[Disciple] Chapter 141

Chapter 141: Master’s IQ has Logged Off

Zhu Yao felt that she was being played. In these few months, she had experienced the lives of a kitchen knife, brick, barbecue grills, shuttlecock, and other related objects. She was just about to cultivate into a jack-of-all-trades. If she had not been fixed by having divine energy inserted into her occasionally, she would have shattered a long time ago.

However, that sly fox did not have the slightest intention to help her gain a human form. She had not even seen the shadow of the Lightning Abyssal Spring herself. If this continued, forget about gaining a human form, she would be played to death first. In regards to the legend of the ultimate Lightning Abyssal Spring which could aid her in gaining her human form, simply with a twist, lick, dunk, just like ore- Ah pui! She was starting to doubt if it really existed.

Thus, the problem came. Excavation technology- Ah pui!

When she asked herself if it would be faster to die and resurrect, or cultivate a human form…

The answer she came up with was… Dying seemed to be a little easier.

“Flip over!” A certain unconscientious person used a pair of chopsticks to poke the rock which had already turned a little charred from the grilling.

Zhu Yao flipped over without saying a single hateful comment. The intense flames under her seared with a sizzling sound, instantly burning her jade-body. While a certain culprit, was currently clamping onto a piece of raw meat, which he then threw onto the jade which was already boiling hot from the heat. In an instant, the aroma of the meat suffused into the air, while the oil flowed around Zhu Yao’s face. Craaack! It was as though she could heard cracking sounds. Crack then, crack then. If the jade were to crack anymore, she could finally disconnect.

The man who was just about to place down the second piece of meat, momentarily paused his fingers. Glancing at the jade which was especially obedient today, his brows slightly furrowed for a moment. The intent to die actually sprouted with this rock spirit.

“I say, Blossoming Jade.”

You’re Blossoming Jade. Your entire family is made of Blossoming Jades.

“Haah, initially, I had planned on bringing you to the Lightning Abyssal Spring today to have you gain your human form. But, seeing that these pieces of meat will not be grilled that quickly, I think it’s best if I postpone…”

“Today is fine!” Zhu Yao’s vigor was suddenly increased by a hundred times, and whatever thoughts of disconnecting she had before, had disappeared. So you were planning to bring me there today? Say that earlier.

“But grilling these pieces of meat…”

“No problem, I’m fine.” Wasn’t it just grilling meat? That’s nothing compared to gaining a human form! “Grill them, grill them! Grill a few more pieces. Do you want to add some cumin?”

The man’s eyes narrowed, as a fine light flashed past his eyes. Without making a sound, he once again picked up a piece of raw meat, and covered Zhu Yao’s face.

The meat grilling operation this time continued for an entire day. In these few days, she had been occasionally inserted with divine energy, and she felt that she was actually developing into a diamond. Her cultivation had accumulated a little as well, at the very least, she was now able to flip her body.

However, she felt that she was given these abilities, all for the sake of a certain person’s convenience. For example, occasionally, he would ask her to flip herself. But, no matter how high her cultivation was, she wouldn’t be able to last an entire day under an intense fire, right? Although as a piece of jade, she could not sense any pain, those constant cracking sounds were something she could hear absolutely clearly.

She was going to disconnect. She’s definitely going to disconnect, right?

Just when Zhu Yao felt that she was unable to hold on any longer, the stack of meat was finally grilled to completion. Fortunately, that sly fox stayed true to his words, and carried her to the backyard. They arrived at the side of a pool which was the size of a well. The pool wasn’t huge, but strangely, the water was purple in color.

And she did not know if it was because he had found a little bit of conscience inside of him, he first healed up the cracks on Zhu Yao’s body.

“Remember, you can only get out after ten days.”

“Mn, mn, mn, mn.” Zhu Yao hurriedly responded.

