[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Passageway

“Looks like, other than us, there’s an even more incredible organization in the lurks, huh. You guys sure ain’t simple.”

Ms. Mari, who was behind me earlier, stepped out. Staring at the fake Princess Anne, she asked.

Speaking of which, Ms. Mari was a member of【Sion’s Door】as well. Although I don’t know what her position is, 【Sion’s Door】is indeed an organization made out of otherworlders.

And the【Snake’s Eye】 here as well. That’s probably what Ms. Mari meant by ‘other than us’, I guess.

“Speaking of which, we have forgotten to greet you people from the【Sion’s Door】as well. After all, this place here is your territory.”

“It’s good that you know that! Geez, just what the hell are you guys planning!? Doing things like this that recklessly interfere with the forces here… Are you guys crazy?”

“We have no choice either. After all, it’s a mission passed down by the higher-ups. We have no idea what we’re doing it for either.”

She shrugged.

“Oh right, you guys don’t have an anti-interference system in place. Then, I will introduce myself.”

She pressed her right hand onto left arm, stretched out three fingers with her left hand, and said with a smile.

“My name is Ari Christina, Crime Enforcer No. 47. Pleased to meet you.”

“How should I put it? As someone who comes from a terrorist organization, you still designed a Jojo-like pose. You guys sure go all out, huh.”

“Ah, you feel the same way as well? I have already retorted to this the higher-ups several times, yet, their reply was that this way, we can distinguish ourselves from the rest. Haah.”

Is it really fine for you to retort your own organization?

“Alright, we understand. In any case, take us out of here first.”


“Is that fine?”

Bai Yueguang walked over and said.

“She had caused a lot of trouble, you know.”

“Think about this yourself. We know that even if we kill her off, she will simply resurrect somewhere else. And right now, she has already raised the proposal of taking us out of here. Isn’t that a good thing?”

“That makes a lot of sense!”

Bai Yueguang said after a sudden realization.

“You guys… Just what the hell are you guys talking about?”

When we turned to look, Princess Michelle and the others were looking at us very strangely. However, when we were saying those keywords earlier, we had said them as soft as possible as well. Even if they managed to hear them, they shouldn’t have been able to hear them clearly.

“In other words, this Ms. Christina disguised herself as Princess Anne and entered our academy. Right now, we’re all trapped in this dungeon, however, she said that she will bring us out of here.”

“Hah? Why did she have to disguise herself as Princess Anne?”

“Because this abnormal situation that occurred in the academy is caused by her and her companions.”


Shockingly, Kechjen looked towards Christina, who was smiling towards us.

“Then why didn’t we…”

“No kidding. This person is an Illusionist, you know? An Illusionist. About their capabilities, I believe Princess Michelle over there understands them the most, right?”

“Un… Illusionist, right? I see. I can understand now. If it’s them…”

Looking at Princess Michelle’s pondering look, Domisis who had wanted to speak out earlier, refrained from doing so after thinking for a few moments. Most probably, he understood that his question had no constructive meaning in it.

But I’m more interested in the girl who came along with Tai Shixi. Wearing a Plant-type Magician Robe, because her face was hidden, it was impossible to discern what kind of person she was.

And Tai Shixi doesn’t seem to plan on introducing her… For some reasons, I’m getting this hidden character vibes.

“In any case, no one has any objections, right?”

I looked at everyone, and everyone silently shook their heads.

“Then, alright. Ms. Christina, we will be leaving it to you.”

“Ok, ok~ There still many things that we have to ask of you guys after we leave this place, so, let’s have a good time working together.”

She casually turned around, and walked towards a wall.

“Un, un. It should be here.”

After saying that, she took out what looked like a pen, and drew a circle onto the wall.

Then, we heard a noise that sounded as though something was being corroded. A hole had been corroded out of the position of the wall that had been drawn on.

“What kind of… mystical item is that…”

I looked at her shockingly.

“It’s just a normal corrosive reagent. There’s no need to be shocked.”

Her expression was very natural.

“As long we clarify the composition of these metals, making a corrosive reagent shouldn’t be something difficult, right?”

“I guess you make a point there…”

“Alright, hurry and come in.”

After saying that, she took the lead and entered the hole.

I bitterly smiled, and followed after her.

However, after entering the hole, I realized that what’s on the other side was not another passage or room, but, a mezzanine.

In other words, it’s that type of mezzanine which is used to place electrical wires and things like that.

“The passage here is rather spacious. Most probably, it’s to provide convenience for people that are being protected when they pass through here.”

Christina muttered to herself.

“I see. Then it’s much safer than walking outside.”

“Not entirely true. After all, those monsters that you fought with back then go through passages like these.”

“That’s really bad on various different types of meaning, huh.”

Unfortunately, it is not the time to bitterly laugh or retort, after all, we still have to first leave this terrible place.

“Un, then we will be climbing up from here.”


Suddenly, she stopped and patted on a lattice by the side.

And then, with a ‘shuaaa’, a ladder slid down from above. Raising my head up to look, above us…

The end was nowhere in sight at all!

“Are you kidding me!?”

“No, we will reach the top in about half an hour. I have personally climbed it myself.”

… Can you fly me up?

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