[Disciple] Chapter 121

Chapter 121: There’s No Engagement

“Sovereign Zhu Yao.” Wu Song frowned, as he finally regained his senses from the shock he received from the start. Although he was still pressed onto the ground, he struggled out a reply. “Yan’er’s name is Mu Meiyan, and is the eldest disciple of Azure Melancholy Sect, which Azureflight Sect was formerly known as. Back then, she was chased after by heretic practitioners, and finally managed to return to the Sect after a narrow escape from death. She’s not the person from Celestial Indus Sect you mentioned.”

“Is that so?” Zhu Yao coldly laughed. Earlier, when she heard Wu Song call her Yan’er, she had already guessed that Mu Meiyan did not use the former identity of the girl she had taken over. However, she never expected that she was actually expelled from the Celestial Indus Sect. It seemed like in these thousand years, her battle with Yue Hanxin had been really intense, huh. And, she was even in a disadvantageous position. “In regards to whether it’s true or false, why don’t we invite the Sect Master of Celestial Indus Sect over? We will know the truth then. I think that our Ancient Hill Sect still hold enough reputation to invite him over.”

As expected, Mu Meiyan’s expression instantly paled. A glow flashed in her eyes, as she immediately interrupted. “There’s no need.”

“Yan’er?” Even Wu Song had guessed that this could be true, and his face was filled with disbelief.

Mu Meiyan gritted her teeth. Naturally, she herself was very clear of who she actually was. However, currently, her body was indeed Rulu’s. This was a fact which she could not deny.

Taking a deep breath, she kept all of her emotions, turned her head and glanced at Wu Song. In an instant, tears began to fall, and her face was filled with endless innocence and sadness. “Big brother Wu Song, I’m sorry. In the past, I’m indeed called Rulu. But, I have never done anything like what the rumors have said. I was framed for them. Please believe me. Little sister Meiyan and I have known each other since we were young, and we’re as close as real sisters. You have all mistaken me as her… I… I simply wanted to do something for the deceased Meiyan as well, so I have never denied it. For so many years, have I ever done anything to upset you?”

Her words were very skilfully crafted. Firstly, she overthrew the rumors of her being a traitor of Celestial Indus Sect. And, in the past, Azure Melancholy Sect and Celestial Indus Sect were indeed related to a certain degree. She knowing Mu Meiyan, the former eldest disciple of Azure Melancholy Sect, was thus something she could use. Then, she expressed that she was actually doing good deeds for her good sister’s sake. Hence, she had gained a complete upper hand in terms of sentiments and virtue.

As expected, the moment she said those words, Wu Song’s heart immediately softened. With a pained face, he looked towards her.

The hell, this green tea bitch.

Wanting to make a turn-over? That would still depend if Zhu Yao was willing to give her the chance. Although she had that almighty shadow as her cheat, currently, Zhu Yao did not see the appearance of the shadow. She could guarantee that shadow was currently not here. It had most probably suffered heavy injuries from the scroll and was unable to reveal itself. Hence, Mu Meiyan had been in such a terrible state in these few years, and was even chased out of Celestial Indus Sect. However, Zhu Yao had never expected that she would hook onto Wu Song.

Recalling the entanglement between Wu Song and Mu Meiyan in her dreams, Zhu Yao felt completely frustrated. Could it be that it was impossible to alter the scenario? Even without her saving him in the past, could it be that Wu Song would still come to love Mu Meiyan?

“Big brother Wu Song, please believe me.” Mu Meiyan was still trying to garner Wu Song’s trust with all her might. She could no longer keep up with Yue Hanxin, and currently, only Azureflight was her safest haven. She definitely could not let it go.

Glancing at Zhu Yao at the side, she could not help but secretly hate her in the depths of her heart. She had long known that this person was her biggest obstacle, hence she attacked Zhu Yao preemptively. She had sent the “Phantom” to kill her, however, she never expected her to be this hard to kill.

“Yan’er…” Actually, Wu Song’s heart had already softened. He would definitely even break decorum with Ancient Hill Sect for her. It could be seen that he was really sincere towards her. “I believe you. Of course I believe you. Don’t worry, I will definitely protect you.”

When his words fell, the faces of the few Radishes at the back instantly darkened a little, and they even secretly cast awkward expressions at Zhu Yao. Let’s first put aside the question of whether her words were true, just by her identity as a traitor of Celestial Indus Sect alone would bring about a huge trouble for Azureflight Sect. Azureflight Sect possessed a Great Mountain Barrier Formation protected by countless high-ranked demonic beasts. Currently, it’s being titled the strongest Great Mountain Barrier Formation of the cultivation world. They were not afraid of other Sects assaulting them, however, there would still be a degree of influence to their reputation.