The man loosened his fingers, and with a ‘plop’, Zhu Yao fell into the purple-colored pool. Only at this moment did Zhu Yao understand why this pool was called the Lightning Abyssal Spring. The hell, what’s inside was not water at all, but lightning. Furthermore, the might and strength of each of these bolts were comparable to the heavenly lightning brought forth from ascension tribulation. The dense amount of lightning aura filled her surroundings, as the bolts constantly drilled into jade. She once again heard the crackling sounds, and this time, she was cracking even faster than before. Although she could not feel any pain as a piece of jade, she could not endure it if those lightning bolts came running into her divine sense region, right?

If she had not made constant contact with lightning spiritual energy in the past, she would basically be unable to endure it. This matter of forcefully absorbing energy was even a little stronger than the spiritual energy turbulence in the past. Zhu Yao thus could only try her best to maintain the rate of lightning energy which was suddenly pouring into her body, and guide the energy to circulate according to her will.

On the first day, Zhu Yao finally controlled the lightning energy in her body.

On the second day, she could already circulate the lightning energy according to her will.

On the third day, her body had begun to stop cracking.

On the fourth day, she began to make progress with her cultivation, and also began to restore her body.

On the fifth day, from a piece of white jade, she turned emerald-green.

On the sixth day, she became an even brighter emerald.

On the seventh day, She had turned into a huge piece of diamond. Zhu Yao suddenly had the imagination of experiencing an hundred and eighty degrees turn in life, and turning into a rich tyrant.

On the eighth day, her body once again began to crack and change.

On the ninth day, her entire body was enveloped by a gentle aura, and she began to transform.

On the tenth day… A chat window appeared before her.

Zhu Yao stared at the window which suddenly appeared, and suddenly had the urge to give Realmspirit a rough beating.

Please set your character’s configuration:
[Female] (Already used) or [Male] (Already used) or [Baby] (Already used) or [Bi-gender] (Can be selected)

The hell, what’s with the ‘Bi-gender’ option at the end? And what’s with the ‘Already used’ next to the first three options? Didn’t that clearly mean that she had to choose the final ‘Bi-gender’ option? Instead of being turned into a demon, she would rather die. Realmspirit, come out here if you dare.

Character’s configuration selection countdown: 10. 9. 8. 7…

Hey, hey, hey, what’s with the sudden countdown timer? Realmspirit, you’re clearly making a fool out of me.

3. 2. 1. Countdown ended. [Bi-gender] has been automatically selected. Character configuration in progress…

Flips table. Realmspirit, come out here! I guarantee I won’t beat you to death!

A white light flashed in front of her eyes, and Zhu Yao felt as though her vision had instantly turned wide. The scenery which she had thought was still incomparably huge four weeks ago, was currently shrinking little by little. And the shrinking out stopped when the scenery was as huge as it was in her memories.

A clear, gentle breeze blew past. Zhu Yao suddenly felt a slight chill. Only then did she realize that it wasn’t the scenery which shrank, rather, it was her who grew in size. The white aura on her body gradually dissipated. She had successfully gained a human form.

Zhu Yao’s first reaction, was to look downwards in fear. Phew, it’s alright. There wasn’t anything strange growing below, and her breasts were still intact, though, just like before, they were still lacking in nutrients.

“You actually did it?” The sly fox suddenly appeared out of nowhere, and was currently standing at the other side of the courtyard. Still wearing that slight bewitching smile, he sized her up for a moment, and nodded. “Though it’s a little ugly, the qualifications aren’t bad.”

“Hoho… Thank you.” You’re ugly. Your entire family is ugly.

He walked straight towards her, and seemed to want to pull her up. Suddenly, a huge wind swept past, and a white figure cut in-between them. His cold expression seemed to be frozen solid, and currently, he was staring straight at the person sitting in the pool.

Zhu Yao suddenly had the urge to cry. Master, took you long enough to find me.

“Yu Wang?”

“Your sister’s Desire!” Your sister, your sister, your sister! Why did he remember the name ‘Yu Yao’ when he appeared before the little bitch, but when it came to her, he changed it back to Desire!?

However, Yu Yan heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that this time, she really was his disciple alright. Reaching out his hand, he said. “Follow me back.”

“I say, Little Yan Yan?” A certain person who was cut off earlier, rotated his eyes between the two of them back and forth, as his brows twitched. “Aren’t you going to explain?”

