[Disciple] Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: Jade Forest Refiners are Good

So her own master basically did not think that these items were of any use, and they were merely trash he had nowhere to place after refining them. Then why did he leave them with her back then!? Master, come out. Let us have a good talk about life.

“I have placed several weapon refining materials inside the ring. They should be enough to support you till you manage to raise your weapon refining skill to a high-grade.” Yu Yan cut in with a light tone.

Only then did Zhu Yao recall that there seemed to be huge stack of items that were smeared in black at the corner of the ring. Back then, she had thought that they were something useless, and had planned on throwing them away sometime later. So they were actually materials her master had left for her.

Actually, she couldn’t be blamed for this either. Who would even notice those authentic charcoal-like materials after seeing that pile of golden and shiny high-ranked Mystic Tools? While the rest were all rubbish that yet to be cleared.

Zhu Yao’s felt her heart squeezing.

“Master, is there anything else you haven’t told me? Can you list them all in one go?”

The white figure above the jade pendant blanked, before he spoke up a moment later. “Other than weapon refinement materials, at the side, there are also talisman papers used to create Talismans, formation flags used to set up Formations, and first to eighth ranked demonic beast eggs that had yet to be incubated. However, since you already have a demonic beast, most likely, you have no need for all these.”

“…” Zhu Yao was dumbfounded for a moment. Did her master want to raise her as a master of everything? There was too much information to process, and she needed to cool down for a moment.

Though, Yu Yan still carried that calm look. As a qualified master, naturally, he would not keep everything he knew to himself. He obviously had to teach all of the handicrafts he knew to his own disciple.

Mn… It was definitely not because he was too bored while waiting for sixteen thousand years, hence he collected these things to play with. It definitely wasn’t.

“Formations, Beast Training, Talismans, and Weapon Refinement, you have taken up these four skills, but what about Pellet Refinement?” Zhu Yao suddenly realized this problem.

“There’s no need for you to learn the path of Pellet Refinement.” Yu Yan frowned. He was still rejecting things related to pellets and medicine.

“Why?” This was a question that Zhu Yao had wanted to ask for a long time. Her Master seemed to especially hated pellets. In the past, he kept emphasizing that they were unbeneficial for her cultivation, but now that she thought about it, when everyone else cultivated while eating pellets, they seemed to be fine though? Why was it that she would be affected negatively by them?

Yu Yan’s expression turned even colder, and she he did not reply for a long while. Just as Zhu Yao was about to believe that he wouldn’t answer her, he suddenly said with a cold tone. “When I was forming my Azoth Core…”

“Ah?” Was he about to tell a story?

“I once met a female practitioner.”

Zhu Yao’s expression instantly turned ugly, and a hundred retorts immediately surfaced in the depths of her heart. Who was this vile woman he was referring to?

“She was a Pellet Master.” Yu Yan frowned deeper, and his face was filled with irritation. “She told me that she could bestow me with an Azoth Formation Pellet, which could aid me in forming my Azoth Core. Her condition was…”

“What was it?” Zhu Yao’s heart instantly lifted.

Yu Yan’s expression had already turned cold to the point that shards of ice were about to fall. He bit his lips, as though he had recalled something difficult and shameful. Even in Zhu Yao’s mind, a great action film between a man and woman was about to take place. Only then did he finally speak up. “Her condition was… to have me hold her hand.”

“Hah? Just that?” She didn’t mishear it, right? Or was it not in a literal sense?

Yu Yan turned his head around to look at her, his expression was clearly stating ‘Wasn’t that more than enough?’

The hell. I have already prepared my scissors, and in the end, you’re actually telling me that the relationship between you two was pure?

Zhu Yao instantly felt like lighting a candle for that female practitioner. “Will holding her hand kill you?”

“No.” Yu Yan honestly replied. “But it’s very dirty?”

“Which part of it was dirty?” Her master was a cleanliness freak? How did she not know about it?

“When she climbed the mountain, her shoes were stained with dirt.”

“…” What’s even the slightest bit of relation between holding a hand and shoes? It’s not like she was telling him to hold her legs. “I have dirt on my shoes every day.” I’m sorry, I dirtied you for so many years.

“You’re different.” Yu Yan replied confidently. “You’re my disciple.”

“Well, thank you for that!” This reason did not make her happy in the slightest.

“No problem.”

The hell, I dare you to speak another word! Do you believe that I will impale you!?

Zhu Yao took a deep breath, and only then did she barely accept such a ridiculous reason. “And just because of this, you have never eaten pellets?”

“Something that is refined by an unclean person, will naturally be unclean as well.” Yu Yan gave an ‘isn’t that obvious’ look, and then, heavily admonished her once again. “You can’t eat them either.”

“…” Dear god, let me kneel in front of you. Those Food Safety Organizations should have hired you, that way, their checks would have been absolutely well done.

In regards to the conversation about pellets, it had temporarily come to a halt. Zhu Yao was afraid that if they continued to talk, she would once again have the urge to beat her master to a pulp. Taking out the smelting furnace, she then threw the low-grade profound iron into it.

And she had only found out today that under the cold lake, there was another teleportation formation, which could be used to transfer her to an underground lava pit of a deep sea volcano. Not to mention that this lava pit was even located above a spiritual pulse, causing the flames to infinitely approach the purity of Nine Heavenly Flames. By refining mystic tools here, more of their impurities could be driven out, raising the grade of the products.

Zhu Yao’s first attempt at refining, was undoubtedly a failure. Because the temperature was too high, when she threw a huge piece of profound iron, the size of her face, into the furnace, bubbles were not even released as it melted at that very instant.