Recalling that Great Mountain Barrier Formation, the Radishes present could not help but glance at Zhu Yao. No one else knew, but they knew it all too clearly. That exact formation was something she had laid down herself.

“Sovereign.” Wu Song pulled Rulu to her feet. Although Zhu Yao had already retracted her pressure, he was still feeling a little guilty towards this Sovereign. Though, he did not think there was anything wrong with choosing his true love. “The reason why we’re here today, is to simply cancel my engagement with Miss Yu Luo. I’m indeed the one at fault, so I will do my utmost to provide compensation for her.” Wu Song took out a storage pouch, and handed it to Yu Luo. “I believe these can compensate you a little.”

“Compensation?” Yu Luo was already trembling. With a pained expression, she looked at his face. “Wu Song, what are you treating me as?”

“Yu Luo…” Wu Song’s hand trembled. He did not have the intention to shame her, but his action had essentially revealed this point. After all, Yu Luo had stayed by his side for so many years, so he would still harbor some feelings for her. Looking at her saddened expression, his heart could not help but start to ache as well.

“Big brother Wu.” Mu Meiyan called out.

Only then did Wu Song resolve himself, and place the storage pouch at the side. “No matter what, our engagement shall end here.”

“Engagement? When has my disciple ever had an engagement with you?” Zhu Yao could not help but speak up, and laugh coldly.

Wu Song blanked, as though he did not know why she would ask such a question?

“Sect Master Wu. You have never come to my Jade Forest Mountain for her hand in marriage, so when did this matter about an engagement come from?”

“I… asked Sect Master Zi Mo…”

Zhu Yao interrupted instantly. “Yu Luo is my personal succeeding disciple. In regards to the rules of the cultivation world, as a Sect Master, you shouldn’t be unaware of it, right?”

“I…” Wu Song’s words were stuck in his throat. Indeed, according to the rules of the cultivation world, since Yu Luo was her personal succeeding disciple, thus she should have the last say in everything in the first place, especially when it came to a great matter like practitioner-pair companionship.

“Since you have never come to ask for her hand in marriage, and I have never agreed to it, where does this talk about cancelling an engagement come from?” He was the one who cheated on Yu Luo, yet he still wanted her to shoulder a part of the blame? How could there be such a favorable situation in the world? “Could it be that Sect Master Wu wishes to act out a complete scenario of asking her hand in marriage now and cancelling the engagement right after? Heh! Sect Master Wu, from the way you’re trying to play a fool out of me in such a willful manner, what kind of place do you take my Jade Forest Mountain for?”

“I… I didn’t mean it that way?” Wu Song started to become anxious.

“Sover…” Mu Meiyan seemed as though she wanted to say something.

“Shut up!” Zhu Yao, however, instantly attacked her with her pressure. “Who do you think you are? Do you think you have a say here?”

A trace of blood had already appeared from the corner of Mu Meiyan’s lips from her attack. Although Wu Song was worried, he did not say anything about it, and simply tried to explain with everything he could think of. “Sovereign, you did not return for so many years. I simply thought…”

“I don’t care what you think.” Zhu Yao immediately interrupted his words. Picking up that storage pouch from the table, with a frown, she tossed it back. “Take away your belongings. I don’t agree to this engagement. The successor of Jade Forest Mountain cannot be afforded by just anyone.”

“…” Wu Song thus had a flea in his ear. Initially, he had come to cancel his engagement, yet, the entire situation had been overturned by Zhu Yao, causing his proposal to be rejected instead. He was thus hugely embarrassed for nothing, and for a moment, his expression was ugly to see as well. But in the end, the person in front of him was his benefactor. And he had indeed done something dishonorable while she wasn’t here. Hence, he did not rebut her. Instead, he simply bowed depressingly and turned to leave.

As for Radish Number One to Four, they gave Zhu Yao a huge bow as well. Though, their feelings were still rather complicated. Although Wu Song was already the Sect Master, and was recognized by them as well, Zhu Yao was after all, still the founder of Azureflight. Back then when she was missing, the situation was still manageable. However, now that she had suddenly appeared again, their standing had instantly turned awkward.

“Halt.” Right before they left, they were once again stopped by Zhu Yao.

Wu Song and the rest paused their steps, and turned their heads around.

“There’s a matter I wish to consult the Sect Master of Azureflight Sect.” She purposefully emphasized the two words ‘Sect Master’, and with a tone which could not be determined if she was joking or not, she spoke. “I wonder if this esteemed Sect has any plans of changing its name to Azure Melancholy Sect?”

