear in the world. Especially in this world where the God Race had all gone extinct.

“Hanxin… Hanxin is gone.” Qihan suddenly realized that his disciple who had been behind him all this time, had disappeared along with Mu Meiyan as well.

He did not dare to think any further than that.

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    In the end, Zhu Yao saved the day in more ways than one. I bet everyone would be even more impressed after finding out she fought the shadow more than once and had cultivated form mortal to Demigod within 200 years. At that point, no one would be able to say anything against the Ancient Hill Sect. Moreover, to make things worse, everyone is now aware that they share the same ideals as the Devil Race and may or may not have to face the facts of them being questionable as upright Deity Sect practitioners. Well, we can only see what move the idiots make next.

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