[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Underground Passage

“Hurry, over here.”

After entering the room, Princess Michelle hurriedly closed the door.

Inside the room, there was Irlin and Princess Michelle’s other bodyguard as well… Speaking of which, what was her name again?

I had always read their names out from the names and titles above their heads. Now that I’m unable to see them, I can’t remember their names at all now.

Well, even if that’s the case, I still politely nodded towards her. Evidently, she still remembered who I was, and similarly nodded towards me as a response.

“Princess Michelle! Just what the hell happened here? I have only went out for a few short hours, how did the academy turn out like this?”

“Even if you ask me, I don’t know either. It’s something that started about an hour and a half ago. Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli suddenly ran back to the base anxiously to look for Ms. Mari. However, back then, Ms. Mari was not there, hence, they ran out again.”

They ran back to look for Ms. Mari?

Then, judging from the situation back then, the messaging system must have been unusable then. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for them to personally look for her at all.

An hour and a half ago, huh?

In other words, right after I left the academy, the people that were attacking the academy made their moves as well.

Just why… Was it just a coincidence that I missed it… Or did the enemies wait for me to leave before attacking?

Although I’m someone who had come from another world, I’m not the only one either. Bai Yueguang, Tai Shixi, Ms. Mari, and even the many members of【Sion’s Door】who were underground, were all otherworlders as well.

“Then? Where did they go next?”

“I don’t know. Irlin and I ran out of the door to look for them the instant they ran out, however, their figures were no longer in sight, and what we saw instead was an academy which had already been swallowed in grey.

“Then, you girls went to hide?”

“Un. Because beneath the academy, there’s basically hidden passages that were dug out a long time ago. Initially, it’s provided as a means for royalties that are studying in the academy to escape. However, clearly, the enemies seem to know of theses passages as well, hence, they sealed up the exits. However, these hidden passages did give us opportunities to avoid those demonic beasts. With the complexity of these passages, even if it’s us who know of the exits, we’re unable to remember all of the passageways.”

As she said that, she pointed to a small door at the corner of the room. Looking at that position, usually, it should be hidden behind the back of a shelf.

So our academy actually possess a complex passage system as well? The thoughts of nobles are really unfathomable, huh.

“Then, how many people are there below?”

“Princess Anne and her guard are downstairs as well.”

“Princess Anne!?”

Is she the real Princess Anne, or the fake Princess Anne? In a situation like that, Ms. Incubus shouldn’t have any reason to lie to me. If that’s really the case, then the Princess in this academy is most likely fake.

And as for the one below… Is she real, or fake?

“Then let us hurry down. After all, this isn’t a very safe place either.

I said to Princess Michelle with a smile.

Even if she’s fake, I will only know once I head down. And earlier, I have already kept Purewhite who had turned into stone, into my ring, so there’s no other reasons to head outside. And those Medusa’s are still waiting for me outside.

Fleeing into an underground passage, that sure is the best choice.

“Big brother! There’s something similar to that monster earlier approaching us!”

Suddenly, Oyado said.

“Let’s go!”

I told Princess Michelle.

“Alright, follow me.”

After saying that, Princess Michelle and Irlin walked into the passage, and I hurriedly followed after them inside as well.

However, at the moment I entered, I saw a Medusa peering through the window. I hurriedly closed the door, and then, used an Ice Magic spell completely seal the door.

Those Medusa’s who do not know Fire Magic shouldn’t be able to open it, right?

After looking back to look at my own piece of work, I hurriedly walked down the stairs, entering this passage which was faintly filled with the smell of mold.


“Eh? Where’s Princess Anne?”

Following after Princess Michelle, we arrived at a room that looked a little spacious. Yet, we did not see Princess Anne as expected.

However, there was someone I know inside the room.

“Ah, Fir! You’re fine as well.”

Seeing Shir who had immediately ran over to me, it’s only been a few days… but he seemed to have grown a little taller. I hope that it’s not a misconception of mine because I haven’t seen him for a long time.

And I seem to feel that he was breaking free from neutrality, and was slowly leaning towards a female. This point, however, shouldn’t be my imagination. Although she’s a modified living being, compared to dolls, she should be closer to a human.