When these words fell, not only Wu Song’s, even the faces of the few Little Radishes at the side, had turned a little ugly.

Earlier, Wu Song had explicitly said that she was saved because Mu Meiyan was the eldest disciple of the former Sect Master. And after finding out her true identity, once again, with the identity of the friend of the former eldest disciple, he continued to cover for her. However, he had forgotten a single point. Right now, they were a part of Azureflight Sect, and not the former Azure Melancholy Sect.

So how could his excuse possibly work?

In regards to the fact that Mu Meiyan was the eldest disciple of Azure Melancholy Sect, actually, Zhu Yao had already faintly guessed it. In the past, she did not especially recall that precognitive dream of hers, after all, ever since she had taken Yu Luo as her disciple, the entire scenario had already been distanced away from the original timeline.

And, back then when she saved those eighty-two little radishes, she simply felt that the name ‘Azure Melancholy Sect’ sounded a little familiar. However, she had never expected that Azure Melancholy Sect was actually the resurrected female antagonist’s former home, which was exterminated in her past life. She only recalled this matter all of a sudden when she saw Mu Meiyan by Wu Song’s side.

In the female antagonist’s previous life, her home was exterminated, and thus, she sought refuge in Celestial Indus Sect, and was taken under Qi Han’s tutelage. And when she resurrected, and returned to the past, because of the laws of time and space, two people with the same soul could not exist in the same timeline. Hence, in this timeline, she had actually died while escaping.

While she, who had already cultivated to Nascent Soul in her past life, thus gained the opportunity to take over and possess someone else.

In actuality, back when she saved those little radishes, she had wondered why there were only low-grade disciples whose Spirit Veins were only so-so among them, while there wasn’t even a single elite disciple to be seen.

When she looked at it now, she realized it wasn’t because this small Sect had no elite disciples, rather, all those elite disciples, including Mu Meiyan, had already escaped long before. The little radishes she had saved were actually just sacrifices for the Sect, and they were simply waiting for their deaths in the seal. Back then, she had thought that this Sect was rather humane, but looking at them now, they were sure as selfish as ever.

Most probably because that shadow had suffered heavy injuries in the scroll, in these thousand years, it did not provide her that much aid, and hence, she was forced to leave Celestial Indus Sect. Most probably, she had simply followed her memories, and wanted to return to the former destroyed Azure Melancholy Sect, only to find out that her own Sect still existed.

And the reason why Mu Meiyan stayed, was because the current Azureflight possessed the Great Mountain Barrier Formation maintained those several high-ranked demonic beasts, which could protect her from being discovered by Celestial Indus Sect. Hence, she stayed in the Sect using her former identity, Mu Meiyan.

Actually, if she had simply stayed in Azureflight Sect, Zhu Yao wouldn’t have said anything about it. After all, that place was once her home. However, she shouldn’t ever have messed with the relationship between Wu Song and Yu Luo.


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  1. chibi says:

    Yeah! She shouldn’t! It was greedy!
    Hope that Zhu Yao can expel her from the sect…. though what will happen next will be the same…. the idiot of Wu Song will follow her and amidst all the conflict in order to save her will become an heretic practitioner…. and maybe not know how much of a bitch MM is….. but I hope he gets to know and be full of guilty towards his companions and his former lover….

    But really! One of the things that pises me off the most be it in chinese novels (even japanese and korean ones) is when a bitch fox acts like a little kitten all ingenue and frail when in reality they are the most wicked, and to top it all is that the male do believe them blindly! Those men must actually have a complex! That must be it! They don’t like when women are independent or strong or hold her own, they want to act for her like she is a handicapped person! Which is why they all prefer a beauty, delicate and weak girl, instead of a solid women who can share things with!

    Thanks for the chapter scrya!

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    • indomnianoodles says:

      Well that’s very traditional way of thinking for a woman to be meek and soft spoken. Lily feet was a thing and it’s disgusting to point of… I can’t think of anything more nastier then foot binding. Anyway, the turn on from what I can gather is that the woman essentially cannot live without your support and completely dependent on your survival. I.E supreme chauvinistic power tripping.


      • Owl says:

        It might be a species imperative, humans are hardly the only ones that have a male hunter/female homekeeper social model. IIRC wolves and lions do too. The difference is that humans can second guess themselves and mentally force themselves down development paths that are not instinctual. Or inversely, force themselves down the same path to an abnormal extent.

        So it may be less a powertrip, more a deep hardwired imperative in our species, which is disturbing in a sense when you think what else could be chucked in there and we execute without knowing.


