[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 14

Chapter 14: The Academy Which Fell into Darkness


Purewhite’s posture was maintained how it looked when she had just pushed us away, however, she had turned into a statue.

So is this why those students aren’t moving? Oh my god! It’s actually a Petrification attack! Is this considered as an Earth-type magic spell?

However, the the closest Earth-type magic spell to this could only fix a person at his position for five seconds. More than five seconds have passed here, right?

However, why would a legendary-class demonic beast such as a Medusa appear in the academy? Is it because of 【Snake’s Eye】?

So, because you’re a snake, you’re able to control Medusa? Isn’t that too against the rules?

“Oyado, retreat for now!”


When I said this, I had already cloaked myself with【Shadow Sneak】. Making use of the shadow of the building behind me, I hurriedly circled around Medusa.

Oyado had disappeared from her spot in a flash as well. Although I don’t know what skill she used, I believe in Oyado’s abilities.

While what I have to do is to think of a plan to get rid of Medusa!

With several Accelerations, I circled towards Medusa’s back. At the instant when her line of sight was in a complete opposite direction from mine, I instantly tapped on all of my Speed Up buffs. With several leaps, I charged right towards Medusa’s back. At the same time, I held the gigantic【Ghostbreak】in my hands, and my target was Medusa’s neck!

It will be fine as long as her head is chopped off, right?

However, when I had yet to even close the distance of ten meters away from her, Medusa’s body suddenly did a strange rotation, and her face which was initially facing to the back, instantly turned to look towards me!

Oh my god…

Seeing the yellow light in her eyes which was already faintly glowing, I used all my might to swing【Ghostbreak】to another side. Then, I took the Ice Shield which I had formed while I was leaping about, and blocked it in front of me.

In merely less than a second worth of time, the Ice Shield which blocked in front of me turned into an earthen shield with a swoosh. While I had already summoned an ice Totem behind the shield, pushing me towards the opposite direction. On the other side, I saw the shield landing a direct strike on Medusa!

However, I have forgotten a point.

And that my enemy was a snake!

At the instant when the shield on the ice totem crashed towards her, her body suddenly leapt into the air. Then, as she twirled around the ice totem, she came crawling over!

She really is the bane of my existence, huh… Even my most commonly used spell is helpless against her…

Then, if I think about it, if she shines her petrification light on me, and if I don’t die from it… Doesn’t that mean I will turn into a statue forever?

I broke into extreme fear after thinking about it.

I must definitely not allow her to land an attack. I rather die, than turn into a statue.

Taking the opportunity when my Speed Buffs were still in effect, I grabbed on the ice totem and pushed myself, thus allowing my body to descend quickly onto the ground. Then, I entered the Shadow Sneak state.

I quickly entered a shadow, then, with a wave of my hand, countless Ice Arrows turned into a blue meteor shower as they flew haphazardly towards Medusa. At that moment, a faint smile actually surfaced on Medusa’s face. Shrinking her body downwards, she then leapt into the air!

Her strange eyes swept across the ice arrows. The blue ice arrows slowly lost their luster, and they turned into pieces of earth one after another, as they fell onto the ground, making pit-pat noises.

Something like that works as well? That sure is a multi-purpose skill.

No wait, I suddenly recalled that there was still another move.

“【Ice Fall】!”

A gigantic iceberg descended from the skies, and its target was exactly the ground where Medusa was at.

Even if you turn it into stone, there’s no use. It will still smash you into smithereens.
However, Medusa simply glanced at it, and then, slithered to the side. The gigantic iceberg simply landed by her side.

Although it’s a very powerful attack… It’s extremely slow as well.

Since she was even able to dodge arrows, there’s no need to talk about an attack like this, right?

She really is the bane of my existence. I’m really curious how Hercules and Kratos were able to defeat her. I don’t have their divine-like muscles, you know.


From that earlier attack, I realized something. Her petrification light seems to be limited as well.

The ice arrows had only turned into stone when they were twenty meters from her. While, as for those pieces of ice which fell quickly onto the ground due to the added speed, other than the signs of petrification appearing on parts of their exterior, the other parts were not petrified.