Yu Yan finally turned around to glance at the man, and responded with the same cold tone. “My disciple.”

The man’s expression stiffened, and then, sighed deeply. Clearly, she was the little rock spirit that he picked up, so how did she suddenly become his disciple? Why didn’t he recall any tradition of taking in demon spirits as disciples in the Lightning Divine Hall?

“I say…”

However, Yu Yan completely did not have any intentions to explain, as he pulled his disciple up, and left these words. “Hall Master, Yu Yan shall take his leave.”

In an instant, his figure flashed, and in front of him, what’s left was an empty pool.


If you want to take someone away, at the very least, let me finish what I want to say. Where’s your most basic form of respect to the Hall Master?

Yu Yan brought his disciple back to his nest, and only then did his several days of frustration from losing his disciple finally calm down. After seeing her sitting in the Lightning Abyssal Spring, and the aura which still remained after the formation of a body, he could already make a rough guess why he would mistake that woman for her back then.

He stared at her completely foreign-looking face. What’s strange was, after looking for her a moment, her face was no longer a blurred view, rather, it had been directly engraved in the depths of his heart. Among the faces that showed up when he thought of his disciple in his mind, another one was instantly added in. For him to be capable of remembering her face, she was his own disciple alright.

Reaching out his hand to stroke her drenched head, but what he received in response was a pair of very well-concealed rolling eyes. Her eyes showed complete defiance, as though they were saying ‘Do not mess up my hairstyle.’ Yu Yan unhesitatingly pressed on her head, entangling her strands of hair, which were drenched in the first place, from his stroking.

Mn, that’s right. Even her reaction was spot on. She was definitely his disciple.

“Why were you in the Lightning Abyssal Spring?” Yu Yan began his first wave of questions.

Zhu Yao blanked, and instantly, a large wave of flames surged from her chest. “Isn’t it because you mistook that little bitch for me?”

Little bitch? What? Yu Yan blanked for a moment, and suddenly, he recalled that woman who posed as his disciple back then. His expression sank. “She possessed the aura of my divine sense on her body.” It was the divine sense which he had left on his disciple.

“She has it, so you recognized her as me? She had me by her waist, so of course she has the divine sense on her body.” The flames in Zhu Yao’s heart instantly surged up high. Clearly, she knew he wasn’t to blame for this incident, but she just couldn’t suppress her fury. Especially when she recalled when her master treated that woman the same way as her, and that woman’s coy expression, she really wished she could scratch her face.

Looking at his disciple who was gritting her teeth, and was seemingly extremely irritated, Yu Yan sighed. Casually, he cast a Dirt Removal Art on his disciple, and once again stroked her head. “This is your master’s mistake.” Although he did feel the incident was a little strange back then, that strand of divine sense he felt was indeed not fake. Even if that woman was not his own disciple, it was possible that she was related to his disciple in some way. Hence, he brought her back, and planned on clarifying things in the future.

Zhu Yao, however, instantly pulled down his hand, and with a forceful twist of her body, pushed her own master onto the bed behind him. “You think you’re fine just by admitting your mistake? It’s never that simple.”

But, Yu Yan’s expression did not change. He simply looked blankly at his own disciple who was smiling slyly, as though being pressed onto the bed by his own disciple was not really a big deal. Mn, in any case, it’s not the first time. He was used to it.

“Master, do you still remember what I said before you ascended? If you dare to fool around with flowers and tender grass¹, I will castrate you.”

Fool around with flowers and tender grass? Yu Yan blanked for a moment. Frowning, after a while, he replied with a serious look. “The Lightning Divine Hall is filled with flowers and grass, if I don’t make contact with them, it’s a little hard.” Especially grass, which he had stepped on quite a bit.

“…” The bundle of fury within Zhu Yao was instantly extinguished completely with a sizzling sound, and she felt as though an illusory voice could be heard.

Your master’s IQ has logged off.

¹Fooling around with flowers and tender grass: Basically, fooling around with women behind Zhu Yao’s back.

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