Zhu Yao: …

“You have to envelop it with spiritual energy before smelting it.” Yu Yao reminded her at the side.

Only then did Zhu Yao continue to pick out another piece, use fire spiritual energy to envelop the profound iron, and slowly move it into the furnace. The result this time was a little better, as although the profound iron had still immediately melted, at the very least, a piece of hot red slug remained. However, with such a small piece, with its amount, it could be used to craft a rather spiritual… sewing needle.

Zhu Yao did not give up. And hence, she tried for a third, fourth, and fifth time…

Just as she was about to finish half of these low-grade profound iron materials, she had slowly managed to find a certain sense to it. And every time she used a different amount of spiritual energy, the results of her smelting would be different. When she first begun, she used fire spiritual energy. After that, she tried using metal spiritual energy, and evidently, the effects were much better than fire spiritual energy. And, the angle of where she smelted the iron, and the positions where the spiritual energy enveloped the iron, were different as well.

After grasping all these, she then began to learn smithing. Inside the lava cave, there were readily available tools which were left by her master. Firstly, she had to hammer the iron into its approximate shape, though, naturally, the most important point was to remove the impurities within. This was purely physical work, and with every single hammering action, it had to be carried with spiritual energy. Zhu Yao was a Demigod, so she was filled with spiritual energy even if she had nothing else to offer, hence, this step was not exactly difficult for her.

Yu Yan would occasionally appear as well, and every now and then, he would give pointers.

However, most of his comments were…

“There’s no need to hammer this any longer. It has already turned into scraps.”

“This has turned into scraps as well.”

“This will still turn into scraps.”

“Do you want to lie down for a while?”

Where’s the basic level of trust between master and disciple? Are you here to teach me about refining weapons, or are you here to undermine my efforts?

And he even said those words with a serious face, causing her self-confidence to crumble bit by bit.

Zhu Yao decided to head out to have some fresh air. After all, she indeed did not feel comfortable staying next to a volcano every day.

However, she had never expected that, Yue Ying would be waiting for her next to the lake. When he saw her appearance, he was evidently really happy, and his eyes had even shone a little. However, his face still looked as expressionless as before.

Zhu Yao could not stop her itchy hands, and began pinching his stiff cheeks. Strongly pulling the two sides, a hand-made smile finally surfaced on his face. “Yue Ying, were you obedient?”

Yue Ying felt a little pain from the pinching, however, he did not struggle, and simply nodded towards her. After pondering for a moment, he then added. “Yes.”

Only then did Zhu Yao satisfyingly released her hands.

“Master.” Yu Yao had sensed that she had come out as well, as she flew over with her sword. “Are you done with your isolation training?”

“No. I’m only out here to breathe some fresh air. I will be going back in a moment.” When Zhu Yao finished, Yu Yao and Yue Ying were evidently a little disappointed. Yue Ying even lowered her head, approached two steps closer, and reached out his hands to hug her thigh.

“Yue Ying grew taller!” Zhu Yao compared for a moment, and suddenly realized that little Yue Ying had already reached her waist-height. In the past, he was clearly as tall as her thighs.

“It’s already been five years, so naturally, he has grown taller. And he’s grown up as well.” Yu Yao explained with a smile.

Zhu Yao was a little startled. She did not expect that five years would have passed after heading off to strike some iron.  The difficulty was much higher than delivering soy sauce. Pleased, she stroked Yue Ying’s little head. Then, she looked towards Yu Yao in front of her, and casually asked. “What about you?”

Yu Yao blanked, and only a moment later did she understand what her master was referring to. With a gentle smile, her face was filled with a relief. “I have already thought it through a long time ago. It’s all in the past now. As someone who is cultivating into a deity, how can I be trapped in matters of the past for so long?”

It was great she had thought it through. Zhu Yao raised her thumb up and praised her. “As expected of my disciple.”

Yu Yao shook her head with a smile. Suddenly, as though she had recalled of something again, she said while mimicking Zhu Yao’s tone. “Furthermore, Azureflight Sect’s current state is most likely… as master has predicted. Knowing that he’s not doing well, I feel relieved.”

“Uh…” When had she ever said such words? Clearly, what she said was taking the opportunity he’s sick, take his lif- Ah, pui! It was “If he’s doing well, and you’re doing well, then everything is all good.”

Actually, in regards to Azureflight’s current situation, she could somehow guess it. Back then, when she returned that tablet, she had already decided not to care about them any longer. The team cultivation method that she came up with back then was indeed not full-proof. Although their cultivation could be raised by working together, there’s a very huge problem, and that’s dependency. Everyone had gotten used to depending on their team members, and they had unconsciously put aside the things that they themselves did not specialize in.

Initially, her plan was to have them solidify their Foundation, before she would once again randomize their team groupings, in order to prevent this limitation from occurring. However, before she could do that, the matter regarding Wu Song happened.

Actually, she had thought that the matter regarding Wu Song was unrelated with the other little radishes. If she, as the founder of Azureflight Sect, still existed in the rest of the little radishes’ hearts, they would have definitely come to ask her about this matter.

However, she had placed that communication talisman on her for so many days, and out of the eighty-three little radishes, not even one of them had tried to contact her.

This had somehow disappointed her a little. Most likely, they no longer needed a guide like her, and that was why she returned that tablet.

However, in regards to Sesame dispersing all of the guardian demonic beasts, and luring Chen Ning away, up till this moment, Zhu Yao was still completely unaware of it. This was all something that the beastie Sesame had plotted alone. Hence, when she came out for fresh air this time, Sesame did not dare to appear before her, as he was afraid of exposing himself.



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