[RPG] Vol. 8 Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Snake’s Eye

“So, like I said, what do you want to know?”

Taking a sip of her wine, Ms. Succubus asked with a smile.

“A few things that’s related to what’s happening on this continent…”

“Your scope is really broad, you know. The things that happen in a single day can be penned down into several books that are as thick as dictionaries. However, such information are not as valuable as dictionaries.”

“I guess so. Then, in that case, are there any powers, and by powers I meant those organizations that hide within the darkness and under the influential powers of the surface, or… anyone who wish to conquer the world?”

“The answers to these questions are equally as many, hey. After all, there’s many powerful people who wish to conquer the world.”

Why can’t this woman simply pass me all the information I want like a regular NPC, without needing me to explain everything? Although I already understand they have already exceeded the standards a regular NPC should have…

Alright then, since that’s the case, then let’s deal with the problem bluntly.

“Alright, we will start from the beginning once again.”


“Likely half a year to a year ago, someone has told the matters about the presence of the Ancient Ruins under Mitchell Kingdom to the former King of Mitchell Kingdom. That bastard plans on digging out the Weapon of the Ancients from the ruins, and use it to conquer the world.”

“Oh, such a thing did happen. I have heard of this intel once. I see, Weapon of the Ancients, huh? I heard that the Church will be blocking this information, I never expected that you will tell me this. Very good, this intel is worth around 100,000 Gold. Don’t look at me like that. Although I wish to do business, business trust is still very important as well.”

Hearing those very innocent words of hers, I curled my lips, and continued.

“Following after, two druids were dispatched from Rosen Kingdom, also known as the【Middle Corridor】. They killed students in the academy’s competition was in progress, and this was also the source of rising tensions between the Eastern and Western Continents.”

“I see… Are you interested in becoming my source of information? I find that your intel is really incredible. Though I know of these matters as well, hearing from how you describe them, you seem to be the first observer for these information.”

“These aren’t much, the matters have yet to conclude.”

I smiled bitterly, and then, continued.

“And they’re all related to me. First of all, do you know what happened at Skybreak City?”

“Un, it was a robbery that had never happened in history, and then, the mafia of the Eastern Continent used this excuse to initiate a war. Don’t tell me you were a part of this as well.”

Not only was I a part of it, I was the one who robbed as well. However, naturally, such a thing cannot be disclosed. Otherwise, I feel that my bounty will be raised to the highest amount in the Eastern Continent tomorrow.

“Naturally, that’s impossible. However, I was indeed present. But, at that time, it wasn’t simply a war between mafias, right?”

“That’s of course. Many Assassin Organizations took this opportunity to complete their missions. But what’s saddening is, there were several employers who had lost their lives first. In the end, many people were unable to find anyone for the payments of their services.”

“That really is saddening.”

I shrugged, and then continued.

“But, from the robbery to the start of the messy battle, there was less than six hours in between. In other words, those people might have already been stationed there long before, and were simply waiting for an excuse, so who do you think were their instigator?”

“Well… If you put it that way, it does sound logical.”

“And, a week after that, the King of Mitchell Kingdom dug out the Relics of the Ancients, and even began using them. Speaking of which, that King has a Necromancer by his side as well. Although he had already been eliminated, according to his collection, he’s definitely no ordinary Necromancer.”

“… Heavens. I kind of feel as though you’re someone sent by the Church to trade for intel. Matters concerning Necromancers… Only those people from the Church are very clear about them.”

“Sometimes, it’s not a bad thing to know a little bit more, isn’t that right, Ms. Information Broker?”

“That’s true… Very interesting. Necromancers, hmm?”

Seems like she’s thinking through the intel she just received from me. Although they weren’t complete, I have indeed given her a few details regarding these incidents.

If time is spent to investigate them, finding out more about these incidents shouldn’t be a difficult task for her. However, these matters had only happened recently. It’s not that easy of a task to find out the details of the incidents in such short span of time.

Also, other than me, who knows there might be more people acting behind the scenes?

“That Necromancer… It might have just been a coincidence that he participated. How did you confirm that he’s someone with a particular background?”

“Then I shall add in another detail. Before the King of Mitchell Kingdom wanted to activate the Relic of the Ancients, actually, the Prince and Princess had wanted to bring about a revolution.”

“Un, I heard about that. However, according to my intel, that matter should have happened a few weeks later.”

“Because of some reasons, they brought it forward… That’s not the main point. The main point is, the moment they decided on bringing the date of revolution forward, they were imprisoned at that moment. While their subordinates were lead by an unknown person to bring about a revolt, and they were completely destroyed.”

“There’s actually… still such an inside story?”

Ms. Succubus pondered for a moment, and then, looked towards me.

“Who the hell are you? Although you look to be the bodyguard of this young lady here, I kind of feel you’re… much scarier than her.”

“It’s just your imagination… And things like identities, basically aren’t important here, right?”

“That’s true… Fine. The price of the information I obtained from you… Even I’m unable to give an estimate. So, I will try my best to give you the information you want. This will be an exchange of intel.”

As she said that, she took out a purple-colored badge from her top pocket.

“Snake’s Eye.”

“Snake’s Eye?”

“That is… the name of our organization!”

In an instant, I felt a chill running down my entire body!

Oh my god…

I actually crashed straight towards the muzzle of the gun?

“Heheh. Look at how anxious you are. What’s there to be anxious about? I’m an information broker, and not one of those assassins of some organizations… Although I don’t know who you are, to be able to connect so many incidents and even give them shape… How should I put it? I’m beginning to admire your abilities. And, it seems like your abilities aren’t bad either, so… why don’t you consider joining us?”

Hey, hey, hey. You’re actually recruiting people in a time like this…?

“After all, look. These matters are all incidents concerning a huge number of lives. However, from your mouth, I feel as though you’re reading out a light novel. You… You never treated their lives as anything special, right?”

“If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be sitting here and asking you questions. It’s exactly because these incidents concern a friend of mine, that’s why I’m here to seek answers.”

“Oh… I see. In that case, we might be able to investigate your identity, you know? Are you fine with that?”

“In any case, if you people really want to know, you will still be able to find out. What’s the use in hiding it then?”

“As expected. Someone like you really fits our personality.”

“To hear you as such, I’m really honored.”

“Alright, I think, you still have questions you wish to ask, right?”

“I’ve been seen through?”

I bitterly smiled, and then, looked towards her.

“Then, I’m going to start. Were you people the ones who caused the incident of Princess Anne’s assassination?”


“Then, do you know who did it?”

“I know.”

“Can you tell me who did it?”

“… Initially, it’s not possible. However, as a present, this time, I will tell you as a special service… Princess Anne was not assaulted today. She had never gone to Gray Academy today either. That person who had disguised as Princess Anne, concocted a fake scene where she was assaulted at the entrance, in order to assault someone named “Fir’.


“Are you shocked?”

Suddenly, she actually took off her own mask!

“This should be something more shocking, right?”

The face under the mask… There was nothing there!

“Alright, we will meet again, Fir~”

After saying that, she transformed into a pile of white sand, along with her clothes!

“Earth-type Arcane Spell – 【Sand Clone】? Wasn’t this a lost spell?”

I gulped down my saliva, and then, looked towards Oyado and Purewhite. We can’t stay here any longer, she has… she actually seen through my identity!

“Go, let’s quickly leave from here!”

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