      • winterice says:

        Uh, OWL, no???? Like maybe some fish have “male hunter/female homekeeper” social models, but definitely not lions (where females are the ones who hunt) or wolves (where females are only fed when pregnant or nursing). It may indeed be a human hardwired biological imperative; the sexual dimorphism between human men and women definitely inclines the former for hunting and the latter for less muscular/dangerous activities (and, as an aside, there’s a positioning in archeology of men as hunters and women as gatherers). However, considering that this light novel is a cultural artifact that plays upon cultural tropes, both the desire for a dependent female and the snake-in-a-flower trope can be considered hardwired *cultural* imperatives, present in all of the big, hegemonic cultures that I have any knowledge of.


    • Allstarall says:

      Geneticly/Historically speaking, when people were still wanderers, males protected the females and they happily accepted the protection. Boys today still have a princess complex while girls still have a prince complex. As shown by many romance novels.

      Still. It was super long ago. Boys should tone that down a bit. Girls, you go and kick ass. 😋


  2. Manga Hunter says:

    I am so pissed to the point my stomach is twisting. I want to smack Wu Song till he passes out and I want to strangle that evil bug. It seems that Wu Song completely forgot what Zhu Yao did for him. I hope that he can still be saved, but my belief in him is slowly fading. Maybe he is being manipulated…highly doubt it now. T_T

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  3. junior1210 says:

    I’m inclined to believe that her initial reaction was the correct one, CASTRATION!!!!! Then he can sniff after as many other girls as he wants. I also hope she pulls her protections from the sect unless and until they formally and permanently expel BOTH of them from the sect.

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    • sen says:

      I agree, taking advantage of zhu yao’s protection then betray her trust…castrate him or just remove that barrier since he’s the new sect master anyway, its his responsibility to save his sect

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  4. yu3kino says:

    Perhaps, Wu Song is the reincarnation of bug 1.0! Right now, readers hate level for him seems to be skyrocketing in just 3 or 4 chapters from “this kid is a little annoying” to “CASTRATE!! F***ING CASTRATE HIM!!”. He also probably gonna use retard logic and make us hate him even more. I must say that it’s impressive how he even garner a lot more hate than bug 2.0.

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      • yu3kino says:

        Well, he could be long dead for all we know. He did got cripple and throw to fend for himself in the wild, so his survival chance isn’t that high + his plot armor probably gone with the bug label.


      • Gathion3 says:

        It has been 1000 years.
        He is dead just face it. There was a part where it even said he would never be able to cultivate again.

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  5. Bug Hater says:

    Mama miya
    Someone slap that insect with a sandle and teach that cheating bastard a lesson!

    Barrier? Protection? MC gave ’em to you ungrateful radishes and MC can take ’em away ~
    Loved how MC is so good with her words!

    Keep up the great work as always


  6. Tried says:

    Woot Zhu Yao! Sucker punch those jerks! Bring down that formation and let them get slapped! Get the beasts to help out too haha


  7. Namorax says:

    I think the hatred for Wu Song is getting out of hand:
    We have no idea what he had to do in these last thousand years to keep the radish farm together. Back then, Zhu Yao estabished the radish-farm just for him, the sect had been created to prevent him from becoming a loner and because his character would never allow him to abandon the other children.

    And now comes someone who “needs his protection”, someone “weak” who knows how to push all the right buttons. On top of that, add a minor behavior-correction caused by the protagonist/bug-buff and it is no wonder that he starts to believe that the “right” thing to do is the cancellation of his engagement.
    Wu Song believes it is his responsibility to look for Mu’s safety, and as this chapter pointed out, Mu’s standing is very unstable.

    For some reason, I am unable to follow the plot here, can someone please explain?

    [Earlier, Wu Song had explicitly said that she was saved because Mu Meiyan was the eldest disciple of the former Sect Master. And after finding out her true identity, once again, with the identity of the friend of the former eldest disciple, he continued to cover for her. However, he had forgotten a single point. Right now, they were a part of Azureflight Sect, and not the former Azure Melancholy Sect.]

    Is this talking about the eldest disciple or sectmaster of the Azureflight Sect, or of the Melancholy Sect? I’m confused….

    Also, [She was no longer compatible with Yue Hanxin]?
    Wasn’t Yue her rival, the goddess for which she travelled into the past to fight against? Shouldn’t this be more… confrontational then?
    Like [she could no longer keep up with Yue Hanxin]? Compatible makes it sound like the two had a lover’s spat or something.

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      • Namorax says:

        Meiyan is, but Rulu isn’t. And even then, Meiyan was part of the sect who were willing to leave the children behind as bait, right?

