[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Medusa

Although the place one would first enter was a spacious bar, in actual fact, ‘that place’ still had many facilities.

It could be seen from this tunnel, which seemingly looked like an endless stretch, that if one were to head inwards, he or she would then be involved in those disgusting hobbies that those nobles wouldn’t want others to know about, right?


Since I hold completely no interest about these matters, even if I know about them, I don’t want to intervene either.

Even though people like us, who did not need to worry about losing our lives, could straighten up the behaviours of those nobles, there wouldn’t be a huge point in doing so.

Rather than saying the people of this world lack something, we might as well say that, in actual fact, this is a world that’s completely different from ours.

Our worldview, morals, and views on life, are all constantly built up and accumulated from our world. While the worldview of this world is born from the surroundings they live in.

The act of forcing one’s justice onto someone else is a very meaningless action.

And I simply wish to quietly raise my levels and protect my companions. I hold no interest in changing this world or whatever.

I have completely no interest in something like conquering the world either.

Pushing the door and leaving ‘that place’, I didn’t forget to greet the Watchman when I left.

“You’re leaving so quickly? Are you people simply here to gather information?”

“Why do you think so?”

Hearing his words, I looked towards him interestingly and asked.

“Because there are only two matters one can do here, seeking entertainment, and gathering information. Looking at how short of a time you people spent inside… I can’t think of anything that could entertain you people.”

“Alright, alright. Even if you managed to get it right, there’s no prize for you.”

“That’s true. Mr. Fir, I hope that you will pay a visit again in the future.”


This is bad, this is bad. Seems like the backing behind this place is that organization called 【Snake’s Eye】. So, am I considered to have strolled around someone else’s base?

And they actually allowed me to leave so easily like this. I’m really being underestimated, huh…

No, it shouldn’t be related to being underestimated. There’s… a possibility that they know I’m not an inhabitant of this world. And, they have a very clear understanding of my abilities, so they do not wish to take me head on. Taking on someone who completely cannot die, no matter how one goes about thinking about it, it’s not a very smart move.

And, from the names and titles of Ms. Incubus and Watchman, it can be clearly seen that these two might have concealed their own titles, and even their names, to a certain extent. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been possible for me to merely see a small fraction of them…

Just who are they? Could it be that they have cracked the entire system?

“Help me greet your boss in my stead, Mr. Martin.”

“Un, definitely.”

Pushing open the huge door of ‘that place’, what appeared before my eyes was the railway that connected to this place.

While the entrance to ‘that place’, looked like a gigantic treehouse from the exterior. After closing the door, it looks no different from the surrounding trees.

And this tree is actually still alive. Although it’s really hard to live after being altered to this extent, there’s several Wood-type magic crystals embedded inside this treehouse, in order to maintain this tree’s vitality.

However, I don’t plan on taking the train back. After all, right now, it’s not the best option.

“Hang on tight.”

Pulling onto Purewhite and Oyado’s hands, I tapped on the Instant Movement skill.

In the next second, we have already appeared in the academy’s library. Hurriedly removing our disguises, the few of us left the library and headed for the main base of【NEET Tea Party】.

“Big brother! Wait!”

Not long after leaving the library, Oyado suddenly grabbed onto my clothes.

“The academy looks very strange! Big brother, haven’t you sensed it!?”


Earlier, all I had in mind was to inform everyone else of the intel I received. In the end, I didn’t notice the scenes in front of me.

After Oyado’s reminder, I hurriedly swept my eyes across the academy. It would have been alright if I didn’t notice it, but once I noticed it, I immediately felt a chill running up my spine.

“Oh my god, just what the hell happened…”

We had only went away for a few hours, yet, as though it had turned into a dreamscape, the academy was covered by a light grey color.

And this wasn’t the most frightening part. What’s most frightening was the fact that several people wearing the student academy uniforms, as though they were statues, were standing motionless on the academy grounds. And, their postures were very strange.

Some of their postures looked as though they were trying their best to sprint away. Some looked as though they were planning to dodge some sort of attack. Some were simply lying on the ground.

Oh my god. Just what the hell happened here?


Impossible, even if it’s an illusion, it’s impossible to turn others into this sort of state. This was no longer a control of one’s mental state, it was already control of the physical plane. Just how the hell did something like this happen…

Who did this!?

I could feel the corner of my lips twitching.

Just what kind of enemy am I facing?

If it’s an inhabitant of this world, given a bit of time, I will still be able to manage after thinking of some ideas. However, if it’s someone who understands our abilities, and even understands them more than us, how am I supposed to fight?

And our enemy has already came knocking at our front doorstep. This…

Oh right, the messaging system!

I hurriedly opened the messaging system on the menu. After all, in a situation like this, confirming the status of party members is the most important thing to do.


“You’re kidding me, right?”

There’s actually not even a single person on the list!

That’s right. It’s not as though I’m unable to connect to them. They’re simply not on the list!

Could it be that I have been struck with an illusion?

Just when I was thinking as such, I suddenly heard a very strange sound!


It’s the sound of a snake’s slittering!

“Watch out!”

Purewhite fiercely pushed the two of us away! Immediately after, a yellow light shined downwards from the roof, enveloping Purewhite within it!

Immediately after, Purewhite’s body was instantly covered with a layer of grey, and her entire being turned into a statue!

And when I looked at the place where the light shined from, a demonic beast with a lower body of a snake was looking at us from the roof!


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  1. Sicill says:

    “The act of forcing one’s justice onto someone else is a very meaningless action.”
    So in other words, you’re just a serial killer who targets people with the【Evil】title.

    Thanks for the chapter!

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  2. xias1 says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    But wasn´t Medusa the Woman with snakes on her head instead of hair?
    Instead the monster with the lower body of a snake would be called a Lamia, wouldn´t it?


  3. 28th00 says:

    It may be a Lamia Fir, but we all know a Gorgon has snake hair as well as a snake’s lower body. I get the Petrification ray making a connection to Medusa, but come on Fir! You’re otaku enough to know better then mistake a Lamia as a Gorgon! Screw it, just kill it, capture it, or add it to your harem so you can further yourself in denial (if it’s sentient that is).


  4. iamviruz says:

    Although Purewhite is realistically identical to a human, she’s still not one. How can it effect her? Welp, World-chan will issue mission imo~~

    Thanks for the chapter~~


  5. KneelToMeHuman says:

    How strong is this Medusa? Like damn… Or is our MC down already? I mean, he looked at her eyes so he should get prettified as well… Unless this Medusa doesn’t have that skill… Which would be weird since that is pretty much their trademark xD


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