In other words…

If the distance is far enough, she won’t be able to properly petrify someone, is that it? That’s considered as a good find, right?


It’s not a simple matter to hit her accurately from thirty meters away. After all…

Other than huge moves, there’s no other spells that can hit that far!


I like huge moves, alright!

“【Secret Arcane – Unnatural Flames】!”

White flames quickly entangled onto Medusa’s body. She instantly leapt up and down, as though she had went crazy. Her yellow light was swept about randomly, and those surrounding trees and buildings, as though they had been coated by paint, were all turned into earthen-yellow color.

“Go to hell! You cold-blooded animal!”

After struggling for a moment, Medusa’s body was instantly frozen into a statue. I stretched my hand and pointed at her. An ice arrow instantly penetrated her body, and with a ‘pa’ sound, Medusa instantly shattered into pieces!

Right after, I sensed a presence behind me.

“Damn it, Oyado…”

When I turned my head, I managed to see the wide-open mouth of a snake, that was currently biting towards me, just in time.

Before I could even think, a figure had already leapt out from the side. The dagger in her hand pierced towards the neck of the Medusa, and then, she pulled it up! Green blood splurged out from Medusa’s neck. Before she could let out any sound from her mouth, that body which had its head drooping down, tumbled and fell onto the ground. Then, the corpse turned into stone.

“Big brother, are you alright!?”

With a swing of her hand, Oyado kept the dagger. Then, she ran over towards me.

“… I’m fine. Earlier, I was really frightened to death. Good job.”

I stroked Oyado’s head, and she happily smiled.

“But… This meant that the number of Medusa’s present isn’t limited to but a few… We have to first find a place to hide. Otherwise, we will definitely be the ones in a disadvantage.”

“That’s right, Fir! Hurry over!”

When I turned to look, the door to a small house was currently wide open, and Princess Michelle was currently waving us over.

Only then did I realize, that everyone I was looking at did not have their names and titles. I didn’t notice it earlier, but after realizing it now, I suddenly felt a strange sensation.

“Let’s go.”

I said to Oyado.

“We have to know what happened to the academy.”

25 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 14

  1. Sicill says:

    Poor Oyado. You know you’ve got it rough when your big brother can’t tell the difference between you and a giant snake.

    Thanks for the chapter!


    • yu3kino says:

      You did notice that the other guy he mentioned is kratos right? The reference he said is more likely from games so it’s not that weird to have Hercules killing medusa and speaking of kratos, he muscle himself out of petrification and rip medusa head off with his hand.

      Liked by 1 person

    • crashclown says:

      it’s a famous classic, i was wondering why don’t u get your self some mirrors or a reflective surface (cough) ice 😉 Meduas, and hydras are right up there with monsters, who are famous for being defeated.


      • Waht says:

        Also, she’s a snake. She’s cold blooded.
        Fir uses Ice magic.

        Clearly she is the exact opposite of “the bane of his existence”. He could’ve just cast an AOE spell to freeze her unconscious.
        For OP MCs, Fir sure is way too direct with his attacks. He should be smarter than that.


  2. xandarth says:

    Why does he still bother only using Ice magic? I know when he was weak he didn’t let everyone know he could use them all to prevent trouble, but now he is trouble.

    He should break out the fire/earth/wind/wood/every other element in the game magic at some point. Why else has he bothered reading all of the spell books?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Waht says:

      Did you never play a game in which you had multiple selection of spells, but you just so happened to start out with a certain set to the point your entire combat-style depended on them?

      It’s not easy to adapt hundreds of different spells into a changing scenario, it’s easier to just assume “I’m going to use ice”, and solve the problem from that 1 assumption. It takes a lot of effort to properly mix spells together.

      Imagine that you could use blunt weapons, traps, bows, bombs, poison, animals — all at once. It’s very hard to properly use them all effectively in a single fight.


  3. Waht says:

    So, “Princess Snow” is finally being changed back to “Princes Michelle”?
    I’m not just mixing up people, right? There are too many princesses.


  4. Fefenamo says:

    Damn, I thought I got caught in the illusion too, freaking princess snow and Michelle appearing out of nowhere not even a notification of them arriving.
    I was like wtfuis princess snow? Where the hell is Michelle and pryn?


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