        Wouldn’t that mean she is either guilty of leaving behind all the children who would later become the Azureflight sect so they would die, OR that she has absolutely no reason why Azureflight should allow her to stay?


      • ... says:

        Azueflight is already a diff. sect with different founder, the teachings is also very different so meiyan is definitely not a senior disciple


  8. YoungMind says:

    I call for punishment ! He should be expelled from the sect how can he use it to protect the bug ! Plus, she should take the advantage of the shadow not being there to cripple the cultivation of Mu Meiyan !


    • indomnianoodles says:

      I think you raise a good point. Now is the best time for counter measures against shadow dude and Yue Hanxin have her realize that she’s the reincarnation of Goddess. Also, how did Yu Luo get into that predicament where she’s nearly raped by the heretic practitioner? Isn’t she a blood bender??

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      • mir says:

        I feel like the situation in the cave was probably masterminded my Mu Meiyan.
        First, weaken her in some way (poison?), have her be attacked, while Yu Luo is trying to deal with what just happened, have the guy she loves come and break the engagement as a nail in the coffin, making her mind break, and then…. take over her body? Can she even do that anymore?
        Or maybe the point was to have something to say in case they didnt accept the break of the engagement “Hey, this guy here says he slept with you, you’re a xxxx(some insult), how can you say you don’t want to break up with Wu Song while you’re going and sleeping with other people?”
        Or some disgusting argument like that.

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  9. linkhyrule5 says:

    So many bloodthirsty people. I’ve really stopped wondering how people can like classical xianxia.

    Oh well. Kudos on the actual author for not being a dick.

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  10. marci81 says:

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  11. indomnianoodles says:

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  12. arashichan12 says:

    Wu Song, Wu Song, Wu Song…

    On one side, I feel like it’s only right to CASTRATE HIM HIS CHEATING ASS. On the other, if this were modern times, while he’d still be an ass at least he’s trying to compensate and “do the right thing.”

    I mean, think about it. He was unfaithful and his emotions died down, so wouldn’t it be best for the girl if he let her go?

    But this bastard’s only thinking about himself and not thinking about Yu Luo’s side! Blindly trusting in that bitch Mu Meiyan and believing her crocodile tears and being manipulated like a rag doll…

    If you keep following her you’ll die, you idiot! I can’t say that he deserves to die, and since Zhu Yao saved him and he’s done a decent job at supporting the other radishes at Azureflight, he can be seen as someone useful…

    But you’re such a freaking idiot!!


    I wonder if this was that damn Shadow’s plot. Now that thing really deserves to kick the bucket, and that cold hearted bitch Mu Meiyan can fall into hell along with him. >_<

    Despite all the rage, thanks for translating Scrya! Can't wait to see how Zhu Yao ties those two idiots noises in the next chapter. Hope she kicked MM out of the sect. If lover boy isn't a complete idiot then he'll know what's good for him… Bastard.


  13. Clover says:

    Big Sis mode Tyrant On !!! so cool arrogant and cold Big Sis you are charming I fell for you again I am your loyal follower yay -Thanks for the chapter


  14. Owl says:

    If you think of it, someone above said that Azureflight was founded to “take care of the kids”, so is it any surprise that when Meiyan came in with a sob story, all their buttons got pushed?

    It’s going to be a bit difficult to explain how to punish Mu Meiyan if you don’t know her backstory. It’s going to look very arbituary since Zhu Yao actually asked them to take care of the weaker ones then suddenly kick out someone in need for no reason. She needs to tell them that the original Rulu is dead and that Mu Meiyan is a bodysnatcher, otherwise it’ll look like she’s being a hypocrite.

    Remember, we have background information, the poor Radishes do not, they can only see what is in front of them, a poor girl driven out from a sect in enmity whom the sect master likes and likes the master as well. No wonder they are in conflict, one is their benefactor, the other is the kind of person their benefactor gave them an example to save.

    And I’m still waiting to see them explain why the attempted rapist did not have his heart ripped out through his nose when he was trying to rape Yu Luo. One disturbing possibility occurred to me but… it’s disturbing. That she slept with Wu Song in the last 1000 years and her power was drained by him a lot. Not something I like but we have to wonder why she’s so weak now.


    • Davi Shak says:

      But the thing is that the other radishes aren’t even trying to protect her its only WS. They also don’t think she is someone who needs protection. Since she got kicked out of her sect, they think she did something really shitty. In the end, they feel no pity, only WS does.


  15. Hell to the bugs and traitors says:

    If the main character wasn’t so humane i would had just suggested chop off their heads then just move on with life…


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