Also, Purewhite’s a Shikigami as well. It’s very natural to have a distinction in gender.

“It’s great to see that you’re fine as well, Shir. Have you seen any others from our Squad?”

Shir shook his head, and then, she looked towards the few people that came with her.

“When the abnormality happened to the academy, we were still having lessons. Our teacher told us to flee, hence, we fled into this passage together.”

Behind Shir was a light-armored Swordsman and a Wind Magician.

Hanging by the Swordman’s waist was a thin and long Knight Sword, and he had blue eyes, with green hair. As for the Magician… his face looked rather youthful. However, he was not holding onto a staff. Looking at him closely, it’s possible to see green light being faintly emitted from his right arm. It should be a magic armband.

Seems like【Bluemoon】’s business is pretty good.

“Shir! Princess Michelle! They’re not even nobles, so why are you people being so polite to them!”

That Knight suddenly said as such.

“And who are you!?”

Princess Michelle instantly turned around and looked at him angrily.

“I’m… I’m the son of Duke Reim of Wenger Empire. Domisis Reim! Esteemed princess, compared to having this powerless commoner protect you, Duran and I will definitely be able to protect you better.”


I looked at him with pitiful eyes. Although I don’t know how strong he is, since he speaks so arrogantly, then he shouldn’t be someone powerful.

Otherwise, why would he be hiding here?

“Domisis! You…”

Just as Shir was about to say something, Domisis interrupted.

“Shir! I already told you many times, you can’t be this polite to commoners. Our esteemed bloodline cannot be tainted by these pitiful people!”

Oyado had already many impulses to charge right at him, however, all of her attempts were stopped by me.

“When a dog bites you, you can’t always bite back, right?”

I told Oyado with a smile.

“What did you say!?”

That Knight furiously charged right over, and threw a fist towards me.

However, I don’t even feel like moving at all… Because his speed… was simply too pitifully slow.

An 【Ice Shield】 instantly blocked his fist in front of me. And the expression he had when his feel smashed onto it, basically could be claimed as a piece of art.

“Ah… My hand… You…”

“I say, even if you’re from a Duke family, your abilities aren’t even comparable to a commoner’s.”

“You bastard!”

He was about to unsheathe his sword. However, with a kick, I pushed the hilt of the sword back. Then, I flashed right behind him, grabbed him, and threw him into the corner of the wall.

“Ah! You… You actually did this… You’re dead meat! Duran! Why aren’t you helping me?”

“He’s the number one of the Annual Tournament, I’m not so stupid to offend him.”

The Magician was however, very calm. After glancing at me, he said.

“Duran, Wenger Empire Court Magician Trainee, son of Baron Richmond.”

After saying that, he walked over to where Domisis was and pulled him up.

“I already told you this before, if you’re too arrogant in the way you do things, you will be the landing in unfavourable situations. Do you believe me now?”

“… Hmph!”

Domisis swung his hand away, and then, looked towards me.

“Just you wait! I will make sure you look like shit sooner or later!”

“You’re too courteous, I’m the shit, I know.”


“So, in the end, are you planning to leave or join us?”

“Kuh… Ah?”

“What do you mean by ‘Ah’!? Are you planning to go together with all of us, or are you and your little companion heading outside to fight those demonic beasts?”

“No, no, no. If he’s heading out, I won’t follow him.”

Duran at the side immediately said.

“Hey… You guys…”

He ruthlessly stared at me, and said unwillingly.

“Fine, I will go with you guys then!”

“Very good, couldn’t you have done that from the beginning? Let’s go. We have to find the rest, otherwise, we might all die here.”


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    • Light says:

      Yeah, you’d think considering how he’s been dominating whole groups at a time that he’d be super famous, although I guess the other side would want to suppress the info and Fir wouldn’t care too much so it might be reasonable to assume the weaklings don’t really know too much about him.

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    • jacobpaige says:

      He may not know what Fir looks like, or may be one of those idiots that refuses to believe anything he doesn’t want to believe regardless of whatever proof may be available. Like people who deny global warming no matter how hot winter gets.

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